Jiyi Chistu

Jiyi Chistu
Jiyi Chistu
Born20 March 3111[1]
AffiliationClan Jade Falcon
Clan Jade Falcon Remnants

Jiyi Chistu was a trueborn warrior of Clan Jade Falcon during the thirty-second century. Following his Clan's near-destruction on Terra in 3151 and the loss of most of its Occupation Zone, he became Khan of the Clan Jade Falcon Remnants, centered on Sudeten.


Early Years[edit]

Jiyi was one of three graduates from his sibko, and barely stood out as a warrior, always keeping his motivations sheltered. He achieved his Bloodname by outsmarting his opponents, studying them, and defeating them before the fight began. His prudence allowed him to survive in the Mongol Doctrine dominated Clan, despite rejecting the brutal ideology. Serving in the Fifth Battle Cluster, Jiyi earned a reputation as a reticent thinker who approached both the battlefield and intra-Clan politics with Snow Raven-like calculation, to the extent that he was rumored to come from Snow Raven genestock.[3] He took to marksmanship both with personal weapons and with his BattleMech.[1]


Though Jiyi lent his strategic skills to Malvina Hazen's desant into the Republic of the Sphere, where he helped achieve victory with his marksmanship and innovative battlefield strategies, scoring victories on Ryde II and Skye, but eventually grew sickened by Malvina's descent of rage after the death of her sibkin on Skye. He fully believed in the Falcon's right to rule Terra, but he wanted it through honorable combat. He was furious when knew that Khan Jana Pryde never intended the desant to succeed, and lent his strategic mind to help Malvina's cause in the Rending, aiding her to rise as Chingis Khan. However, he was appalled after Malvina wasted the Emerald Talon, razing Hammarr, to make a statement. However, he knew had to keep his feelings in secret, which allowed him to survive. Finally, Chistu would grow to resent the doctrine over time, preventing the Fifth Cluster from falling deep into the Mongol Doctrine. The stunning success of the Falcons against the Lyran Commonwealth, but knowing that the Golden Ordun could not hold so many worlds, advised Mazen to limit their Clan's extent, but she simply ignored his words.[4] Unable to stomach her, Jiyi eventually transferred himself to VaultShip Gamma where destiny put him in a unique place to fully make use of his abilities. He took command of the Trinary onboard the ship, learning a great deal from the ship's commander, Merchant Jodine.[5]

IlClan Era[edit]

In mid-3151, VaultShip Gamma received orders from Merchant Factor Marena to return to Alyina. Jiyi and Jodine found it strange because their home port was Sudeten, so they decided to go there instead. On Sudeten, they found a planet in chaos. A Scientist General named Axle, had claimed control of the planet, and invited Gamma to join him in forging a new society. It proved to be a poor choice of words, especially from a scientist. Fearing Axle was related to The Society, Chistu led his Trinary to assault Axle's mansion, capturing him. When news of the Battle of Terra arrived, knowing the Falcon's de facto annihilation and Malvina Hazen's death, Chistu assembled his warriors, presenting them with a choice. The vote was unanimous, and those present chose to abandon the Mongol Doctrine and to name Chistu their new Khan.[6]

On 3 July, Chistu had a meeting with his second-in-command, Star Captain Quinn, authorizing her to offer Trial of Positions to solahma and failed warriors, to increase the Falcon's forces. He left it all in Quinn's hands before departing the planet.[7]

Chistu immediately left Sudeten to travel to the nearby worlds. Leaving Jodine in charge of Sudeten, he went to Graus. There, another scientist had taken command of the solahma garrison too, but when he ordered his troops to shoot Chistu, the nearest one, Cosmo, shot the scientist and invoked surkai to the Khan, which accepted and promoted him to Star Captain. After recruiting more MechWarriors from the solahma, Chistu tasked the ones who failed to find new recruits of infantry before departing, leaving a single Star behind at the garrison. His next stop of Chistu's travel was Dompaire. There, Star Captain Engels, another solahma, had a full Trinary of 'Mechs and had formed his de facto bandit kingdom, abusing and extorting the local populace. He welcomed Chistu, but defied him when he wanted to take two full Stars of his forces. After defeating him in a Circle of Equals, Chistu ordered him to increase the mines' production and departed. On September the 2nd, once again in Sudeten, Chistu was welcomed by Jodine and received word from Marena, the founding leader of the Alyina Mercantile League. After he returned from his travels, had her answer: she not only refused to rejoin the Falcons but even questioned his legitimacy as Khan and offered him the full leadership of her AML military, a proposition that he could not even consider.[8][9]

Quarell Expedition[edit]

By then, the Remnants had almost a full Cluster, but even then, Chistu knew that it was not enough, so on 7 October, after hearing from the Falcon's Watch agent Colmari that the Clan Ghost Bears were having a cross-training exercise of sibkos on Quarell, Chistu decided to launch a daring raid. Taking his best two Trinaries, he traveled to the planet.[10]

During the trip, Chistu keep his warriors busy, teaching them the importance of their mission, and training them to know and counter the Bears' tactics. Once on Quarell, on 6 November, Chistu, deliberately omitting his rank, launched a Trial of Possession for the cadets. The Bear leader, Star Colonel Emilio Hall did not want to accept, but after Chistu bet VaultShip Gamma, Hall reluctantly accepted.[11]

On 7 November, the Trial was fought. It was a nightmare, but Chistu keep a cold head, effectively directing his men, with great success. During the fight, he received a communication from a Ghost Bear cadet, Alexis Zarnofsky, which demanded a Trial of Refusal against him. Though Jiyi was amused, he politely declined. The key point of the Trial was when Chistu faced Hall in a duel. Despite Hall's Ursus II being bigger, he managed to defeat the Star Colonel, who had to concede defeat.[12]

The next day, Chistu welcomed the new recruits as they departed, but soon his DropShip was attacked by Ghost Bears. He attempted to contact Hall, but only his subordinate, Star Captain Allison Rand answered, informing Chistu that he had killed the late Star Colonel. To escape, Chistu had to sacrifice a full Star to escape. Once in space, Chistu spoke with the cadets, reassuring them. He dedicated a special attention to Alexis, but not to berate her but to congratulate her for her cunning and dedication.[13]

Once again on Sudeten, Jodine struck Jiyi for having risked Gamma, but he simply laughed and excused himself. Later on, when he knew that Dompaire had not even met the minimum production quota, he traveled there and uncovered Engels' actions: his oppressive rule had made the population revolt. He broke Engels' nose and, after crushing the rebellion, he forgave the locals and put a chief laborer in front of the planet, which won him the population's loyalty.[14] On January 9th in 3152, Chistu was at a training center, where Ghost Bears cadets were facing their Trial of Position. It did not surprise him that Alexis won a Star Commander rank. He surprised her by remembering her name and surname, said he was sure she would win a Trial of Bloodright, and ordered Dawn to commission Alexis a Turkina.[15]

Sudeten Campaign[edit]

At the beginning of 3151, a invasion force of Clan Hell's Horses arrived on the system. As their Khans, Fulk Lassenerra and Gottfried Amirault, refused to consider the Remnants a Clan, clearly underestimating him and his forces, Chistu knew that he had to do what was necessary to win.[16] The Battle of Sudeten was a devastating conflict, but despite the overwhelming odds, Jiyi and his people succeeded; the Horses' Khans refusal to fight by Clans' rules freed them to use whatever tactics he deemed necessary. Using deceit, guile, and holographic decoys, the Falcons defeated the Horses and forced them to flee. Despite heavy losses and great devastation inflicted on Hammarr, the weakened Remnants emerged more united and determined than ever.[17]


Chistu proved to be a very special and moderate Clanner; despite his belief in the Clan caste system and the trueborn superiority, he did not despise the freeborn warriors or lower caste members. When faced with problems with other castes he proved to be very reasonable, putting himself into the other's places and giving them an unexpected degree of autonomy while they worked for the clan's benefit. Quiet and reserved, he was often goaded by his Starmates into responding, but he proved to be very difficult to provoke. Behind his humble exterior liesd the heart of a consumate tactician and politician, proving to be adept to manipulate the martial and politican landscape of his clan. His tactics in the Battle of Sudeten were unexpectedly innovative, especially for a clan warrior.[18][19]


Jiyi Chistu piloted a Gyrfalcon BattleMech, nicknamed "Emerald".[3][1]


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