Diane Anu

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Diane Anu
Diane Anu
Born 3025
Died 3???
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession saKhan of Clan Jade Falcon

Diane Anu (born 3025 - died 3???)[1] - Clan Jade Falcon Trueborn MechWarrior, Officer, saKhan and Galaxy Commander.

Character Description[edit]

Diane was known to be a driven and inquisitive woman, whom would pour her energies into studying subjects with a passion. She was noted for taking pride in commanding a BattleMechs and mastery of tactics of fighting with them in her youth. She would go beyond simple studying of being a warrior, but range of other things maintenance to rebuilding a shattered engine.[2]


Early Life and Clan Invasion[edit]

Diane possesses an innate talent for piloting 'Mechs and Strategy allow her to move up ranks with few enemies to become Star Colonel of the 5th Battle Cluster.

Her Cluster, assigned to the Gamma Galaxy, was among units selected to participate in Clan's long awaited return to the Inner Sphere in 3050.[3][4]

The Refusal War and its Aftermath[edit]

Diana's 5th Battle would be called in to assist the defense of Wotan against the Wolves in December of 3057. In the ugly Battle for Borealtown, her unit was destroyed in the fighting. However, her unit would be among the units that Khan Marthe Pryde would reconstitute in its aftermath with unblooded warriors. The unit would be retained as part of Epsilon Galaxy, as its Galaxy Commander Rard Hoyt would have to fight Trials to keep Galaxy designated against other sunder Galaxies component are merged with them.[5][6]

The Coventry Campaign[edit]

Shortly after her unit is reformed, it would be selected as part of Khan Marthe Pryde's expedition to Lyran world of Coventry. The expedition leaving in January 30th, 3058, Diane's unit would be part one of four task forces penetrating into the Alliance's space.

During their taskforce's voyage, their task force would make a stop in the her unit Neerabup, where they would chosen take on the system's defending force. On February 10th, her Cluster's would land and fight a determined Neerabup PMM. The Militia force take position from what they viewed as their most strategically important site on planet, their command's compound. Her force would engage with militia to their surprise into a impressive show force. Cluster eventually would overcome the Inner Sphere command, would be impressed by Militia's unit bravery. Various members of the Cluster would induct Militia's members as bondsmen as way to honor their bravey.[7][8]

On Coventry, her force would be regulated in defensive action during remains of the conflict. Among her unit's actions would include on April 5th, elements of her cluster garrisoning a warehouse attacked by elements of the 10th Skye Rangers. However, she would pull her forces from warehouse to meet new threat arriving on planet, Inner Sphere reinforcements had arrived.

She and rest her fellow Cluster commanders would be summon to hold Port St. Williams from the three mercenary regiments and the remains of the Coventry's defense forces. After expedition had ended, her Cluster would remain under strength.[9][10][11]

Lyran Alliance Invasion[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War in May 3064, Khan Pryde would launch an new expedition into the Lyran Alliance. Diane and her 5th Battle Cluster at time were stationed on Hot Springs as part of their garrison assignment. In November, a Lyran taskforce led by General Adam Steiner arrived on Hot Springs to wage a Trial of Possession for the planet. During this campaign, Diane would give them a good and tough fight using Inner-Sphere tactics despite being outnumbered.

Eventually, the Lyran force withdrew from the planet, the General Steiner needing to aid other Lyran task force on Blackjack after month of fighting. After effecting eliminating threat on planet, she would take her elements of her Cluster with elements from the 18th Falcon Regulars and 9th Falcon Talons to retake Butler in December.[12] After the conflict members of her Clan would be disgusted by her use of Inner Sphere tactic and yet praised at the same time holding planet.[13]

Early Jihad and Actions during the Ice Hellion Invasion[edit]

Shortly after the Jihad began, Diane would be promoted to take command of Epsilon Galaxy in place her old commander Rard Hoyt.

She would lead her galaxy which had been scattered among worlds they had garrisoning against the invasion of the Ice Hellions and Hell's Horses. Her forces in early years of the conflict in June 3071 loosing and attempting regain worlds lost to Hell's Horses advance into their Clan's Occupation Zone. Diane would help get her galaxy together focus pushing off the invaders off Steelton in October.[14] Her philosophy of hitting enemy where it hurts and not letting up on them server her well during the invasion.

During last stages of the conflict, Diane would take part in the assault on Vantaa in 3072. Diane would lead her forces in hit & run attacks which took advantage of Hellion's methods of warfare. She would be noted for leading two clusters worth of troops against Ice Hellions' positions in an Blitzkrieg style assault against them.[15]

After Hellion's invasion ended, she would advocate for her Galaxy with Naval support should return to the Home Worlds reclaim Falcon's worlds lost as well seek revenge against Hellions. However, her request is turned down by Khan Pryde, despite her quite advocating for further action.[16]

Late Jihad and Dark Age Era[edit]

Diane continued to command Epsilon Galaxy after the Jihad, leading Epsilon in an aggressive response to the Lyran Alliance invasion of Kikuyu and Newtown Square in 3080. Epsilon was swiftly transported from its position on the border with Clan Wolf's salient into the Lyran Alliance - Epsilon being an intact and available frontline galaxy at the time - and redeployed in a swift campaign that saw Diane secure the worlds of Mogyorod, Clermont and Machida quickly and without the Lyrans being able to muster any serious resistence.[17]

After saKhan Uvin Buhallin was killed on Graus, the Falcons elected Diane as the new saKhan, the other candidate being Quinn Kerensky.[18][19] Diane's election was a moment of triumph for Epsilon, one made all the sweeter when Diane led the First Falcon Jaegers to Graus and defeated Rubinsky's Light Horse, a unit Delta Galaxy had been unable to beat.[17] Diane was still serving as saKhan and leading Epsilon in 3085.[20]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Star Colonel of 5th Battle Cluster
30?? – 3071

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Rard Hoyt
Galaxy Commander of Epsilon Galaxy
3071 – ????

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Uvin Buhallin
saKhan of Clan Jade Falcon
3080 – ????

Succeeded by


  • Diane is noted for being a Summoner pilot during the Clan Invasion.[21]
  • It is unclear when she assumed command of the 5th Battle or what battles she was in command. A Star Colonel Evalk Mattlov is mentioned in 5th Battle Cluster's actions in March of 3050 in the invasion of Winfield. Due to the only inclusion of 5th Battle Cluster, it suggests that Evin Buhallin was its commander at time of this battle.[22]


Game Rules[edit]

The sourcebook Master and Minions grants character specific abilities to Diane RPG setting and regular table top combat. In RPG play, her character is considered a regular rated Technician, she would be able to do maintenance should it been needed. While in command of a force, she grants it's a +2 Initiative, and enables the Force Specific Ability Overrun Combat ability. If in command, her force will not follow strict Clan rules of zellbrigen. Should her BattleMech take a pilot hit, she is able to ignore that first hit of damage.[23]


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