Gamma Galaxy (Clan Jade Falcon)

Insignia of Gamma Galaxy (Clan Jade Falcon)
Gamma Galaxy
Nickname Jade Falcon Galaxy
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Clan Jade Falcon touman

The Jihad[edit]

The Galaxy Commander leading Gamma Galaxy was assassinated by Word of Blake agents in 3073, prompting Khan Samantha Clees to appoint Quinn Kerensky to command Gamma.[1] After taking command of the Galaxy Kerensky began efforts to stabilize the Galaxy, which had been badly depleted by constant combat. Her tenure as Galaxy Commander antagonized traditionalists within Clan Jade Falcon, who had long been at odds with Quinn's methods and who continued to question the choice of giving command of the Jade Falcons' most prestigious front-line Galaxy to her.[2]

Dark Age[edit]

In the aftermath of the Jihad Quinn Kerensky continued to command Gamma Galaxy, but the Galaxy found itself undergoing a relatively quiet period after a decade of turmoil. Gamma raided the worlds of Laurent and Vulcan, but found no defending forces to fight; a planned raid on Dustball was blocked by Khan Clees, and with the Khan's order that all defensive bids against forces from Clan Wolf-in-Exile be set high to generate the impression that any raid would run the risk of provoking a major conflict, Kerensky found her options restricted. She responded by concentrating on the task assigned to her - rebuilding Gamma Galaxy into an effective operational unit capable of conducting offensive operations.[3]

During the rise of Malvina Hazen and the Falcon's Rending in the mid-thirty-second century Gamma Galaxy was shattered. The Galaxy was then subsequently rebuilt with new 'Mechs and new Clusters. Light, mobile Clusters were added to the existing heavy Talon units, and the rebuilt Gamma Galaxy led the feint made by the Golden Ordun that reached towards Coventry in 3141. Working alongside Clan Hell's Horses, Gamma Galaxy pushed through the mercenary and Clan Wolf-in-Exile troops in their path, shielding the Gyrfalcons and stopping close to Coventry itself. Gamma Galaxy was still in place in 3145 but had raided the nearby worlds of Coventry and Loxley continuously, targeting industrial sites and forcing the Lyran Commonwealth defenders to spread themselves thin; while the tempo of raids kept the Lyrans off-balance and unsure where to defend, they also eroded the strength of Gamma Galaxy, making it unlikely that a major offensive could be launched.[4]

In 3150 two Clusters were dispatched to support Delta Galaxy's assault on Coventry.[5] After they withdrew, Gamma was dispatched to Lyons. On the world they followed Malvina Hazen's orders and began destroying civilian targets and agricultural fields. These tactics brought the Republic of the Sphere defenders into the field and allowed the Falcons to destroy them.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Gamma Galaxy
saKhan Timur Malthus 3048[7] - ????
Galaxy Commander Vandervahn Chistu 3050[8]
Galaxy Commander Mar Helmer 3050[9] - 3057[10]
Galaxy Commander Rozendo Hazen 3058[11]
Galaxy Commander Amelia Icaza 3067 - 3073[12][13]
Galaxy Commander Quinn Kerensky 3073 - 3085[14][15]
Galaxy Commander Jane Thastus 3145[16]
Galaxy Commander Matthias Pryde 3147-3148[17]
Galaxy Commander Jane Thastus 3151[18]



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