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Cammal nearby systems
Cammal nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 111.4 : -164.975[e]

The Cammal system was home to at least one habitable world or construct and as of 3151 was located in the Capellan Confederation.[1]

System Description[edit]

The Cammal system is located near the Kek and Vintru systems.[2]

System History[edit]

The Cammal system was settled during the early twenty-fourth century and was a member of the Capellan Commonality when the Capellan Confederation formed in the mid-twenty-fourth century.[3][4]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Planetary History[edit]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

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Main article: Der Erbe#Plot

According to the apocryphal German Adel vernichtet duology, one House de Leon held the title of Duke of Cammal while the world was a Federated Suns holding in the Succession Wars era.

During the Fourth Succession War, Capellan Confederation warlord Shang Tsung launched a counterattack against Cammal. Duke Manuel de Leon and his ducal guard, the Lionhearts, narrowly held the line together with the Youngblood Renegades mercenaries (hired by Capellan March Duke Michael Hasek-Davion), with heavy losses. The Capellans, although ultimately repulsed, inflicted massive damage on Cammal and managed to destroy the duke's DropShip, killing him and his family and ending the line of House de Leon. Afterwards, many felt that House Davion had been suspiciously slow in sending reinforcements to Cammal.

After the war, the law firm representing the late duke and his House (Cummings Law-and-Justice) prevented the duchy from falling back to House Davion and kept searching for a legitimate heir for decades. The power vacuum on Cammal was meanwhile filled by a politically weak planetary government formed from the numerous different factions comprising the population. The Lionhearts became a mercenary unit. The Youngblood Renegades received a continent on Cammal as fief for their service, becoming its de facto rulers and thus one of the ruling factions on the planet.

The enigmatic Winterland Enterprises megacorporation became the world's single largest employer. Researching into the corporation's background and dealings, the Youngblood Renegades find that Winterland Enterprises seems to possess far more money that it should, possibly from a group of nobles around the late duke Michael Hasek-Davion who might have been preparing a coup (putting a new spin on Hasek-Davion's purported hero's death on a "peace mission" to Sian in the war). Winterland Enterprises CEO Judy de Winter is the daughter of the Duke of Corella, who was associated with Hasek-Davion and also died under mysterious circumstances

Clan Invasion era[edit]

In 3053 a Cummings lawyer named Richard Foster-Drake identified one MechWarrior Lance Sergeant Michael Razza of the 1st Kittery Borderers in a hospital on Warren as a legitimate successor of Manuel de Leon and as such the inheritor of the title of duke of Cammal and substantial wealth. The restoration of the ducal line led to unrest on Cammal, but eventually turned out to be a charade; the ostensible heir had been a heavily wounded soldier who was brainwashed by the lawyer and his associates in a power grab move that ultimately failed.

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The Jihad[edit]

Cammal was one of ten worlds assaulted by the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces during the third week of March 3069, a wave of attacks that formed a part of Operation THUNDERSTRIKE, the Capellan counteroffensive against the Capellan March in defiance of Duke George Hasek's campaign Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE.[36]

Dark Age[edit]

The mercenary unit Covenant's Commandos was sent to protect the mining facilities on Cammal. A combined-arms force of pirates attacked the planet, and the unit user a pair of Arbalests to harass them, buying time for the rest of the unit to catch and destroy them piecemeal.[37]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Third Capellan Chargers[39]



  • Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers RCT[41]

Circa 3085[edit]



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The information after this notice comes from apocryphal sources; the canonicity of such information is uncertain.
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In the MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries High Reward Quest "The Conspirators," Cammal is depicted as a lush canyon biome with reduced visibility.[43]

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Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 72 systems (70 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Vintru 7.4 Kek 13.4 Staffin 14.2 Gahral 14.8
Lee 17.7 Ares 18.4 Hurgh 18.7 Lhasa 19.6
Monhegan 19.7 Gallitzin 20.2 Tsingtao 20.6 Aosia 23.8
Necromo 25.0 Oli 28.6 Remshield 28.7 Perkasie 28.7
Alto 29.6 Capricorn 32.0 Heligoland 32.2 Moravian 32.7
Truth 33.6 New Sagan 34.0 Daniels 34.2 Andro 34.3
Minnacora 34.6 Bethel 34.9 Lacadon 36.9 Alcyone 37.4
Bahl's Retreat 38.4 Nashuar 39.6 Orbisonia 40.0 Armaxa 41.1
Kaifeng 41.5 Plataea 42.5 Dowles 42.9 Matsu 43.8
Knutdor 44.9 Mandate 45.1 Noh-wan Hohm 45.6 Acala 46.6
Khi 46.8 Highspire 47.1 Relevow 47.2 Brighton 47.9
Taga 48.0 Paches 48.5 Undra 48.9 Mytilene 49.4
St. Ives 49.4 Randar 50.8 Menkib 50.9 Monongahela 53.5
Axton 54.1 Shoreham 54.2 New Macao 54.4 Turko 54.8
Sakhalin 54.8 Genf 54.9 Bell 55.6 Redfield 55.7
No Return 56.4 Zaurak 56.9 Boeotia 57.2 Sarna 57.3
Foot Fall 57.6 Anaea 57.7 Laong 58.2 Sarmaxa 58.2
Scituate 59.8 Stein's Folly 59.9 Weekapaug 60.6 Aer 60.6


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