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In BattleTech, a system generally denotes a region of space in proximity to a specific star or star system plus any orbiting non-stellar objects (e.g., planets, asteroids, space stations) that is treated as a single stellar destination in astronavigational terms, i.e., travel across a system is considered practical without a Kearny-Fuchida jump drive. A system is accordingly represented as a single point on star maps. Note: A system's name may, and often does, differ from the name of the star itself. See Jump Point for further details regarding jump destinations.

This category contains articles regarding systems. For articles regarding individual planets, see Category:Planets. For articles regarding individual space stations, see Category:Individual Space Stations. For articles regarding regions that encompass several systems, see Category:Universe Regions. For articles concerning other points of interest on a star map that are not systems, see Category:Special Astronomical Features.

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The Inner Sphere Cartography Society has generated some excellent PDF and JPGs of the universe for various years. The PDFs contain system names and jump paths.

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