The next step-up from traditional 2D video, Holographic Video, and shortened to Holovid (also referred to as a Tri-Vid), provides remarkably sharp three-dimensional full motion images. Holovid is among the most common visual video formats of the BattleTech universe.


First invented in 2075, Holovid technology, such as Holovision Monitors or Tri-Vid sets, use a series of lasers to project three-dimensional video, creating a semispherical convex "bubble" that allows viewers the widest possible angle of vision. Despite its advantages, the holovid has not totally supplanted 2D video and traditional "flatscreen" monitors in all situations. The data sizes of Holovid broadcasts are considerably larger, with 2D video formats still in use where storage space or HPG transmission time is at a premium. Even in regards to home entertainment, "flatscreens" are still quite common thanks to their considerably lower price tags. For this reason, holovid chips and broadcasts are always flatscreen compatible to ensure maximum reach, though with understandably drastically reduced visual quality.[1][2][3][4]


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