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5th Battle Cluster (Clan Jade Falcon)

Insignia of Epsilon Galaxy
Fifth Battle Cluster
Nickname The Golden Talons
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Delta Galaxy
(3049-57; 3145)
Epsilon Galaxy

Unit Description[edit]

Known also as The Golden Talons, the 5th Battle Cluster has served Clan Jade Falcon across three centuries and at least two galaxies, and is famed for being the force that won battle armor via trial against Clan Wolf during the Golden Century. Integrated into the Falcons' Delta Galaxy during the Clan Invasion, the Refusal War would see them broken and ultimately reconstituted under Epsilon Galaxy, where they would remain until at least 3085.[1]

While said to be half-strength by '85, the Cluster was regarded highly enough that it was among the first units to be equipped with the Flamberge Heavy OmniMech.[2]

By 3145, The Golden Talons would once again fall under Delta Galaxy.[3]


Golden Century[edit]

Though details are sparse on the accomplishments of the Fifth Battle Cluster during Operation Klondike, their earliest known feat defined their unit insignia — a dead wolf on a black shield emblazoned with a golden roman numeral — V, for the fifth. That feat, of course, would be victory over Clan Wolf in a Trial of Possession for their nascent battle armor technology within the timeframe of 2868 to 2870. A noted piece of isorla and the result of many a Trial, it is regarded alongside the capture of Clan Coyote OmniMech technology seven years earlier — though not necessarily well.

Such things tie in to Jade Falcon perceptions of 'Wolf Perfidy' as much as they may tie in to feats of glory.[4]

Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere[edit]

In 3049 the Clans began their endeavor to return to the Inner Sphere. Assigned to the Delta Galaxy, the unit was deployed with rest Gyrfalcons as part of the Falcons' Invasion force. The unit itself would not be credited individually in partaking in many battles.

Wave 1[edit]

In first wave of the war, the 5th Battle was selected to take the Lyran world of Winfield in March of 3050. After landing on world, the Cluster's landing zone was nearly overwhelmed by the planet's militia and Winfield's Regiment. A force of Elementals which would wreak havoc against the defenders' battle lines allowing cause them withdraw from their encirclement of the landing zone. Ultimately the 'Mech regiment would withdraw, but leave behind its Militia counterparts to conduct a guerrilla campaign against them.[5]

Wave 2[edit]

In May, 5th Battle would be regroup with rest of Delta Galaxy and invade Black Earth. In fast and furious campaign, the entire Galaxy would hit the planet hard. Its defenders, the remains of the 17th Skye Rangers RCT and 1st Regiment of the Gravewalkers would put fierce struggle despite themselves being depleted from previous fighting on other worlds.[6]

Wave 4[edit]

The 5th Battle would travel with rest of its Gyrfalcon Galaxy aid in the conquest of Antares. A site of a hidden SLDF supply depot, the Khans ordered the lost SLDF base be taken at all costs. After bloody campaign, the Khan would finally order air strikes against town situated above the city of Alba.[7]

In August a Star of the Fifth Battle Cluster and a Binary of Second Falcon Jaegers assaulted Blackjack and destroyed the Blackjack Training Battalion.[8]

In September, the 5th Battle would move to aid in the conquest of Parakoila, where it would face the Parakoila 'Mech Battalion. The Galaxy would take six weeks of intense fighting in the mines to complete end conquest of the planet.[9]

Wave 5[edit]

In the 5th Wave of the War, the Cluster's parent Galaxy would deploy to Quarell in December 3051. The Cluster and other members of the Galaxy would be filled rage in their defeat at hands of Steel Vipers took out their frustrations on the world's 'Mech Battalion, leaving only six survivors of the unit alive and made into bondsmen.[10]

Post-Tukayyid Conflict with the Vipers[edit]

After the Clans' defeat on Tukayyid, in June 3052, tension built up between the Steel Vipers and the Falcons. The 5th Battle Cluster and the 2nd Falcon Jaegers were stationed on Goat Path when two Clusters of the Vipers' Beta Galaxy invade the planet. The 5th Battle and the Jaegers would fight a tight battle against the 126th Striker Cluster and Viper Fusiliers, however the Vipers would rally and succeed in pushing them and their fellow Galaxy off-world.

The Cluster with the Jaegers would be reassigned to garrison Antares by 3053, where in September, the Steel Vipers' First and 2nd Viper Guards launched invasion. The planet was targeted as part Clan Steel Viper's simultaneously two-planet attack to seize Falcon worlds. The battle took place in the Tranquility Mountains, where the two Viper Clusters (with aid of the world's natives) eventually would herd the 5th and its sister unit into situation where they could not possibly succeed in overcoming them. The Vipers' commander of the invasion force saw it was pointless to annihilate them, granted them leave to withdraw from planet unharmed.[11][12]

The run up to the Refusal War and its Aftermath[edit]

In 3053, the 5th Battle was stationed on Hot Springs,[13] as part Delta Galaxy's garrison duties. Its Galaxy had been severely damage in the fighting of the Invasion, having been reduced only two Clusters, consisting of itself and 2nd Falcon Jaegers. Khan Chritu order the transfer the 7th and 8th Talons so to free up the 5th Battle and the Jaegers so they could be able go on the offensive in his planned campaign against the Steel Vipers.[14]

The planned offensive never occurred due to Clan Wolf, who had declared a Trial of Refusal against Falcons due to the outcome of a criminal trial for former ilKhan Ulric Kerensky. Late known as the Refusal War, starting in September 3057, the Falcons' Occupation Zone would become a massive battlefield for the two Clans. Clan Wolf task forces penetrated into Falcon space, attack number of Falcon held worlds. It wasn't until near end of the conflict the 5th Battle was called into battle. It was received orders with the rest of Gamma Galaxy to fight Clan Wolf's forces on Wotan. In December the 5th Battle engaged Clan Wolf forces in planetary capital of Borealtown with rest of the Galaxy. The Cluster would be render inoperable from the fight with the Wolves, once it was recovered it would be transferred to Epsilon Galaxy.[15][16]

The Coventry Campaign[edit]

In late January 3058, Khan Marthe Pryde would assemble a task force consisting of unblooded and inexperienced Warriors to push into the Lyran Alliance to attack the world of Coventry. The 5th Battle Cluster, losing so many of its warriors during the Refusal War, would be assigned to expedition. The Cluster would be part of one of four groups of JumpShips travelling through the Alliance, who would attack various worlds on the way. In February, the Cluster would get taste of battle, soon after arriving in the Neerabup, they would attack the planet to test the steel of the region defense force was based on the planet. The Neerabup PMM would take position in their compound where they choose to fight the Trial. Surprised and supremely arrogant, the Cluster would move take compound. The Militia put out a tremendous fight, forcing some of the members of Cluster withdraw. In end of the battle, the Militia was defeated but their strength character impressed them to take many of the Militia's warriors as bondsmen.[17][18]

The Cluster would arrive with rest of the Falcon expedition over Coventry in March of 3058, they would begin their assault of the planet. The 5th Battle due to its still lacking in strength would take assigned in defensive role during the conflict. Among its noted fights it engaged in, include when its elements were attacked by Lyran guerrilla forces while they were guarding one their supply depots in early April. The guerrillas force consisting of company from the 10th Skye Rangers' 1st Battalion, would lure some of its 'Mech elements away from the base while its comrades would smash the remaining guarding forces at the base. The 5th Battle's front-line and second-line 'Mech units would be fooled by false sensors readings, only be blindsided by Lyran ambush. Instead of pursing the Lyrans into the Cross-Divide Mountains, the remaining components of the Cluster would be called elsewhere. Inner Sphere reinforcements would finally arrive on planet to contest the Clan's hold of the planet. The Cluster would be called eventually to help protect the city of Port St. Williams from newly arrive Coventry Expeditionary Force. Its Aerospace Fighters would join other Clan Aerospace forces trying to foil the CEF's airstrike against their forces. By May, additional Inner Sphere reinforcements would arrive to aid their Inner Sphere comrades on the ground. Reinforcements lead by First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, would offer Khan Pryde hegira, allowing the Cluster and rest withdraw from Lyran space intact and with its honor.[19][20]

In late 3058 the Fifth Battle Cluster engaged elements of the Wolves' Seventh Battle Cluster on Tomans.[21] During the fighting, they also faced an Inner Sphere mercenary unit and destroyed what was apparently a Wolf Clan iron womb facility.[22]

The Falcon Incursion[edit]

In May 3064, Khan Pryde would launch another expedition into Lyran Alliance, blood more troops and expand the Falcons' Occupation Zone. During the conflict, the 5th Battle Cluster was stationed on Hot Springs, the unit would see action in the in form of counterattack by Lyran forces lead by General Adam Steiner in November. Facing with superior numbers, Star Colonel Diane Anu conduct un-Clanlike guerrilla campaign to forestall the Lyran forces. The 5th Battle's hit-in-run tied Lyran invaders for 22 days, until Lyran forces withdrew from the planet to aide other forces of the expedition.

After fighting ended, the Khan the ordered Galaxy Commanders to retake worlds lost during the Incursion. The Cluster would be selected to retake worlds taken by the Lyrans during the Incursion. With the few Trinaries from the 18th Falcon Regulars, the Cluster would invasion of Butler. Occupied by Lyrans conventional forces and elements of the Blue Star Irregulars, Star Colonel Anu decide use few Trinaries of the Cluster with the Regulars to deal with Lyran conventional forces and Irregulars 'Mech assets on planet in June 3065.[23] After retaking the planet, the Cluster's commander would receive a mixed reaction for her tactics she used to hold Hot Springs from Lyrans.[24]

The Jihad[edit]

In the early years of the Jihad, the Cluster's commander would succeed in becoming Epsilon Galaxy's next Galaxy Commander.[25]

In June 3071 the Cluster and its parent Galaxy would become involved in the fighting to repulse Clan Ice Hellion and Clan Hell's Horses their invasion of the Falcons' Occupation Zone.[26]

For its actions during the Hellion Invasion, the unit and its parent Galaxy was promoted to frontline status by 3077. Which allow for the Cluster and other units of its Galaxy to rebuild quickly among the Clan's badly damaged touman.[27]

Dark Age[edit]

The Fifth Battle Cluster saw action during the Battle of Coventry in February 3148 and sustained at least some damage. In March they arrived on Pobeda to reinforce the Jade Falcon defenders battling Clan Wolf-in-Exile invaders.[28]

Unit Insignia[edit]

Unit's insignia is golden talons gripping a dead wolf, behind image is a black shield with golden roman numerical for 5 on it.[29]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 5th Battle Cluster
Star Colonel Diane Anu 3050 - 3067[30][31][32][33]


After the Refusal War, the unit became more specialized in handling combat in Urban settings. Also, the conflict became more adept in the defensive garrison role due to its reduced strength.[34]

Composition History[edit]


  • 5th Battle Cluster (Mixed BattleMech/Infantry Force)[35]
    • Command Star (BattleMech Star)- Star Colonel Diane Anu
    • Trinary Alpha (BattleMech Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Nedra
    • Trinary Bravo (2 Novas and a single Strider/battle armor Star) - CO: Star Captain Hogan Thastus
    • Trinary Charlie (2 Novas and a single Strider/battle armor Star) - CO: Star Captain Elizabeth Thastus
    • Trinary Delta (2 Novas and a single Strider/battle armor Star) - CO: Star Captain Jeanna Osborne
    • Trinary Echo (Aerospace Fighter Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Richard Von Jankmon


  • 5th Battle Cluster - CO: Star Colonel Diane Anu

Note: Unit stationed on Hot Springs as of 3054 as garrison duty. It is one of Delta Galaxy two remaining Clusters.[31]


  • 5th Battle Cluster (5 Binaries) - CO: Star Colonel Diane Anu

Note: As of 3059, the unit was stationed on Quarell, they have been listed as Regulars and given a Reliable loyalty rating.[32]


  • 5th Battle Cluster - CO: Star Colonel Diane Anu

Note: As of 3067, the unit was garrisoned on the world of Butler. The unit is at 90% of original strength, it also listed as with Regular, and with a Reliable loyalty rating to the Clan.[33]


  • 5th Battle Cluster - CO: Star Colonel Lucille Buhallin

In 3085 the unit was stationed on Koniz at just over half-strength and 85% equipped with OmniMechs.[36]


  • 5th Battle Cluster - CO: Star Colonel Rose Faulk

In 3145 the unit was stationed on Horneburg at two-thirds strength and 66% equipped with OmniMechs[37]

Organization Structure[edit]


  • It is unclear exactly what year the 5th Battle Cluster won Battle Armor from Clan Wolf.


Game Rules[edit]

Using the rules found in the Field Manual: Crusading Clans, the 5th Battle Cluster has access to couple Force Specific Abilities should players decide to use advance rules in a scenario. If Galaxy Commander Rard Hoyt is in command of Epsilon Galaxy and the Cluster is attached to his force, the 5th Battle Cluster gains a +2 initiative. This only remains in effect as long he is active with the unit and as long as no allied troops outside of the Galaxy are not intermixed with the unit during the scenario. However, if any outside troops should be attached to the unit during battle, they suffer a -1 to their initiative while Hoyt is in command. On its own, the 5th Battle gains a +1 initiative whenever it faces a force affiliated with Clan Wolf, this is a reflection the event of near destruction at their hands during the Refusal War. After its experience on Wotan, the unit developed in become defensive unit and gains +1 when fighting in urban setting or as the defender. This bonus adds to existing one should the unit be fighting Clan Wolf related forces.[38]


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