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Alyina Mercantile League

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Crest of Alyina Mercantile League
Alyina Mercantile League
State Profile
Founding Year July 3151
Capital world: Alyina[1]
Controlled system(s): 10 (in June 3152)[1]
Head of State Syndic[2]
Army Mercantile Militia

The Alyina Mercantile League is a commerce-oriented state founded in July 3151, one of several states to emerge from Clan Jade Falcon's moribund Occupation Zone after it became the Hinterlands, and was composed of the vast majority of Falcon's Merchant Caste.


The AML was a creation of the last Falcon Merchant Factor, Marena. Despite Clan Jade Falcon Khan Malvina Hazen's iron fist, Marena managed to lead the Falcon merchant caste as she saw fit. When Malvina took all her Clan's Touman to fight in the Battle of Terra, Marena was on VaultShip Alpha. In late June 3151, Marena heard news about the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone dissolving into chaos, becoming The Hinterlands, and she led Alpha to Alyina to confirm the rumors. The chaos and creation of other proto-states were, to her, a golden opportunity. Alyina was a heavily industrialized world, and the only garrison was a group of solahma, old warriors, blind followers of the Mongol Doctrine. Alpha's Trinary made quick work of them, and Marena claimed the planet.[3]

The next world she took was Twycross, using only negotiation, even managing an alliance with Clan Sea Fox. After easily securing the world of Waldorff, on 20 July Marena proclaimed the foundation of the Alyina Mercantile League. There, she recalled all other VaultShips, except VaultShip Gamma, which disobeyed her orders. After suffering a pirate attack on Alyina itself, the AML's military weakness became evident. Marena, advised by Factor Geran, began recruiting mercenary units, quickly creating a powerful army to protect the AML.[4]

Despite some initial difficulty with unreliable mercenaries, Marena was able to assemble a mercenary defense force. The next system to join the AML was Butler, which was experiencing a revolt of Free Guilds members. Negotiations ended the revolt and, on 1 September, Butler unanimously joined the League.[5]

By the end of December Marena had managed to convince more planets to join her: Pasig, Goat Path and Kooken's Pleasure Pit. The most critical addition to the AML was Blackjack, with sibko training facilities that were key to reinforcing the AML military. Blackjack's leader, Star Colonel Derek-Jaim Clees, negotiated a Trial of Absorption with the AML forces; the League won a series of bloodless Trials, turning the AML into a local military power.[6]

In April 3152, Clan Hell's Horses' Operation STAMPEDE reached the AML's frontiers, attacking Butler, but their overconfidence handed them a resounding defeat, proving that the AML was strong enough to defend its borders.[7]

Toward the end of 3152, the AML's future was very promising, and business boomed when the Sea Foxes somehow managed to restore Alyina's HPG generator, greatly improving the League's economy and communications.[8]


As a newborn state with many planets, the AML had few local forces, especially considering the initial ones were the Trinary of VaultShip Alpha, but adding solahma, freeborns and Blackjack's cadets, it grew to an appreciable force: the Mercantile Militia. However, the main forces are composed of mercenaries.[9] The known units are:

Diplomatic Relationships[edit]

The AML had differing relations with their neighbors: The Sea Foxes are the friendliest, but Sudeten's Falcons are neither friend or foe... for the moment.[10] The Lyran Commonwealth isn't hostile, for the moment, but Vedet Brewer's Vesper Marches is seen by Marena as an imminent enemy.[11] The AML opened commercial ties with the reborn Tamar Pact, both states sharing a common enemy: Jiyi Chistu's Falcons, but a military alliance was unlikely.[12]

The AML's only official enemy was Clan Hell's Horses, which saw them as a chalcas abomination and refused to respect them, considering them similar to the Society, and the fact than most of their military were mercenaries, so hated and despised by Clans, didn't help to instill respect.[13]




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