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System Information
X:Y Coordinates155.93 : -426.095[e]

The Aea system was the location of at least one habitable planet[1] and as of 3067 was located in the Taurian Concordat.[2][3][4]

System Description[edit]

Aea occupied a position in the Periphery close to the Star League era colonies of Girondas and Qalzi and the more modern colony of Regis Roost.[2][3]

System History[edit]

The Aea system was already settled in some fashion by 2765, when it appeared on maps as a Taurian Concordat world.[5] For reasons unknown, the Star League had built a hyperpulse generator on the planet at some point,[6] suggesting the Concordat was not the first party to claim the system.

As of 3026 Aea was mentioned as an Aurigan Coalition world that had been annexed in or shortly before 3022, after the Taurian Concordat had abandoned the world by colonial rule for more than a century.[7] This was a point of contention that caused friction between the Taurians and the Aurigans (see Notes below). The Aurigan Coalition was teetering on the brink of collapse at the time already following the Arano Restoration that amounted to a civil war;[8] Aea was back under Taurian control by 3039.[9]

Between 3067 and 3071 Brinton was raided by the mercenary-turned-pirate unit Dedrickson's Devils, who then moved on to attack Aea, spreading the deadly Scourge Plague to this world as well. As a result, the Devils' status with the MRBC changed to kill-on-sight, due to the urgent need to prevent the Plague spreading further, and a bounty of 100,000 C-bills was placed on the head of every member of the Devils.[10]

The Aea system had been removed from maps by 3085, indicating that the system had either been depopulated or was no longer considered significant enough to be recorded on maps.[11]

Political Affiliation[edit]



Aea is a wet, lush tropical world noted for an atmosphere dense in sulfurous volcanic gases.[6] The foul smelling atmosphere makes postings to the world an unpleasant experience.[46]

Planetary History[edit]

As of ca. 3026 it was noted that the only reason why Aea still had any population was support for its HPG station; ComStar was said to maintain a large presence there.[6]

Between 3067 and 3071 Aea was raided by the mercenary-turned-pirate unit Dedrickson's Devils. The Devils destroyed the planetary HPG as well as the main water purification plants during their raid, but worse still, brought with them the deadly Brinton Plague from Brinton, which they had raided shortly before. With the Plague spreading on Aea the MRBC posted a kill-on-sight order against the Devils, adding them to the Most Wanted list of rogue units and offering a bounty of 100,000 C-bills on the head of each member of the unit.[1] This was apparently the last nail in the coffin for Aea as a colony. By 3085 it was not mapped as a populated system anymore.

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 44 systems (44 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Girondas 5.5 Qalzi 12.1 Regis Roost 16.3 New Vandenburg 20.5
Katinka 25.4 Brinton 25.9 Brisbane 27.4 Flaum 28.4
Burton 29.9 Smithon 30.3 Umgard 32.5 Laconis 33.4
Paf 34.1 Landmark 35.9 Enkra 39.9 Pinard 40.9
MacLeod's Land 41.2 Rollis 43.1 Zangul 43.3 Mechdur 43.7
Menion 44.3 Mangzhangdian 44.7 Artru 44.8 Tyrlon 45.1
Bromhead 48.8 Ishtar 49.7 Taurus 49.8 Larsha 50.0
Megaris 50.4 Gangtok 50.7 Hyades Cluster 50.8 Kern 51.6
Parian 53.6 Samantha 54.1 Guldra 54.4 Pyrrhus 54.6
Jamestown 54.6 Corodiz 55.2 Jansen's Hold 55.4 Ina 55.5
Bringdam 57.2 Carthage 57.4 Non Diz 57.8 Ichlangis 59.8


  • In or shortly before 3022, High Lord Tamati Arano II of the Aurigan Coalition opened annexation negotiations with a number of systems close to Taurian space that had in fact been former Taurian colonies, but had been abandoned by colonial rule for over a century. The Taurians strongly opposed the annexation, feeling those worlds were still Taurian holdings in spirit and too close to their territory to surrender them to another power in any case. These escalating tensions led to a coup in the Aurigan Coalition in 3022 that precipitated the formation of the Aurigan Directorate and its toppling in turn by the Arano Restoration, effectively a civil war with at least some Taurian involvement that seems to have terminated the Aurigan Coalition as a viable periphery power.
    The other named systems besides Aea were Katinka, Qalzi, and Regis Roost though the latter was later confirmed to be an error; the correct fourth system was not named but from the context may have been Artru.


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