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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 53.23 : -163.386[e]


Little is known about Sarmaxa beyond that it has grasslands and forests. A scorched area of the Pr'ret forest was mentioned to be possibly the result of an unguarded campfire or lightning, implying that the planet has a breathable atmosphere (or at least one with oxygen).[citation needed]

Planetary History[edit]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following the speech given by First Prince Hanse Davion on the 16th of November 3029, the official day of thanks in the Federated Suns, contained a number of revelations including the creation of the St. Ives Compact and was taken by many as an open sign that the Fourth Succession War was close to ending.[1] The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns launched the Seventh Wave of Operation RAT shortly after, in a determined effort to secure as many systems as possible for an armistice was declared. The Seventh Wave capitalised on negotiations that had been conducted in secret between the Federated Suns and various planetary governments in the remnants of the Sarna Commonality who lacked defenses and were far more fearful of being annexed by the Free Worlds League, a state hated for centuries of raids and invasions, than they were the Federated Suns. In the last week of November the AFFS occupied thirteen systems, including Sarmaxa. The AFFS encountered little resistance, and relatively few troops were needed to provide a garrison to maintain calm.[2]

Operation GUERRERO[edit]

Sarmaxa was recaptured by a single company of Warrior House Hiritsu forces during the Liao-Marik offensive (Operation Guerrero) in 3057. The planet was defended by only six 'Mechs (including a Quickdraw, a Crusader, an Archer, a Thunderbolt, and an Ostroc) piloted by the planet's militia.[citation needed]


One interlude in the novel Binding Force refers to WH Hiritsu troops fighting on Sarmaxa during the Liao-Marik offensive. Most information given above stems from this chapter.

Planetary Garrison[edit]



  • Grim Determination[3]


  • Grim Determination[4]


  • Grim Determination[5]

Manufacturing Center[edit]

Owner History[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Sarna 8.80 No Return 14.42 Quemoy 14.92 Randar 15.19
Bora 15.69 Capella 18.16 Kaifeng 21.88 Sakhalin 23.54
Minnacora 25.33 Truth 25.64 Palos 26.18 Geifer 28.07
Yunnah 28.19 Aldertaine 29.20 Ulan Bator 29.90 Relevow 30.38
New Sagan 30.46 Raballa 32.32 Gei-Fu 36.26 Matsu 37.29
Heligoland 37.96 Cordiagr 40.39 Tsingtao 41.28 Menkib 41.31
Capricorn III 41.74 Corey 42.17 Bandora 42.80 Lesalles 43.84
Ares 43.84 Zaurak 44.69 Chamdo 44.72 Overton 45.40
Brighton 45.51 Wei 45.87 New Macao 48.18 Ovan 48.54
Phact 48.92 Nashuar 49.39 Remshield 50.52 Elnath 50.54
Second Try 51.63 Mandate 51.66 Wazan 52.95 Vestallas 53.64
Tsitsang 55.31 Masterson 55.92 Old Kentucky 56.09 Necromo 56.10
Taga 57.11 Tsinghai 57.69 Glasgow 58.32 Cammal 58.70
Campertown 59.35 Ingersoll 59.60 Shipka 59.73


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