Timur Malthus

Timur Malthus
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank saKhan
Profession MechWarrior

Timur Malthus was briefly saKhan of Clan Jade Falcon during the opening stages of Operation Revival.


High Office[edit]

When Elias Crichell was appointed senior Khan of the Jade Falcons in 3048, Galaxy Commander Timur Malthus was installed as his successor to the post of saKhan, as well as being given command of the Jade Falcon Galaxy.[1]

The Disgrace of Twycross[edit]

When Star Colonel Adler Malthus and his Falcon Guards were wiped out on Twycross by the actions of a single Inner Sphere MechWarrior[2], the shame came to taint the entire Malthus genetic line. Political rivals of the Malthus Bloodname used the incident to force Timur Malthus to resign his position.[3] Elias Crichell wasted no time in replacing Timur with Vandervahn Chistu.[4]

Homeworld Period[edit]

After his disgrace and losing his rank, Malthus retook his rank as Galaxy Commander in Sigma Galaxy[5], a post he kept at least until 3067, when he was also officially appointed as Khan Marthe Pryde's Homeworld deputy.[6] He earned the respect of his troops as well his superiors for his willingness to lead from the front.[7]

Return to the Inner Sphere[edit]

Timur's command saw only sporadic combat over the years, but had been reorganized to better guard the Clan's homeworld possessions, notably on the old Jaguar capital of Huntress. Khan Pryde appointed Malthus her official proxy on Clan councils, making him a de facto second SaKhan. In 3064, Sigma Galaxy had been moved to the Inner Sphere, taking part in that year's invasion of the Lyran Alliance, with Timur in command. However, on the world of Melissia he faced the Lyran counterattack, Operation Audacity, spearheaded by Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces, under the command of Khan Phelan Kell.

During the battle, Malthus bid higher than usual, determined to destroy the Wolves. Malthus devised a trick, hiding part of his forces under a river's waters to surround the exile Wolves, but then found that the Wolves had surrounded him first, and forcing Timur to concede the Trial, leaving the planet again in Lyran hands.[8]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

Sigma Galaxy was destroyed during the Wars of Reaving. Although Timur's fate is not specifically mentioned, only a Binary of warriors from the First Falcon Dragoons are noted as having been taken as bondsmen.[9]


Malthus piloted a Night Gyr OmniMech from at least the 3060s forward.[7]


While Timur Malthus is in command all Falcon units ignore enemy initiative bonuses.[10]


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