Brion Marik (25th c.)

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Brion Marik
Character Profile
Born 2450[1]
Died 2511[1]
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Captain-General
Parents Geralk Marik (father)
Siblings Simone Marik
Carlos Marik
Children Albert Marik

Brion Marik was a House Marik nobleman, military officer, politician, and the 16th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[2]

Character Description[edit]

Brion was noted for being a tall and charismatic individual, known for his keen intellect.[3]


Youngest son of Geralk Marik, he grew up with his siblings and joined the League's armed forces. He later ascended to become the Commanding Officer of the Marik Guard when his brother Carlos became Captain-General 2475.

However, his brother's paranoia becomes more and more issue, Brion began stirring him men ready for war. Carlos had assembled a fleet of WarShips and atomic weaponry, with some of League's rare BattleMech Regiments in Oriente system for preemptive strike that would lead to war. However, a Terran Hegemony's strike fleet arrived led by Director-General Theodore Cameron arrived in-system and inflicted heavy losses to Free Worlds League fleet.

With this disaster, Brion marshal political/military forces conducted a bloodless coup on Atreus, claiming the Captain-General was not fit to rule. His brother with his surviving forces in Oriente would refuse to acknowledge Brion. After League's Parliament dispatch envoys to convince his brother to take position as Speaker of Parliament, he would rant and rave he would only one worthy to hold position of Captain-General. This outburst among his men, would soon convince most of the surviving naval forces in Oriente to acknowledge orders and return to capital.

Brion would soon ascend to Captain-Generalship in 2477, when his brother flees to periphery and never heard from again. The League prepares for invasion by the Terran Hegemony, when Director-General offers them a Peace treaty instead a year later.

In course of the time, his calming leadership would help ease tensions within the League. He would with the aid of the Hegemony work, alleviate his out his people's fears and tensions. Brion's new relationship with Hegemony would prove help League being invaded. They do jointed military exercises that would discourage House Steiner and House Liao from conducting full-scale campaigns into the League.

At age 61, Brion would die of a heart attack in 2511. His funeral would be attended by Theodore Cameron on Marik at the family's Dormuth estate. His son, Albert would carry on his father's good relationship with Hegemony.[4][5]

Family and Legacy[edit]

His reign would bring much-needed calm to a Free Worlds League wrenched by fears of invasion by the Terran Hegemony. His fostered relationship with then Director-General Theodore Cameron would change the League's paranoid mentality.

He survived by his son, Albert, who would be highly revered by people in the Free Worlds League and help found the original Star League.[6]


Brion's history published in the Handbook: House Marik would note a change in Battletech's original canon history. Handbook would show that at his death, his friend Theodore Cameron would attend his funeral in 2511. However, in the original The Star League, Theodore was dead in 2479 due to pneumonia on Thorin.[7]


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