Redfield 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates140.093 : -212.747[e]
Spectral classK5V[1]
Recharge station(s)None[1]

System Description[edit]

Redfield is located near the Khi and Royalston systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Redfield III[edit]

Redfield III
System positionThird[1]
Jump Point distance3 days[1]
Highest native lifeMammal[1]
History and Culture
Population1,004,000,000 (3025, apocryphal)[44]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerDuke of Redfield
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
HPG ClassB [1]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Michael Opser (3025)[1]

The most important aspect of Redfield is strategic: the system's star is so small that raiders can arrive at a jump point and be on the ground in a few hours, before the defenders have a chance to react. The wide open plains are also perfect for 'Mech and tank combat. This explains why Redfield has been subject to so many raids by the Capellan Confederation.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

As a border world within the Capellan Hegemony, Redfield was subject to heavy attacks from Kluanian pirates in 2305 and 2306. Hired by the Sarna Supremacy during the Capellan-Supremacy War, the pirates inflicted heavy damage on a number of Capellan border worlds, forcing the Hegemony to constantly redeploy troops to defend its worlds rather than continuing to stage attacks on Sarna.[2]

The Federated Suns had formed in 2317,[5] and when the Muskegon Empire joined the Federated Suns in 2318, the Federated Suns inherited a dispute with the Chesterton Trade Federation along with a border with at least one Capellan state[45]—and when the Marlette Association joined the Federated Suns in 2324, the Federated Suns shared a border with almost every major nation in the Capellan Zone.[46] That led to numerous border skirmishes and contested worlds, including Redfield.[6] As Terra's power began to rise after James McKenna overthrew the Terran Alliance government and installed the Terran Hegemony, the Redfield system was taken away from the Capellan Hegemony. The Terran Hegemony seized eleven independent worlds within the Capellan Zone between 2316 and 2335, as well as siding with the Federated Suns and Free Worlds League when it came to any disputed systems—systems which included Redfield and the nearby system of Stein's Folly, as well as several other systems in the area.[4]

Despite the support the Terran Hegemony gave the Federated Suns' attempts to annex and keep Redfield, the apparent military weakness displayed by the Federated Suns during the conflict between the Suns and the Chesterton Trade Federation during three years of warfare during the late 2210s and early 2220s encouraged the various major nations of the Capellan Zone to launch attacks against Federated Suns forces on several worlds in and around the region of space dominated by the St. Ives Mercantile League. Despite suffering from growing morale problems and inferior supply lines, Redfield was recaptured and the Federated Suns seemed incapable of retaking the world.[7]

That changed after an alliance of Capellan Commonality, St. Ives Mercantile League and Tikonov Grand Union forces were defeated on Lee in 2363; under the command of Reynard Davion, the Federated Suns military recaptured Refield and held it.[47]

Star League Era[edit]

During the border conflict between the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns in the latter years of the Star League, Redfield was contested again; in 2762 Redfield was retaken by the AFFS when forces from the Avalon Hussars used Vampire DropShips to deploy elite infantry in company strength on and around the various CCAF headquarters on the planet. The infantry promptly broke into the various headquarters and through seizing those facilities, secured control of the system.[14] At the forefront of the Federated Suns campaign to seize Redfield were the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars, who had been acting as a training cadre to units within the Royalston thumb; the Seventeenth's campaign was supported by the Twenty-second Avalon Hussars, a regiment reactivated in 2752 after having been deactivated a century before as a result of the Council Edict of 2650. The Twentieth put in a solid performance, which the AFFS recognized by authorizing the regiment to muster a fourth battalion, equipped primarily with matériel captured from the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces.[48]

Succession Wars[edit]

In 3025, Redfield had been invaded and temporarily occupied by the Capellan Confederation forces who went on to also capture Stein's Folly.[49]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Second Redfield Regulars[51]


  • Second Redfield Regulars[51]



Redfield boasts several large plains well-suited to growing crops and raising herd animals. In addition there are also several native lifeforms that are good sources of food.[1]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 68 systems (66 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Khi 9.1 Royalston 11.9 Adler 15.3 Shoreham 17.0
Alcyone 18.4 Knutdor 18.8 Quittacas 19.2 Daniels 22.5
Maharet 23.1 Stein's Folly 23.2 Dowles 23.7 Laong 27.6
Haappajarvi 28.1 Bethel 28.6 Turko 30.1 St. Ives 30.5
Namen 32.0 Armaxa 34.3 Beid 34.7 Weekapaug 34.7
Mentasta 35.7 Atlas 35.8 Helixmar 36.7 Monhegan 37.4
Noh-wan Hohm 37.5 Alto 38.4 Corella 38.6 Blida 39.4
Brabent 39.5 Wappingers 39.7 Andro 40.0 Gahral 41.1
Hurgh 43.2 Nashuar 43.8 Necromo 44.4 Zindao 45.0
Maladar 46.9 Staffin 48.8 Warlock 49.2 Bodnath 49.6
Carmacks 49.9 Hadnall 50.1 Gallitzin 50.1 Bahl's Retreat 50.1
Gurnet 50.1 Novaya Zemlya 50.1 Narellan 51.2 Taga 51.5
Weiz 52.2 Scituate 52.7 Monongahela 53.1 Fortymile 53.5
Spica 53.7 Kumqwat 55.1 Cammal 55.7 Tantara 55.8
Fable 57.0 Kluane 57.7 Tallin 58.0 St. Loris 58.0
Vintru 58.3 Orbisonia 58.5 Capricorn 58.7 Ogilvie 58.9
Kittery 59.0 Ares 59.2 Teng 60.6 Oli 61.6


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