Reynard Davion

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This article is about the First Prince. For the destroyer in his name, see Reynard Davion (Individual Davion-class WarShip).

Raynard Davion
Character Profile
Born 2307[1]
Died 2371
Affiliation House Davion
Position President
Profession Noble
Parents Lucien Davion (father)
Marie Fabier (mother)
Spouse Jeanne Remoix
Children Etien Davion
Paul Davion
Marie Davion

Reynard Davion was the President of the Federated Suns in the twenty-fourth century.


Reynard Davion was sworn into office on 21 May 2340.[2]

Davion was the leader when the Federated Suns discovered the existence of the Taurian Concordat in 2368. At first believing them to be Capellan forces trying to establish a new warfront, Reynard eventually called the Concordat "an organized band of pirates." From 2368 to 2371 Davion forces battled the Taurians throughout the Pleiades Cluster.[3]


My family has served you since the very beginning, and it will continue to serve as long as this august body is willing to accept or aid. I am not my father; I do not have his record of achievements to prove my worth to you. What I can offer to you is my heart, my soul, my flesh, and my untiring devotion, not only to my own world, but to any world that seeks the protection and the freedom of these Federated Suns.
  — Reynard Davion, in his acceptance speech before the Federated Suns High Council, 2340[4]


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