New Avalon Institute of Science

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New Avalon Institute of Science
Academy Information
Location New Avalon
Founding Year Succession War era
Course Information

One of the boldest and far reaching initiatives of Prince Hanse Davion, the New Avalon Institute of Science was one of the first new college of science in the Inner Sphere in centuries and has become the most advanced center of higher learning and research in the Successor States. Much of the regained lostech is a result of NAIS research, and the other Houses and ComStar have devoted many resources to infiltrate the institute and learn its secrets.


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In late 3012, Prince Ian Davion received word of that Draconis Combine forces on Halstead Station were constructing a huge series of storage depots on the planet. After his death, Hanse Davion continued to plan to prevent the construction of the depots, when MIIO reported that the Combine construction crews had discovered the ruins of a Star League-era university with an apparently untouched and sealed storage vault. In an era of increasing LosTech, Hanse realized how important such a find would be, accelerating preparation for the raid and choosing to lead it personally. What Davion had assumed would be a quick raid turned into a month long conflict, but he was ultimately successful in destroying the Draconis Combine depots and in securing the so-called Halstead Collection, the largest and most important treasure trove of Star League era information until the discovery of the Helm Memory Core. Upwards of three thousand books and other materials were captured by the Davion forces, which prompted the Prince in 3015 to devote considerable funds and scarce scientists to creating a new university to house and research the reclaimed data, the facility being completed in late 3016.[1]


The university campus is some 30 kilometers to the south of Avalon City, in what used to be a private game preserve of the Davions surrounding the New Avalon Military Academy, consisting of upwards of 200 buildings. The seven colleges each specialize in a particular discipline, though inter-college learning is encouraged. The many university buildings cluster about a large and comfortable campus. Nearby are the training grounds for BattleMech and AeroSpace Pilots, and the university's private spaceport.

Security is tight around the Institute's many secret projects. Indeed, the NAIS can be reached only via underground subways or by flying into the university's spaceport, which allows the government to keep close track of who enters and leaves the university. As a deterrent and a force of last resort, two BattleMech battalions are stationed within the university grounds to help with security. They also serve as skilled opponents to cadets of the NAIS BattleMech Training School.

Additional Locations[edit]

After several years, and probably not to have all eggs in the same basket, additional secret facilities have been opened in other planets.

  • Dark Mirage: Secret facility on Hyde
  • TerraDyne Corporation: An electronics factory on Bethel. The factory itself is known, but it is unknown to general public is that it is also a front-end operation for NAIS investigation.[2]


  • The College of Biology/Medicine: Graduates of this college serve the Federated Suns as doctors in the Medical Corps or as scientists in the Bio-Weapons Division. The College’s reputation for teaching advanced medical technology puts its graduates in great demand. The College has also been the center of two notable events, the testing that proved Hanse Davion was replaced by a Liao clone and the unsuccessful treatment of Joshua Marik.
  • The College of Engineering: This college leads the way in the Inner Sphere in rediscovering lost bits of engineering science and reverse engineering Clan-tech to spearhead new advances. Most of the research focuses on military engineering, but several other projects of equal importance are also in place. The teaching staff of the College of Engineering is often bolstered by members of the enigmatic Team Banzai, a cryptic band of fighting geniuses. When not in combat, members of the group teach several more advanced courses and serve on design teams working on all manner of devices from BattleMechs to children toys.
  • The College of Mining/Metallurgy: The primary purpose of this college is research into refining and improving the armor and frames of BattleMechs, though improved mining technology is a close second.
  • The College of Chemistry: The college focuses on material development, especially in the field of cheap effective water purification.
Logo of the NAIS College of Military Science
Detailed Informations:NAIS College of Military Science
  • The College of Military Science: Arguably the most prestigious military academy in the Inner Sphere, CMS turns out high-quality cadets in all military specialties. Formerly the New Avalon Military Academy, the NAMA was founded during the Star League years after it took over Albion Military Academy, with the NAIS built around the academy. Home to some of the most advanced training equipment in the Inner Sphere, CMS lacks nothing in the way of equipment or facilities, with plenty of training ‘Mechs, fighters, and simulators for any conceivable ‘Mech design known today. The College also boasts three Gauntlets, special ‘Mech training grounds. Its large alumni base includes such notable graduates as Kai Allard-Liao.
  • The College of Finance: This college focuses on the training of economists and business mathematicians. The conditions of admittance require most graduates to serve ten years in the government’s Ministry of Ways and Means. Those that are gifted and work hard often rise in the Ministry and then step easily into politics at the end of their decade of service.
  • The College of Political Administration: Like the College of Finance, this college contributes to the Davion bureaucracy, nobles and commoners alike. Most Davions who attend and eventually graduate from this school as well as from the College of Military Science.

The first five Colleges are working to recover the lost technologies of the Star League. The last two serve primarily as a training ground for Davion bureaucracy. On the other hand, the NAIS College of Military Science produces officers for the Federated Suns regular units.[3]

NAIS Crisis Intervention Team (NAISCIT)[edit]

In order to protect NAIS work, and probably after the events of New Avalon Raid by the Death Commandos, a small corps of special operatives was formed to protect the investigations done by the NAIS.[4]


  • Tucker: Unknown operation lead by Major Nancy Jerrold[4]
  • Dana: An operation to stop ISF operation attempting to steal the plans of the modified Caesar 'Mech lead by Major Nancy Jerrold.[4]
  • Dark Mirage: The operation to recover the prototypes of the P1-WF Wildfire and the Prometheus from Solaris VII, stolen by the Dark Mirage facility team in 3053, lead by Major Nancy Jerrold.[5]



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