Chesterton Trade League

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Chesterton Trade League
State Profile
Founding Year 2193[1]
Dissolution year: 2220
Capital world: Chesterton[1]
Controlled system(s): 9 - 13
Army Chesterton Army



The Chesterton Trade League was formed initially as a mutual protection pact between Chesterton and Demeter in 2193.[2] A sister state to the Tikonov Union which had formed sometime after 2177, the Chesterton Trade League (also sometimes referred to as the Chesterton Trade Worlds) and the Tikonov Union worked together to form buffer zones around their respective states, and both were soon embroiled in fighting along their borders against other expanding states attempting to do the same thing.[3]

When the Tikonov Union was reorganized in the 2220s, it appears to have incorporated the Chesterton Trade League, with one of the Tikonov Union provincial capitals being located on Chesterton.[3] The armed forces of the Chesterton Trade League, the Chesterton Army, were restructured at that point, becoming the Chesterton Reserves within the armed forces of the Tikonov Grand Union. Three regiments from the Chesterton Army - the Third and Eighth Chesterton Cavalry and the Chesterton Cuirassiers - would survive the Age of War and continue serving the Capellan state until at least the end of the Star League era.[4]

After the formation of the Capellan Confederation in 2367, a number of the worlds historically a part of the Chesterton Trade League were incorporated into the Chesterton Commonality, which would continue to remain a part of the hierarchy of the Capellan Confederation as a result of the Chesterton Decree in 2480[5][6] up until the decree was revoked in 3041 by the Decree of Remediation issued by Chancellor Romano Liao.[7]


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