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  • January 1st - Battle of Terra begins when the Wolf Empire jumps into the Sol system.
  • April 16 - The ilClan Trial between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon begins for the control of Terra.


  • The Wolf Empire contest the continent of Scotland against the Northwind Highlanders
  • Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit and Clan Wolf-in-Exile join the Wolf Empire against the Jade Falcons
  • The Republic of the Sphere collapses as part of negotiations from Clan leaders
  • Clan Hell's Horses enacts “Operation Stampede” in retaliation for the Jade Falcon's manipulation of them and perversion of their Mongol Doctrine
  • The Wolves and Jade Falcons hold one last Trial for ilClanship
  • Clan Wolf becomes the victor and ilClan of the Star League
  • Clan Smoke Jaguar has been reformed after the Falcon's defeat on Terra. As a result, the Fidelis is no more
  • The Third Star League is established