Adler Malthus

Adler Malthus TBfTwycross.jpeg
Adler Malthus
Died 10 Sept 3050
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Star Colonel

Star Colonel Adler Malthus (b. ???? – d. 10 Sept 3050) was a noteworthy MechWarrior in Clan Jade Falcon during the opening phases of Operation REVIVAL.[1]


Adler Malthus was the commanding officer of the prestigious Falcon Guards Cluster. Described as daring and courageous, he enjoyed considerable success although his critics in the Falcon Touman felt his tactics were needlessly reckless.[1]


Early Gains[edit]

Star Colonel Malthus led the Falcon Guards to victory over the 17th Skye Rangers on Barcelona,[2] the second regiment of the 12th Star Guards on Toland, and the Second Grave Walkers on Apollo.[3]


The Falcon Guards then moved on to conquer Twycross. Delays caused them to miss their JumpShip transportation, and so the Guards were still on Twycross when the Federated Commonwealth launched a counter-offensive in September 3050. It was Adler Malthus’ brash nature that contributed to his downfall. Intent on flanking the FedCom forces, he led the Falcon Guards along the Great Gash without dispatching scouts to check the route first. Unaware of the pentaglycerine explosives planted by FedCom sappers, he accepted a one-on-one BattleMech duel with Kai Allard-Liao.[1] When Allard-Liao’s damaged Hatchetman exploded, it took Star Colonel Malthus’ OmniMech along with it, just moments before the detonation set off the demolition charges that collapsed the Great Gash on top of the Jade Falcon forces.[4]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Most of the Falcon Guards perished in the Great Gash, and Adler Malthus was one of them. His humiliating defeat brought so much shame upon his Bloodname House that political rivals turned upon saKhan Timur Malthus in the Clan Council. Timur was forced to resign his post in disgrace – incidentally opening the way for the ambitious Vandervahn Chistu to replace him.[5] So stained was Adler's Bloodname than even a single MechWarrior didn't want it. Only a Elemental, Star Captain Taman Malthus fight for it, winning it... and a lot of bad reputation. However, Taman managed to redeem the Malthus honor when, with a small team, he reconquered the planet Alyina from ComStar forces during Operation Scorpion, becoming one of Clan Jade Falcon's most prestigious warriors. Ironically, good part of his triumph he owed it to his new friend, Adler's killer, Kai Allard-Liao.


Adler piloted a Summoner OmniMech during the battle of Twycross.


Adler Malthus' body was never recovered, and some of his unit prisoners claimed that he managed to eject from his machine before the explosion. However, as he never appeared again, most believe he perished along with the rest of his cluster.[6]


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