Alfirk 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates588.602 : 454.172[e]

The Alfirk system is home to at least one inhabited world and is located in the Deep Periphery.[1][2] An isolated colony known only to its inhabitants and to ComStar for the longest time, it is effectively a hidden world that has no contact with the rest of the Inner Sphere except through ComStar.

System Description[edit]

Alfirk is located in the deep periphery beyond the Draconis Combine and coreward of the Outworlds Alliance; more specifically, it is two jumps rimward from the two most rimward JàrnFòlk worlds.

System History[edit]

The Alfirk system was discovered by accident when a group of colonists led by retired Terran Alliance Colonel William Alfirk III led an expedition to found a new colony world. After making five jumps from Terra, the expedition's sixth jump suffered a misjump and mild damage to the K-F drive, stranding the colonists in what they would come to name the Alfirk system. (Given that Alfirk is almost 750 light years from Terra and that the first five jumps would have covered a maximum of 150 light years, the final misjump apparently catapulted the JumpShip across some 600 light years, twenty times the rates jump distance of common jump drives.) The system the expedition arrived in happened to have a habitable world, and a successful colony was established. The only Inner Sphere faction known to have visited the Alfirk system since the founding of the colony was ComStar.[3]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

When it was colonized, the planet Alfirk was probably the farthest colonized planet from Terra. Established in the twenty-second century by Colonel (Retd) William Alfirk III, a tank commander of the Terran Alliance, after a misjump brought them to the habitable system,[3] the colony prospered for centuries. Its location remained unknown to anyone until a plague outbreak killed nearly half the population in 2963. The inhabitants repaired the JumpShip's drive and prepared to go back to Terra for help. At this time, the scientists discovered they were actually hundreds of light years away from Terra. Nonetheless, while journeying to Terra, the JumpShip found the ComStar Explorer Corps. Much help was given, including medical aid to end the plague, but no hyperpulse generators or BattleMech technology. The people of Alfirk were warned by ComStar about pirates and the greed of the Successor States, and later were told of the Clans; their view on the rest of humanity is therefore based on the somewhat biased and misleading information ComStar provided. The native people of Alfirk stand ready to fight should hostilities develop.[3]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (2 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Hamar 41.1 Ålborg 57.6 Trondheim 73.3 Hofn 92.1
Naikongzu 111.8 Blueys 158.4 Fallry 164.1 False Dawn 171.6
Bannerhoft 173.0 Ourem 175.5 Farstar 175.9 Grankum 180.1
Salvende 183.2 Wynn's Roost 185.5 Vangburg 188.1 Zebuluraskai 189.9
Nerum 191.2 Michtal 192.6 Renorsal 193.3 Barahona 195.4


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