Angela Hasek

Angela Hasek.jpg
Angela Hasek
Character Profile
Born 3031[1]
Died 3100[2][3]
Affiliation House Hasek-Davion
Title(s) Duchess of New Syrtis[2]
Profession Noble
Parents Morgan Hasek-Davion (father)[4]
Kym Sorenson (mother)[4]
Siblings George Hasek II[4]
Cyrus Hasek[4]

Angela Hasek was a Federated Suns noblewoman and politician hailing from the Capellan March. She was the second of Morgan Hasek-Davion and Kym Sorenson Hasek-Davion's three children.


Early Life[edit]

Angela and her two siblings, George and Cyrus, were very close during childhood, both in age and friendship. However, each chose to attend a different academy when they entered the AFFC, with Angela attending the NAIS. After her initial deployment, she returned to New Syrtis, where she served with the Department of the Quartermaster. After the death of her father, George asked his sister to leave the military to come work directly for him. She accepted, becoming the new Duke's closest advisor, keeping the machinery of government working so George could focus on matters of national importance[5]


After the assassination of her brother, Angela took over day-to-day operations as Minister of the Capellan March. In early 3070, she was named Duchess-Regent for her niece Amanda, while Field Marshal Ally Swanson, former military commander of the Capellan March and temporary commander of the war effort against the Capellan Confederation, could install Nathaniel Hasek as the new March commander.[6]

Among her first actions was to accepted the offered ceasefire from Capellan Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao, formally ending the conflict in April 3070. However, she was not content to let them leave at their pace and had her troops chase the Capellan forces back into their own territory. At the same time, she faced incursions from the Taurian Concordat and Word of Blake Protectorate. Angela also continued the trend of strained relations with New Avalon by refusing orders from Yvonne Steiner-Davion. In response, the Princess-Regent sent the 22nd Avalon Hussars and the Fox-class Corvette FSS New Syrtis into the Capellan March. Their presence was ostensibly to secure the crucial world, but also a means for Yvonne to force Angela to follow instructions. While an effective reminder, it heightened tensions between the people of New Syrtis and the government on New Avalon.[7]

In April 3072, Warrior House Rakshasa assaulted the world of Chesterton. This prompted Angela to send a public message to the Chancellor, demanding he turn over the Rakshasa members to her for trial or face retaliation for breaking their ceasefire.[8]

With the asteroid strike against the Taurian capital city of Samantha on Taurus in May, 3074,[9] Hasek extended an olive branch to them, promising humanitarian and medical assistance to victims of the asteroid strike. She flatly denied any involvement in the asteroid strke.[10]

In July 3076, media reports began circulating which claimed that Angela was involved in assassination of her brother. Though she had evidence to prove that the Word of Blake was responsible for his death, her public image had been tarnished.[11] Furious at being accused of assassinating the brother she loved, Angela ordered MIIO and other security agencies to crack down on the people responsible. By 3077, the movement had quieted, but whether it was crushed remains unknown.[7]

In the later years of the Jihad, Angela's uncle Nathaniel died, ending his nearly thirty-year term as commander of the Syrtis Fusiliers. Angela took the opportunity to further emphasize the brigade's loyalty to the Hasek family first, promoting Serena Thompson-Hasek to brigade commander and filling the brigade with soldiers who would look to New Syrtis first and New Avalon second.[12]


Angela continued to rule the Capellan March well after her niece Amanda reached her majority. Only on her aunt's death did Amanda Hasek come to rule the Capellan March.[2]


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