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Quarell nearby systems
Quarell nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -30.504 : 232.596[e]

The Quarell system was home to at least one habitable world and as of June 3152 was located in the Rasalhague Dominion.[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Ruler Prime Minister[44]

Planetary History[edit]

Star League Era[edit]

During the final years of the Star League, Quarell was considered important enough to host an SLDF garrison.[45]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In mid-3029, following several months of consolidation in the aftermath of Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, the Lyran Commonwealth went on the offensive again in the Trellshire and Tamar theaters of operation. While a large part of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces' attention went into trying to win ongoing conflicts on a handful of worlds, seven new planetary assaults were launched. Quarell, defended only by militia units, was one of the seven worlds targeted and was swiftly conquered.[46]

Clan Invasion[edit]

The Quarell 'Mech Battalion tried to use hit-and-run tactics already successfully used against the Clans to defend Quarell but failed. With fighter surveillance and orbital 'Mech drops the Gyrfalcon Galaxy warriors destroyed the Quarell 'Mechs and, enraged over their recent losses to Clan Steel Viper, exceeded even their usual ruthlessness so much that only six militiamen survived to become bondsmen.[24]

Star Colonel Aidan Pryde participated in the conquest of Quarell, and shortly after personally quelled a rebellion that erupted in Vreeport when local denizens refused to be taken as bondsmen. He ordered the city evacuated and then destroyed as a deterrent against further insurrection.[47]

The surviving Blue Star Irregulars regiments, the 1894th Light Horse and the Avatars of Painful Death, received permission from Marshal of the Armies Morgan Hasek-Davion to launch a retaliatory raid against Quarell in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone in 3055.[48][49] The Irregulars ignored the Falcons' transmissions requesting that they participate in a batchall, allowing the Falcons to use their entire force in the Quarell system—three Clusters, a Fredasa-class WarShip, and its escorting OmniFighters—against the Irregulars and the Hell's Black Aces.

The Irregulars and Aces aerospace fighters, assisted in a ramming attack by one of the Irregulars JumpShips which disabled the Falcon WarShip and defeated the Falcon fighters. During the fighting on Quarell, the Avatars were wiped out. Colonel Alexander Duff-Gordon, commander of the 1894th Light Horse and the Irregulars overall, decided to finally follow Clan traditions to extricate his people. The 1894th captured a large Falcon supply dump, and Colonel Duff-Gordon issued a batchall, demanding the return of all Irregular personnel taken as bondsmen, all captured Blue Star medals, and safe passage back to FedCom space if he won a Trial of Possession, and offering to return the captured WarShip and supplies if he lost. Star Colonel Padrick Shi-lu accepted Duff-Gordon's batchall. Colonel Duff-Gordon led two lances of Irregulars against Star Colonel Shi-lu and a Star of Falcons. The Irregulars won the Trial at the cost of six of their MechWarriors, including Colonel Duff-Gordon. The Irregulars retreated to Rasalgethi.[48] The Irregulars gave the Aces a Titan-class DropShip captured from the Falcons at Quarell as their share of the salvage.[50][51]


Quarell was taken by Clan Wolf during the early years of the Jihad and would remain under Wolf control for the next half-century.[33][39]

Dark Age[edit]

When Clan Wolf abandoned its Occupation Zone in 3137 warriors from the Rasalhague Dominion's Beta Galaxy annexed Quarell shortly after.[40]

Following the near-annihilation of the Jade Falcon Touman on Terra in 3151, Jiyi Chistu, the new Falcon Khan on Sudeten, raided Quarell hoping to secure for his Clan the large number of Clan Ghost Bear cadets training there. The resulting Trial of Possession ended in a Pyrrhic victory for Chistu's Falcons, as they departed with over fifty warrior-cadets and Ghost Bear bondsmen at the cost several 'Mechs and warriors they could ill afford to lose.[52]

Military Deployment[edit]






Planetary Locations[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 52 systems (51 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Jabuka 13.3 Domain 15.7 Carse 16.1 Orkney 18.2
Tomans 22.9 Rasalgethi 23.4 Suk 23.6 Fort Loudon 23.6
Galuzzo 23.7 Lothan 23.8 La Grave 25.2 Diosd 28.2
Ueda 29.7 Thun 29.9 Rastaban 30.4 Ramsau 31.9
Wheel 32.3 Tukayyid 34.2 Karbala 36.6 Perrot 37.2
Shardayne 38.0 Crimond 38.1 Hainfeld 39.8 Biota 41.5
Montmarault 41.9 Kelenfold 43.6 Nox 44.3 Bessarabia 44.5
Altenmarkt 45.1 Meacham 45.3 Hyperion 45.8 Satalice 46.1
Karston 48.8 Dehgolan 49.2 Benfled 50.9 Kobe 51.3
Blue Diamond 52.4 Grumium 52.4 Ballynure 53.5 Borghese 53.5
Pandora 54.1 Al Hillah 54.1 Utrecht 54.2 Cusset 54.6
Fefferfer 56.0 Skandia 56.5 Heiligendreuz 56.5 Maestu 56.5
Lamar 56.6 Fatima 56.9 Volders 59.5 Qualip 60.4


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