Concordat Commandos

Concordat Commandos.jpg
Concordat Commandos
Formed Age of War
Nickname By the Horns
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Parent Command Taurian Guards Corps

Unit Description[edit]

The Concordat Commandos was a military formation belonging to the Taurian Concordat's TDF assigned to the Taurian Guards Corps.

Unit Insignia & Color scheme[edit]

The Unit's insignia is a five point star set on a red & green checked-field. The unit usually uses typical camouflage, however units painted with camo have shade red in the pattern of camo no matter what environment they are operating in.[1]


The Original Concordat Commandos[edit]

The Concordat Commandos were formed with students graduated from the Concordat's colleges and were sent to fight the invading Star League forces during the Reunification War. The unit saw extensive action during those times. Though the unit fought to the end of the conflict it was disbanded when the Concordat surrendered at the end of the hostilities.[2]

Re-formation & War of Independence[edit]

The Commandos were re-formed in the mid-28th Century during the Taurian Concordat's bid for independence in the last years of the original Star League. Its members were raised from defense Battalions on the worlds of Atreus Prime and New Vallis.[3] These soldiers were highly trained and were some of the most motivated troops available in the Taurian Defense Force. In 2765 they were stationed on Menion.[4]

These soldiers fought against General Kerensky's expeditionary force tasked to put down the Periphery uprising. The Commandos were famed for asymmetric warfare, hitting the SLDF's supply depots and communication centers, wreaking havoc for the SLDF invaders. They fought on despite taking heavy damage until Kerensky withdrew from the Concordat to regroup for his offense against the Usurper Stefan Amaris.

The Succession Wars[edit]

The unit was reassigned to the Capellan Confederation border for most of the Succession Wars. Over the centuries, the unit had clashed with House Liao forces, including elements of the St. Ives Armored Cavalry. In 3022, the unit was reassigned to the Hyades Cluster as its home garrison.[5]

Post–Succession Wars[edit]

The unit did not see much action from the 3030s to the 3050s. They did see brief action in 3057, during the Operation Guerrero. Elements of the Little Richard's Panzer Brigade conducted raids against the Concordat to test its defenses and reaction to invasion. In its first action since end of the Succession Wars the Commandos' 1st Battalion fought the Brigade to a standstill despite the mercenaries' numeric advantage and fended them off.[6]

Defending Taurus and Pleiades Crusade[edit]

In August 3066, the unit was called into action and when the Fighting Urukhai's 2nd Regiment assaulted Taurus in their bid for revenge. The Commandos united with rest of the Taurian Guard Corps to destroy the renegade mercenaries. It was learned from the few mercenary survivors that the secret route had been discovered through Flannagan's Nebulea, the first line of defense of the Concordat core worlds. The Commandos, along with other units of the Guards and the entire II Corps brigade moved beyond the Hyades Cluster and invaded the Federated Suns in a retributive counterattack. The Commandos themselves did not fare well on Midale, where two of its Battalions were pushed off planet by local defenders. The remaining Commando Battalion was positioned defensively on the FedCom/Concordat border to prevent further Davion reprisals against Concordat space. The surviving Commandos then returned with the rest of the Taurian Guards Corps to their home base in the Hyades Cluster to resume their duties as the core defense of the Taurian core worlds.[7]

After the fighting of the Jihad, the Concordat Commandos had lost a quarter of their troops and equipment in the various conflicts. Those that remained were elite troops. The Commandos were separated and garrisoned both Bromhead and MacLeod's Land.[8]

The Commandos spent most of the TDF's war with the Federated Suns on Bromhead and MacLeod's Land. These systems weren't attacked by the AFFS, and the Commandos were left out of the fighting. After Operation MATADOR and the armistice with the Federated Suns, the Commandos were relocated to Grossbach along the new border line. From there they launched several raids against Perdition, Logan's Land, and Norman's World. During these raids, Commandos were left behind to try to build a popular uprising against the Federated Suns, but these efforts mostly failed.[9]

Dark Age[edit]

After Operation MATADOR the Commandos were used as a rapid response force, and were often found with a jump or two of a hotspot. In 3145 they were stationed on Brockway, hunting down pro–Federated Suns militia units that were purportedly operating from Atreus Prime and Mithron. The Commandos appeared on these worlds in company or battalion sized units.[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Concordat Commandos
Colonel Samuel Mahar 3025[11]
Colonel Jacob Monray 3050[12]
Colonel Monty Scott 3085[13]
Colonel Chris Parker 3145[14]


The unit is trained for strikes behind enemy lines. They typically like striking rear areas of enemy, where supplies, repair depots and other staging areas are vulnerable. Another tactic the Commandos enjoy using is to detach a company before engaging an enemy force. After allowing the enemy to surround their main body, they utilize the detached unit to strike the enemy force from behind.[15]

Composition History[edit]


Concordat Commandos (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[16]

- At this time the Commandos were supported by a company of the Special Asteroid Support Force and three permanent squadrons of aerospace fighters. The Commandos was stationed on Menion.[16]


Concordat Commandos (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[17]

Note: At this point in time the Commandos were a medium-weight regiment operating at full strength and were stationed on Menion.[17] In 2821 the unit was reduced to just over a third of full strength. The Commandos were stationed on Samantha.[17]


Concordat Commandos (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[18]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Samantha with an operational readiness of 88 percent.[18]


Concordat Commandos (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[18]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Samantha with an operational readiness of 25 percent.[18]


Concordat Commandos[19]

  • CO: Colonel Samuel Melier
  • 1st Battalion (Veteran/Fanatical) - CO: Subaltern Jacob Mornay
  • 2nd Battalion (Veteran/Reliable) - CO: Subaltern Elizabeth Bharat
  • 3rd Battalion (Veteran/Reliable) - CO: Subaltern Dennis King

-Note: Unit was principally a BattleMech regiment which had attached support units which included Infantry and various weight classes of aerospace fighters. The unit also had sufficient DropShip & JumpShip support to conduct missions. It was considered a regular BattleMech regiment, not an RCT. It had attached support units supporting its patrols when needed.


Concordat Commandos (BattleMech Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Jacob Monray
  • 1st Battalion - CO: Subaltern Donald McKnight, Veteran/Fanatical Taurus
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Subaltern Theresa Smalley, Veteran/Reliable Taurus
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Subaltern Lucynda Hecker, Veteran/Reliable Hyades Cluster


Concordat Commandos (BattleMech Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Jacob Monray
  • 1st Battalion - CO: Subaltern Donald McKnight, Veteran/Fanatical Taurus
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Subaltern Theresa Smalley, Veteran/Reliable Diik
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Subaltern Lucynda Hecker, Veteran/Reliable Grossbach


Concordat Commandos (BattleMech Regiment)[20]

  • CO: Colonel Jacob Monray
  • 1st Battalion - CO: Brigadier Monty Scott
  • 2nd Battalion - CO: Brigadier William Renshaw
  • 3rd Battalion - CO: Brigadier Dalton Summers

15th Armored Cavalry (Combat Vehicle Battalion)

  • CO: Subaltern Laura Ganes

3rd Battlesuit Recon (2 Battle Armor Squads)


Concordat Commandos (BattleMech Regiment)[21]

  • CO: Colonel Jacob Monray

-Unit Now listed as Elite skilled with Regular loyalty rated. The unit's strength is at 95% with some 28% Star League tech upgrade among its 'Mechs.

15th Armored Cavalry (Combat Vehicle Battalion)

  • CO: Subaltern Laura Ganes

-The Cavalry has listed as Veteran skilled with Fanatical loyalty. At 100% strength, the entire unit is equipped with Star League level technology.

3rd Battlesuit Recon (2 Battle Armor Squads)

  • CO: Force Sergeant Cameron Vale

-The 3rd Recon listed as Veterans, with Reliable loyalty rating. The force is at 110% strength.


The Concordat Commandos were reduced to three-fourths of their nominal strength.[8]


Concordat Commandos (BattleMech Regiment)[13]

  • CO: Colonel Monty Scott, 85% of nominal strength.

15th Armored Cavalry (Combat Vehicle Battalion)

  • CO: Subaltern Severianus Ferro, 70% of nominal strength.

3rd Battlesuit Recon (1 Battalion)

  • CO: Subaltern Cameron Vale, 65% of nominal strength.


Concordat Commandos (Veteran/Reliable)[14]

  • CO: Colonel Chris Parker

21st Armor Cavalry (Elite/Reliable)[14]

  • CO: Colonel Jesse Lopez

3rd Battlesuit Recon (Veteran/Fanatical)[14]


Game Rules[edit]

The Concordat Commandos while using the Rules Annex's Force Specific Rules from Field Manual: Periphery have the following abilities.

  • Taurian Guards Corps abilities allows controlling players choose up two either vehicles or 'Mechs they want from appropriate column (in Periphery Random Rolling Tables) prior to rolling rest of the unit.
  • Concordat Commandos - When rolling weight class of any single element ('Mech, vehicle) per lance. The player may have half of the force start off field, by using the Off-Map Movement ability for scenario. If the player choose to use entire force on the map at start of a game, the unit may use the Overrun Combat instead.[22]


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