1st Somerset Strikers (sourcebook)

1st Somerset Strikers
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Rob Cruz
Sam Lewis
Sharon Turner Mulvihill
Bryan Nystul
Tom Peters
Diane Piron-Gelman
Pages 132
Illustrations Steve Bryant
Mark Ernst
Robb Gardner
Jeff Laubenstein
Jamie Marshall
David Martin
Jim Nelson
Mike Nielsen
Dylan Robinson
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1687
First published 1995
ISBN-10 1555602584
Era Clan Invasion era


1st Somerset Strikers is a BattleTech sourcebook for the animated series. The book explains some of the show's apparent inconsistencies and introduced new technologies and rules. The remaining conflicts between the show and established BattleTech canon are explained away as artistic license, propaganda, and inaccurate depiction within the show.


Unlike the cartoon show, which was semi-canonized as an inaccurate holovid in the BattleTech universe, the sourcebook itself is fully canonical. It was written with the intention of including as much content as possible from the show in proper canon.

From the back cover[edit]

The Clans:

They came from beyond the Periphery, attacking dozens of planets in a massive blitzkrieg more devastating than any in the history of warfare. World after world fell before their technologically superior BattleMechs and armored infantry. Nothing in the Inner Sphere seemed able to stop them.'

Major Adam Steiner:

His unique brand of battlefield tactics earned him a transfer to the prestigious Nagelring War College on Tharkad. No sooner had he left his home world [sic] of Somerset than Clan Jade Falcon attacked, easily conquering the planet and capturing his brother Andrew. Now Adam must forge a ragtag bunch of cadets and misfits into a team in order to retake his home and rescue his brother.

1st Somerset Strikers is the official guide to the BattleTech Animated Series. This sourcebook describes and illustrates in full color every character, BattleMech, and vehicle from the show. Detailed accounts of each of the original fourteen episodes include a complete plot synopsis and special background information, and designer notes offer FASA's perspective on the production of the BattleTech animated series. A section of BattleTech rules for the equipment and characters in the show, and scenarios based on the episodes make this book a valuable resource for fans of the game as well as the animated series.


  • Prologue
    • Rise of the Clans
  • Episode Guide
    • Episode 1
    • Episode 2
    • Episode 3
    • Episode 4
    • Episode 5
    • Episode 6
    • Episode 7
    • Episode 8
    • Episode 9
    • Episode 10
    • Episode 11
    • Episode 12
    • Episode 13
  • Designer Notes (Essay on show creative process)
  • Game Information
    • Special Equipment
      • Battle Armor
      • Enhanced Imaging
      • Tactical Operations Center
    • How to Use the Scenarios
    • General Rules
      • Clash in the Canyon
      • Dustball Showdown
      • The Taking of Wotan
      • Race for the Kwaidan
      • Battle in the Swamp
      • Enemy of the Enemy
      • Chaos in the Jungle
      • The Liberation of Somerset Military Academy
      • Malthus attacks
    • Character Statistics
    • Hardware Statistics


Trademarked First Somerset Strikers on back cover.