This category contains all articles on Sarna BattleTechWiki about (star) systems that have been mentioned in the BattleTech universe. System articles will typically also cover available information on the individual components of the system, e.g. stars, planets, moons, asteroids, etc.; their articles will usually be redirects to the system article.

In BattleTech, the term "star system" (or simply "system") makes no distinction between star systems and planetary systems, covering both of them. For the purposes of Sarna BTW and in accordance with the BattleTech universe, "system" generally denotes a region of space in proximity to a specific star or star system plus any orbiting non-stellar bodies or objects that is treated as a single stellar destination in astronavigational terms. Traveling from one system to another usually requires a Kearny-Fuchida jump drive, whereas intra-system travel is typically done with thrust engines and does not require a jump-capable vessel. A system is accordingly represented as a single point on star maps.

Note that a system as a whole can have a name different from the name of any one body (sun, planet, moon, asteroid, etc.) within the system. At the same time, it was established in BattleTech canon that systems are often, but not always, named after the primary inhabited body therein.

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The Inner Sphere Cartography Society has generated some excellent PDF and JPGs of the universe for various years. The PDFs contain system names and jump paths.

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