Angela Hasek

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Angela Hasek
Born 3031[1]
Died 3100[2][3]
Affiliation House Hasek-Davion
Title(s) Duchess of New Syrtis[2]
Profession Noble
Parents Morgan Hasek-Davion (father)
Kym Sorenson (mother)
Siblings George Hasek II
Cyrus Hasek

Angela Hasek (born 3031 - died 3100) - Federated Suns and Capellan March noblewoman, Politician. She is the youngest child of Morgan Hasek-Davion and Kym Sorenson Hasek-Davion.



After the assassination of her brother, George Hasek, Angela took over for day-to-day operations as Minister of the Capellan March. In early 3070, she was appointed as Duchess-Regent until niece Amanda was old enough take over. Field Marshal Ally Swanson had temporary in charge of the March until she was officially installed as March Leader.[4]

She first accepted the cease fire agreement with Capellan Confederation's Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao, formally ending the conflict in April 3070. However, she had her forces chase out remaining Capellan forces that were under orders to withdraw.

Angela was faced with multiple challenges, facing threats to her March on multiple borders. She also refused orders from Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion until Princess released the 22nd Avalon Hussars and the Fox-class Corvette FSS New Syrtis to her control to protect her capital world. The presence of two units from the Crucis March was also a means for Yvonne to force Angela to follow instructions from New Avalon. This behavior caused resentment among New Syrtis' population towards the government on New Avalon.

In April 3072, Warrior House Rakshasa assaulted the world of Chesterton. This prompted her to send a public message to the Chancellor to surrender members of the Warrior House to them for justice or face retaliation if he truly believes in the ceasefire.[5]

With the asteroid strike against Taurian Concordat's capital city of Samantha on Taurus in May, 3074,[6] Hasek offered an olive branch to them, with promises of humanitarian and medical assistance to victims of the asteroid strike. She flatly denies that she or anyone of the FedSuns would attack Taurus, breaching the Ares Conventions.[7]

In July 3076, media reports start to spread that Angela was involved in assassination of her brother. Though she had evidence to prove that the Word of Blake was responsible for his death, her public image had been tarnished.[8]

Angela, not liking being seen as blamed for her own brother's death, orders the MIIO and other security agencies to put stop to it. By 3077, the movement had quieted, but whether it was crushed remains unknown.[9]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
George Hasek II
Minister of Capellan March

Succeeded by
Amanda Hasek
Preceded by
George Hasek II
Duchess-Regent of New Syrtis

Succeeded by
Amanda Hasek


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