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  • January 1st Battle of Terra begins when the Wolf Empire jumps into the Sol system.
  • February: Clan Hell's Horses enacts “Operation Stampede” in an effort to reach Terra and claim the ilClanship.
  • March 15: Clan Wolf lures the Northwind Highlanders into a losing battle in Scotland.
  • March: Yorii and Imbros III conquered by Rasalhague Dominion.
  • April 16: The ilClan Trial between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon begins for the control of Terra.
  • April 19: Clan Wolf wins the ilClan Trial.
  • May 23: 8th Lyran Regulars land troops on Bolan.
  • June 16: FWLM forces withdraw from Bolan, returning the world to Lyran control.


  • March:


  • March 7:
  • Former Republic Exarch Devlin Stone is murdered by Wolf saKhan Chance Vickers.
  • Alaric Ward is proclaimed First Lord of the new Star League.
  • Noritomo Helmer is elected Loremaster of the new Star League.
  • Tara Campbell becomes a bondsman to Clan Wolf and later released to Clan Jade Falcon.
  • July 20: Merchant Factor Marena becomes first Syndic of the Alyina Mercantile League.
  • June-August: Jiyi Chistu becomes Khan of Jade Falcon remnants on Sudeten.