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System Information
X:Y Coordinates10.848 : -139.898[e]

System Description[edit]

The Phact system is located near the Wazan and Old Kentucky systems.[1]

System History[edit]

The Phact system was colonized sometime prior to 2366.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Age of War[edit]

The 11th Director-General of the Terran Hegemony, Deborah Cameron, mediated a dispute that would be called the Phact Peace of 2538. Presumably, this was a dispute between the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation, but that is unknown. Whether the treaties that settled the dispute were signed on Phact or concerned a conflict that involved Phact directly is unknown at this time as well.[2]

Star League[edit]

In the 2600s, Terran lemons were imported to Phact. The non-native crop had to be genetically engineered to survive in the new environment. Thus lemonade from Phact lemons has an orange tint.[3]

First Succession War[edit]

As part of the initial House Marik offensive into Capellan space, Phact was attacked in July 2787. The assault force consisted of the Third Marik Militia and the Second Orloff Grenadiers with an escort of three WarShips. There was no resistance and the local government surrendered without a fight. By September of the same year, the general quiet on world allowed the Third Marik Militia to be redeployed to Corey to help put down Capellan resistance there.[4]

Phact would remain under Marik control until the end of the war.[5]

Second Succession War[edit]

In 2837, Capellan forces attacked and reclaimed Phact from the Free Worlds League as it suffered from a nationwide HPG blackout during the ComStar War.[6]

In 2840, an unknown Free Worlds League force attacked Phact. The defending Capellan Curassiers, whose headquarters was located on world, took heavy losses in the defense of the planet. In one instance, the Capellan Confederation Union-class DropShip Silent Sword was attacked during liftoff and crashed in the region knows as the Plains of Fury. A recovery operation was launched to rescue any surviving personnel as well as salvage any usable matériel. In the end, the Confederation troops drove off the attacking League forces.[7]

Phact would remain under Capellan control until the end of the war.[8]

Third Succession War[edit]

Phact would remain a possession of the Capellan Confederation during the war.[9]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following the speech given by First Prince Hanse Davion on the 16th of November 3029, the official day of thanks in the Federated Suns, contained a number of revelations including the creation of the St. Ives Compact and was taken by many as an open sign that the Fourth Succession War was close to ending.[10] The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns launched the Seventh Wave of Operation RAT shortly after, in a determined effort to secure as many systems as possible before an armistice was declared. The Seventh Wave capitalized on negotiations that had been conducted in secret between the Federated Suns and various planetary governments in the remnants of the Sarna Commonality who lacked defenses and were far more fearful of being annexed by the Free Worlds League, a state hated for centuries of raids and invasions, than they were the Federated Suns. In the last week of November the AFFS occupied thirteen systems, including Phact. The AFFS encountered little resistance, and relatively few troops were needed to provide a garrison to maintain calm.[11]

War of 3039[edit]

In 3039, the Second Oriente Hussars launched their infamous "Phact Finding" missions against the Sarna March of the Federated Commonwealth including the world of Phact. Thinking that the Federated Commonwealth was focused on their war with the Draconis Combine, when the Hussars launched their raid on Phact on June 19th they discovered to their surprise that the Fifteenth Arcturan Guards were on world. The attacking Hussars were forced to spend three weeks behind enemy lines on the run before escaping off world on July 10th with minimal losses.[12][13]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Operation Revival[edit]

Due to its position within the Inner Sphere, Phact was not involved against the Clans.[14]

Operation Guerrero[edit]

In 3057, as part of Operation Guerrero, elements of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces attacked and secured Phact from the Federated Commonwealth.[15]

Short after rejoining the Confederation, Chancellor Sun-Tzu allowed the Word of Blake to take over HPG operations on Phact.[16]

Civil War[edit]

Being far from the borders of the Federated Commonwealth, Phact was not drawn into the FedCom Civil War.[17]


Between 13 and 16 September 3071, Manei Domini Precentor Gazael arrived on Phact with elements from several Protectorate Militia forces to ostensibly evacuate the local HPG that was under siege from Capellan forces. They secured the spaceport where they landed their two DropShips, then escorted a convoy of fifty vehicles out of the HPG. The convoy came under heavy attack, but it eventually turned out that it was a decoy with empty vehicles while the actual refugees fled through a secret tunnel directly to the spaceport.

Covered by the overall chaos surrounding the battle over the convoy, the Word of Blake dropped a special operations team to secure a small airport. There, they secured a Karnov UR transport which delivered Adept Lee Angeni's squad of Nighthawk battle armor troopers to their real target, a Buddhist temple where rogue Precentor Meridon Shument was kept hidden by Maskirovka operatives and Death Commandos. Shument had sided with the Confederation and was going to provide them with secret HPG technology, something the Word of Blake would not allow to happen. Gazael had Shument killed on his own authority; Precentor Rangel back on Stewart wanted Shument alive but Gazael figured he was not under Rangel's command and could not afford to waste three months to transport Shument back for a show trial.[18]

Dark Age[edit]

Capellan Crusades[edit]

A growing dispute between supporters of Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao and his son Daoshen Liao broke out into armed conflict between the two groups on many worlds, including Phact, in 3111.[19]

Operation MAGNUS[edit]

Operation MAGNUS, the Republic of the Sphere's counterattack against the Capellan's assault in Operation DIVINE RIGHT targeted many worlds including Phact. In August 3112, the Republic unit Stone's Pride attacked and secured the world for the Republic while heavily damaging the Sarna Martial Academy Cadre.[20] A counterassault by Warrior House Hiritsu as part of what historians called the Warrior House Offensive in February 3113 took back control of Phact for the Confederation.[21]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Military Deployment[edit]







  • Second Robinson Rangers[36]


  • Second Robinson Rangers[37]


- At this point in time, Paget's Dragoons was at 60% of full strength, with 60% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.



Phact is a generally tropical world with most of its surface covered in water, but has significant land surface similar to Terra. The atmosphere is considered humid as compared to Terran standard. Vegetation on world is green in color like many human occupied worlds. Also, the planet has more than one moon. Hadari, the planetary capital, is situated in a bowl shaped valley with jungle covered mountains on three sides. To the south of Hadari are large tracks of heavy jungle.[48]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Hadari (planetary Capital)[49]
  • Hadari Interstellar Spaceport[50]
  • Jashatta (city 600 km south of Hadari)[51]
  • Plains of Fury (region)[52]
  • The Lonesome Dove (restaurant)[52]
  • Mountain Flower Buddhist Temple (located 20 km south of Hadari)[53]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 64 systems (61 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Wazan 5.0 Old Kentucky 9.0 Corey 11.2 Chamdo 12.4
Elnath 14.9 Ventabren 18.2 New Sarna 18.5 Shui-pào 19.5
Yunnah 20.8 Raballa 20.9 Ulan Bator 25.1 Lesalles 25.1
Campertown 25.3 Suzano 26.4 Harsefeld 28.8 Jilin 30.2
Ohrensen 32.6 Bora 33.1 Chitwan 33.5 Second Try 33.7
Ilmachna 34.5 Achilles 34.9 Second Chance 35.1 Gorki 35.3
Quemoy 35.6 Ingersoll 36.1 Bandora 37.5 Asuncion 38.7
Snailzar 39.8 Sichuan 40.1 Ramen 41.0 Capella 42.3
Palos 42.6 Hassad 45.8 Kyrkbacken 46.2 Masterson 46.6
Sarna 46.6 Sarmaxa 48.5 Bithinia 48.7 Ilmar 48.8
New Delos 48.9 Ibstock 49.6 Park Place 49.6 Propus 49.7
New Athens 49.9 Chengdu 50.6 Sakhalin 51.0 Tsitsang 51.7
Styk 52.7 Cordiagr 52.9 Manennaia 53.1 Geifer 53.5
Bernardo 55.5 Zion 56.8 Wei 56.9 Ling 57.9
Myrvoll 58.7 No Return 58.9 Kohlman 59.2 Eom 59.4
Kristiandsund 59.8 Belluevue 61.0 Aldertaine 61.3 Gomeisa 61.6


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