Jiyi Chistu

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Jiyi Chistu, ca. 3152
Jiyi Chistu
Character Profile
Born 20 March 3111[1]
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Khan[2]
Profession Clan warrior

Jiyi Chistu was a trueborn warrior of Clan Jade Falcon during the 32nd Century. Following his Clan's near-destruction on Terra in 3151 and the loss of most of its Occupation Zone he became the Khan of the Clan Jade Falcon Remnants, centered on Sudeten, .


Jiyi was one of three graduates from his sibko, and barely stood out as a warrior, always keeping his motivations sheltered. He achieved his Bloodname outsmarting his opponents, studying them and defeating them before the fight began. His prudence allowed him to survive in the Mongol Doctrine dominated Clan, despite the fact than he didn't share it. Serving in the Fifth Battle Cluster, Jiyi earned a reputation as a reticent thinker who approached both the battlefield and intra-Clan politics with a Snow Raven-like calculation, to the extent that he was rumored to come from Snow Raven genestock.[3] He took to marksmanship both with personal weapons and with his BattleMech.[1]

Though Jiyi lent his strategic skills to Malvina Hazen's descent into the Republic of the Sphere, he grew sickened after she wasted the Emerald Talon to make a statement. Finally, Chistu would resent the doctrine overtime, eventually transferring himself to VaultShip Gamma, where destiny put him in a unique place to fully make use of his abilities.[4]


Jiyi had black hair and blue eyes.[1]


Jiyi piloted a Gyrfalcon BattleMech, nicknamed Emerald.[3][1]


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