Force Specific Rules

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Force Specific Rules are Advanced Rules used for enhancement of game play between two opposing forces. These rules are commonly used in scenarios. They can also be given to force commanders if using the Commanders special rule from Tactical Operations.[1]

Basic Description[edit]

These rules commonly reflected abilities or Force Specific abilities that each military force may posses to reflect their uniqueness in their training and tactics.

These rules have been published in various BattleTech faction source books under different names, such as Mercenary Commands, Special Force Rules set, etc.

This is a list of these Force Specific rules and their effects in a scenario. Individual fighting forces harbor their own unique abilities that are not necessary found in a common list.

Please note: These are semi-short references of the full rules and they are not intended to replace published sources. Some details have been left out of these. Please refer to these published sources for complete descriptions.

List of Common Force Specific Rules[edit]

Banking Initiative[edit]

This ability/rule allows for a force which posses it to “win” the initiative roll without rolling it. In order to build up or ‘’bank’’ (maximum of 2) initiatives. To gain single initiative, they must give up or ‘’lose’’ 2 initiative rolls offs. When dealing with other special abilities, the “loss” initiative is considered to have won by opposing player by margin of 1.[2][3]

Forcing the Initiative[edit]

This rule/ability allows for the force that posses it to gain initiative bonus for their next turn based on margin of number of units destroyed. This bonus to its initiative roll is reduced by number of units it lost. Example: Player’s force destroyed three of his opponents units, but lost one in same turn. They would gain number +2 to their roll.[4][5][3]

Off-Map Movement[edit]

This ability allows for the controlling player’s force which posses it to move their individual units off the map(s) to re-enter in a pre-determined map location. This ability can only be used if the scenario allows for this ability to work. Example scenarios that do not allow its use include; breakthrough, hold-the-line scenarios which forbids the defender from using the ability. When using the ability, movement for units that are moving off-map must be calculated (distance and where) and recorded. A separate blank map(s) must be setup to allow for units travel their flank speed/run to where they will appear off the map. The controlling player must calculate when these units will reappear. The hexes they exited and will reappear must be record. Also, the controlling player must write down their “written orders” for each unit, what they will be do when they come onto the map. These written instruction/orders may read these instructions to make sure they are legal by the rules. Should units on map be destroyed, the units travelling off map are considered in retreat. When units reappear on arrival map which contains enemy units, or its adjacent to may immediate attack according to the Point Blank Shots for hidden units.[6][7][3]

Overrun Combat[edit]

This rule allows a force that posses this ability in certain times to fire before the opposing force is able to move or fire. When rolling for initiative, should the player with ‘’ability’’ be successful winning the roll. The margin of success over their opposing player’s roll is taken and divided by 2. Result is how many individual units may fire prior to opposing player’s turn to move & fire. Once used, resume turn as normal. This ability rule is per round of player.[8][9]


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