Kristen Redmond

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Kristen Redmond
Born 2992
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Star Colonel

Kristen Redmond (Born 2992[1] - Died 30??) was commander of Clan Jade Falcon's 94th Striker Cluster during Operation REVIVAL.


Earning the Redmond Bloodname, Kristen would rise to the rank of Star Colonel and command of Peregrine Galaxy's elite 94th Striker Cluster. Redmond would lead the Black Vision aggressively during the Clan Invasion, taking enormous chances both personally and with her warriors, bringing her cluster to the brink of defeat on numerous occasions but also earning it considerable honor for a string of brutal victories on Somerset and La Grave. Though some charitably saw her aggressive approach as rising to the challenge of the invasion, those who knew Kristen Redmond best believed she had a death wish, the aging warrior scared that she would be judged too old and stripped of command of her front-line Cluster for transfer to a solahma unit or worse. Both the Jade Falcon Khan and SaKhan considered removing Redmond from command of the 94th on numerous occasions, scared that the 94th's luck would eventually run out, refusing only to avoid diminishing the much-needed prestige her accomplishments brought her Clan.[1]

Redmond commanded the 94th during the Battle of Tukayyid, as part of the Falcon Guard-led assault against the primary target city of Olalla. Kristen Redmond would ultimately survive Tukayyid, though she was wounded in action.[1]

In 3053 she was still leading the 94th Striker Cluster.[1]


During the fighting on Tukayyid Kristen Redmond fought at the controls of a Hellbringer.[1]


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