Hegemony Armed Forces

This article is about the Terran Hegemony's military. For the Marian Hegemony's military, see Marian Hegemony Armed Forces.

The Hegemony Armed Forces was the military arm of the Terran Hegemony.


The Hegemony Armed Forces were formed from the loyal units of the Alliance Global Militia when James McKenna established the Terran Hegemony.[1]

With the Terran Hegemony's successes in developing the Mackie, Banshee, and Kyudo BattleMechs, the HAF continued to expand both their BattleMech forces and combat doctrines during the Age of War. All three designs performed well in their roles, but none could provide direct fire support at range-a weakness exploited by the Hegemony's enemies. To counter this weakness, the HAF responded by seeking proposals for new designs that led to some of the most iconic and longest-servicing BattleMechs in history.[2]

Former HAF MechWarriors, technicians, and general officers with political connections were previously recruited alongside personnel from Hegemony Weapons Research from New Earth by Earthwerks Incorporated, before the request had been made, as they had already begun groundwork for the expansion into BattleMech construction. This gave Earthwerks the advantage in responding to the RFP for a "heavy fire support BattleMech" in late 2449, leading to the proposal for a new design that became the standard to judge all similar 'Mechs-the Archer.[2]

The Archer became the HAF's standard fire-support BattleMech, assigned to entire lances within most battalions.[2]

Special Forces[edit]

The Hegemony Special Forces (HSF) included the Blackhearts.[3]

Naval Forces[edit]



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