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Hyades Cluster
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X:Y Coordinates191.317 : -389.55[e]

The Hyades Cluster, based on the position of Flannagan's Nebulea, is a cluster of stars located to the rimward of Terra near the borders of the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation. It contains multiple habitable systems including Taurus, Samantha, Jamestown, and Ishtar. The planet Taurus is the capital of the Taurian Concordat.[1]


The Hyades Cluster is a roughly spherical open cluster of three to four hundred separate stars that share a similar age and origin. From the perspective of Terra the cluster lies in the constellation Taurus, where its brightest stars form a "V" within the constellation. This traditionally forms the Head of the bull that gives the constellation and nation that was spawned within its nebula their names.[2]

Political Affiliation[edit]


The cluster was explored and settled by the Calderon Expedition in the early years of the 2250s. This expedition was funded and led by Samantha Calderon who spent her vast fortune buying ships and supplies in an attempt to flee the horrors of war that had engulfed the Inner Sphere. She led her 2,300 followers into the unexplored reaches of the Hyades Cluster in an attempt to go so far from the Inner Sphere and its conflicts that a civilization without war or conflict could be developed in peace.[42]

When they reached and explored the cluster they found a plethora of rich worlds, hidden and protected by a dense gas and dust cloud. While penetrating this cloud an immense asteroid field was discovered, and the expedition lost some of their ships in this dangerous passage. This cloud of danger, named Flannagan's Nebulea, became the first and greatest line of defense for the colonists.[43]

In 2253, the colonists made planetfall on Taurus, a resource-rich fertile world that would one day become the capital of the Taurian Concordat. In the following years more worlds within the protective embrace of the nebulae were explored and colonized until today more than three additional worlds have been settled and are productive and valuable members of the Concordat to this day.[43]

The Hyades Cluster is the fortress bastion of the Taurian Concordat and, with the exception of the Reunification War, has never been conquered.[1] The Reunification War campaign took four years[44] and required troops from the Star League's I, II, III, IV, XI and Star Guard Corps. The VI Corps and Star Guard Corps provided the bulk of the forces used.[45] This fighting was the last combat of the Reunification War.[46]

During the Reunification War and Star League era, the Hyades Cluster was home to a number of drydocks and shipyards scattered throughout the various systems and operated by Concordat Aerospace Limited; one of these facilities, located in the Taurus system, was capable of manufacturing WarShips.[47] At this point in time the population of the Hyades Cluster was estimated by the SLDF to be more than eight billion people, seven billion of which lived on the eight major inhabited worlds within the cluster, which were spread across just five systems. The remaining population lived on the innumerable moons and asteroids scattered around the cluster, intermixed with the hundreds of uninhabited planets and immense number of asteroids, comments and assorted trapped stellar objects.[48] The Concordat also maintained at least one active battle station, named Outland Gamma, and attempts by the SLDF to construct their own stations and facilities within the cluster to support their invading forces were blocked by the Taurians, who used a combination of nuclear weapons and asteroids flung by mass drivers to destroy each before it could be completed.[49]

Military Deployment[edit]

Besides the resident militia and noble house forces the Taurian Concordat keeps regiments of front line units stationed to protect the planets of the cluster. Traditionally these are the Taurian Guards Corps as well as other front line units that are brought in to rest and refit in the relative safety of the cluster worlds.[50]

In addition to line regiments, there's the Taurian Defense Force's Special Asteroid Support Force (SASF). The SASF is a specialized all-volunteer body of soldiers and naval personnel trained in zero-g tactics that man the defensive platforms located throughout the Flannagan's Nebulea asteroid belt.[51]


Manufacturing Centers[edit]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 48 systems (47 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Taurus 1.5 Ishtar 3.6 Jamestown 4.0 Samantha 4.4
Menion 6.5 Megaris 7.8 Ina 7.9 Parian 8.0
Jansen's Hold 13.4 New Ganymede 13.6 New Vallis 14.0 Landmark 16.4
Pinard 17.4 MacLeod's Land 22.0 Illiushin 22.1 Midale 27.4
Flaum 27.4 Camadeierre 29.0 Burton 31.7 Renfield 31.8
Desolate Plains 32.3 Merlin 32.7 Bromhead 33.8 Brisbane 37.5
New Vandenburg 38.9 Laconis 39.4 Atreus Prime 39.8 Rollis 41.3
Carmichael 41.3 Woogi 42.1 Mithron 42.1 Lindsay 42.4
Brockway 43.0 Paf 46.6 Diefenbaker 48.5 Non Diz 48.8
Spitz 49.5 Horsham 49.9 Girondas 50.1 Aea 50.8
Mas 50.9 Robsart 53.4 Qalzi 55.7 Flintoft 56.3
Corodiz 57.5 Pyrrhus 58.7 Maldive 58.8 Brinton 60.8


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