George Hasek (31st c.)

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George Michael Hasek II
George Michael Hasek II
Born26 August 3030[1]
Died19 March 3070[2]
AffiliationHouse Hasek-Davion
RankField Marshal of the Capellan March
Title(s)Duke of New Syrtis
ParentsMorgan Hasek-Davion (father)[1][3]
Kym Sorenson (mother)[1][3]
SiblingsAngela Hasek[3]
Cyrus Hasek[3][4]
SpouseMichelle Hasek[5]
Deborah Palu
ChildrenGeorge Hasek III[6]
Amanda Hasek
Isabella Hasek

George Michael Hasek was the oldest child of Morgan Hasek-Davion and Kym Sorenson. George was named for his great-grandfather and grandfather, respectively.


Early Life and Career[edit]

George was born on New Avalon on the 26th of August and spent much of his childhood in the company of the Steiner-Davion family. He attended The Warrior's Hall on New Syrtis, where he received his training as a MechWarrior, and he completed his officer schooling at The War College of Goshen. After graduation, he took up a posting with the Federated Suns Armored Cavalry where he stayed until he transferred to the Sixth Syrtis Fusiliers in 3051. In 3054 he left the Fusiliers and attended the Federation War College at Sakhara Academy. In 3055 he transferred to the Capellan March regional command and became its director in 3059. He officially became the Duke of New Syrtis and the Minister of the Capellan March in 3060, after his father's assassination.[7]

As Duke of the Capellan March[edit]

George opposed Katherine Steiner-Davion's usurpation of her sister's regency of the Federated Commonwealth, though there was little he could do to stop it. He established a reputation for independent-mindedness reminiscent of his grandfather when he attempted to help the St. Ives Compact maintain its independence in the face of the Capellan Confederation's aggression, despite Katherine's tacit approval of Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao's actions. George withdrew all AFFS forces from the Compact in 3063 when a peace treaty was signed.

George again subtly opposed Katherine during the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. He refused to contribute troops to her defense, but he publicly refused Victor aid, as well. He tried to keep the forces in his Capellan March focused on the threat of the Capellan Confederation to keep them out of the war, though not to the same extent that the Draconis March did concerning the Draconis Combine. This included extensive hiring of mercenary forces.[8] He could not hold off becoming involved in the Civil War, however, and Katherine began planning an assault on New Syrtis as soon as Victor went into hiding after the Third Whitting Conference. Despite Duke George personally appealing to Katherine to avoid a conflict, Loyalist forces assaulted New Syrtis in 3065. General Ardan Sortek, old childhood friend of his father, petitioned him many times to join Victor's camp, but he declined. He believed Victor's abandonment of the Federated Commonwealth made him as unworthy to rule as Katherine. After the invasion, he released the Davion Light Guards to Sortek's control and gifted him two Templar Assault OmniMechs. He announced he was not joining either camp, but would continue to ensure the safety of the Capellan March.

On 31 October 3065 a Rabid Fox assassin known only as Larry was sent by Katherine Steiner-Davion to kill the Duke. Though the attempt was unsuccessful, he was hit by needler fire and lost his left hand which was replaced by an excellent prosthetic hand that was all but indistinguishable from a real one. After that, he was a changed man.[5][9]

In 3067, George sent troops into the Chaos March, ostensibly to defend them from Capellan aggression. In a speech on the matter, he said,

"For too long now, we have stood by and watched as Sun-Tzu attacked, conquered and subjugated world after world in the Sarna March.... Officially, we stand by the wayside because we respect the right of self-determination. But is it self-determination when Capellan 'Mech regiments invade? Do we really do them a favor by letting these worlds stand free, but without the protection they need from the Capellan Confederation? Of course not!... I extend an invitation to any and all worlds seeking protection from Capellan invaders. You have an alternative. We will stand together against Liao aggression!"[10]

In doing so, he added Acamar, Genoa, and Arboris to the Federated Suns. He also initiated a naval blockade of Tikonov after it became a Capellan protectorate, though he was forced to withdraw the naval vessels when Capellan reinforcements showed up in the form of Wolf's Dragoons WarShips. As soon as Dragoon WarShips withdrew, however, the blockade resumed.

In 3068, George had Kai Allard-Liao "rescued" from his Death Commando "bodyguards" by The Bounty Hunter and brought to New Syrtis. He then announced Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, which was aimed at securing the independence of the St. Ives Compact under Duke Kai.[11] Oddly, all public statements made concerning the war were by Duke Hasek on Duke Allard-Liao's behalf. The Capellan March forces struck deep in the Confederation, penetrating as far as one jump from Sian, despite repeated calls to rein in his troops from Regent Yvonne so that they could use them to liberate New Avalon. The offensive stalled when a Word of Blake WarShip bombarded the Forbidden City, killing Candace Liao and driving Chancellor Sun-Tzu underground. The public perception that it was a FedSuns attack galvanized the Capellans and they began to use nuclear weapons in their counterattacks. Even Free Capella was appalled and returned to the Confederation. Sun-Tzu reemerged in time to press the counteroffensive into the Capellan March, driving as far as Kathil, Taygeta, and New Syrtis.

In early 3070, the Word of Blake assaulted the Capellan Confederation, prompting a recall of all Capellan forces to combat the new threat. George lived just long enough to see Capellan forces flee New Syrtis; on the 19th of March 3070 he was assassinated, allegedly by agents from the Word of Blake.[2] While evidence pointed to the Word of Blake, agents from the Capellan Confederation and even Yvonne Steiner-Davion are suspected.[12]



  • In Field Manual: Federated Suns, George is said to be the first of four children. However, both 20 Year Update and Handbook: House Davion state that there are only three Hasek-Davion siblings.


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