Deborah Cameron

Deporah Cameron
Born 2472
Died 2542
Affiliation House Cameron
Profession Director-General
Parents Alexander Rimes (father)
Elizabeth Cameron (mother)
Spouse Samson Anders
Children Joseph Cameron
Ian Cameron

Deborah Cameron (Born 2472 - Died 2542)[1] was a House Cameron Noblewoman, and the 11th Director-General of the Terran Hegemony.

Character Description[edit]

Deborah was regarded for compassion for knowledge and was considered highly intelligent. She was compared favorably to House Cameron's founder, Michael Cameron.[2]


Early Life & Career[edit]

The daughter of Director-General Elizabeth Cameron and Duke Alexander Rimes of New Earth, Deborah was very unlike her parents and grandparents that came before her. Though raised during her mother Elizabeth's decadent zeal for high life, she would grow up to be a more grounded individual than her mother.

She grew up to become a scholar, who attended a number of notable universities such as the Olympic College, Oxford University, and the University of Washington. Her professional career led her to become a university professor for the Military Academy of Mars. She became the colleges' Professor of Interstellar Politics and Diplomatic History in 2499.

Her education and career would prepare her for the day her mother died of the New Earth pox, leaving the Directorship to her.[3]

As Director-General of the Terran Hegemony[edit]

Election to Directorship[edit]

Her ascension to the throne would not be steady transition. After selection, the public voted 46% against electing her to become the Director-General. Illegal political groups had risen from among the politicians and nobility with an anti-Cameron agenda. During the time of her mother's death the Hegemony was on the verge of collapse, with talk about its dissolvement.

Despite the sentiments against her Deborah allowed the furor to go on. After her election much of it burned itself out. She conducted a series of public meetings that was part of a political campaign to enlighten the public that she was nothing like the Camerons that had come before her in recent years.[4]

Aggressive Peacemaking[edit]

After she assumed office, she began to strengthen the Hegemony's role as a mediator to the other interstellar powers. Using the foundations of the Hegemony's past in playing the peacemaker, she pushed ahead with an initiative to let the Hegemony assume this role. She had seen the destructive effects of the Age of War, and felt that Hegemony should not be a part of this. She felt that the Hegemony's armed forces should be used for defensive purposes only.

She would write documents and make speeches about a paper she entitled Strategy of Aggressive Peacemaking in 2502. She poured resources and funds into the Hegemony's Central Intelligence Bureau (HCIB) and the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) to expand their powers for the Hegemony's new goals. She used the intelligence arm to gather information to help her settle disputes and increase powers help Foreign Relations department to have better influence on their neighbors.

She would be quoted in a speech to nobility and politicians in 2509 regarding her new agenda for the Hegemony.

It's not Peace through Strength but Strength through Peace that will be our motto.

Her policy begun to have effect for contested worlds that been left in limbo due to effects of the Ares Convention. Contested governments laying claim to the same world would not allow development of any kind on the planet, including the production of food, which left people endangered. Hegemony diplomatic missions to these worlds were seen as great relief in these efforts. Some of the success of her efforts through diplomacy were seen through the Commonwealth- Combine Ceasefire on Alrakis and Phact Peace of 2538.

By 2540, she and her government saw that her diplomacy agenda was successful. Their mediation and strong diplomacy enabled the Hegemony to stay out of most of the conflicts of the later part of the Age of War. The Hegemony's population remained pleased with her handling of the government and how the Hegemony was less likely to be involved in major conflict. However, the Hegemony Armed Forces were not pleased with losing their significant position as important assets of the nation. Minority of Career Officers began show their resentment of losing their field's status in Hegemony.[5]


In 2542, Deborah retired from service to her nation. She choose her elder son and diplomat, Joseph Cameron, as her successor. Shortly after retiring at the age 70, she would die.[6]

Family & Legacy[edit]

Deborah would marry a computer scientist named Samson Anders, they had two sons. Both Joseph and Ian would live to become Director-Generals.[7]

Her diplomatic policies would lay ground work for an uprising in the Hegemony's military and the creation of the Star League. Later, in 2580s, a college would be named for her, Deborah Cameron College of Diplomatic Studies, which would become one of the ten golden colleges of the Star League. Unfortunately, the Amaris Coup would see its destroyed by Rim Worlds Republic troops during the occupation of Terran Hegemony.[8]


Preceded by
Elizabeth Cameron
Director-General of the Terran Hegemony

Succeeded by
Joseph Cameron



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