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Barcelona nearby systems
Barcelona nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -204.78 : 411.468[e]
Spectral class G5V[1]
Recharge time 186 hours[1]
Recharge station(s) None[1]
Planets 3[1]

The Barcelona system was home to at least one habitable world, and as of 3151 was located in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.[2]

System Description[edit]

The Barcelona system lies close to the Ambrose and Bone-Norman systems.[3]

System History[edit]

The Barcelona system was settled prior to the Age of War, and possibly during the First Exodus from Terra.[4]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Barcelona I[edit]

Barcelona I
System position 1st[1]
Jump point
7.47 Days[1]
Moons None[1]
Surface gravity 0.93[1]
Atmospheric pressure Low (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature 34°C (Temperate)[1]
Surface water 45%[1]
Highest native life Reptiles[1]
HPG (Representative) A[1]

Early History[edit]

Barcelona was one of four worlds acquired by the Rim Worlds Republic between 2347 and 2371 as an attempt by Arabella Rowe to expand the capabilities of the Republic armed forces; Barcelona was intended to be a "hedgehog", a giant fortified firebase that Republican forces could use to slow the advance of any invading force.[4]

Reunification War[edit]

By the end of the Age of War Barcelona was a member of the Apollo Province of the Rim Worlds Republic.[5] Civil war erupted in the Rim Worlds Republic in 2575, with the factions polarized around those loyal to First Consul Gregory Amaris and those loyal to the Rift Republican Army and the Rim Provisional Government.[41]

The Star League eventually decided to intervene in the civil war in support of Gregory Amaris, and in 2579 assembled Task Force MAILED FIST to help secure Amaris' control over the Rim Worlds Republic. A multinational force headed by the Star League Defense Force, Task Force MAILED FIST was responsible for executing Operation MAILED FIST, the name given to the military intervention. The first wave of attacks focused on securing significant worlds near Apollo,[42] until a destructive raid on Alarion by the Fourth Amaris Fusiliers in retaliation prompted the SLDF to alter its initial strategy for the campaign, the focus shifted to reducing Rim Worlds Army concentrations throughout the Republic and the capture of key worlds.[43]

In late 2584 the SLDF changed tactics again; a number of major RWA units had been destroyed or captured, and the focus for the campaign shifted to capturing worlds of strategic importance, but the campaign was slowed by the greatly increased resistance offered by the RWA and local civilian populations, prompted by atrocities performed by the Draconis Auxiliary Corps when they captured Nightwish in mid-2584.[44]

General Nathan Isaacson of Task Force MAILED FIST assigned the conquest of Barcelona to the Lyran Auxiliary Corps and the 2nd Marik Auxiliary Corps along with the Thirty-First Armor Division from the SLDF VIII Corps; Archon Viola Steiner-Dinesen led all three regiments from the Lyran Auxiliary Corps to Barcelona (the Fourth Royal Guards, Twenty-Fifth Skye Rangers and the Tamar Tigers) while Duke Narinder Selaj led the Second and Sixth Marik Militias and the First Brigade of the Fusiliers of Oriente to Barcelona. This left a triumvirate of senior officers responsible for the operation - Duke Selaj, Archon Steiner-Dinesen and Lieutenant-General Margaret Beck - and when the MAILED FIST forces landed on Barcelona they found the Fifth Amaris Legionnaires in place on the world under the command of Colonel Franchetta Wong.[45][46]

Colonel Wong was a distant cousin of First Consul Gregory Amaris, and initially tried to use this familial connection to convince the three senior MAILED FIST officers that she was a representative of the ruling family. These claims were swiftly dismissed, although Duke Selaj recommended using Wong as a figurehead to try and stabilize the world; Selaj's recommendations were dismissed by the Archon, acting in the belief that to countenance such a charade would only create more political problems on Barcelona, and as a result Colonel Wong turned against the Star League forces and began to lead the Fifth Legionnaires in a campaign that proved her to be a skilled commander, using her numerically inferior forces in ways that stretched the Star League forces significantly over the next two months.[45]

Despite Wong's best efforts, the Star League advantages in numbers and equipment eventually swung the campaign back in their favor, and by early July the Fifth Legionnaires had been forced to fall back into the rugged terrain that dominated the northern continent of Barcelona, known as Norn. The Fifth Legionnaires would have been quickly defeated if not for events within the Lyran Commonwealth.[45]

Day of Rage[edit]

On the 19th of July 2591 courier ships brought news to Barcelona that the Archon-Designate, Viola Steiner-Dinesen's son Kevin Dinesen had gone missing in March and was presumed to have been kidnapped. Arriving along with the official news were rumors from the Commonwealth that the Duke of Skye and the Duke of Tamar - Aldo Lestrade and Simon Kelswa, respectively - were responsible for the abduction. The rumors reached the Archon ahead of the official news, and the rumors combined with the frustration of years of campaigning in the Republic was enough to cause the Archon to snap; she led the Fourth Royal Guards personally to the cantonment within which the Twenty-Fifth Skye Rangers and Tamar Tigers were bivouacked where she promptly destroyed the 'Mechs performing sentry duty and began a rampage through the camp, attacking the Skye and Tamar forces.[47]

The results of the Archon's rampage scarred the psyches of those involved for decades afterwards; the Skye and Tamar regiments had been in the midst of rearming and resupplying when the Archon's rampage began, and faced the horrific dilemma of having to decide whether to defend themselves and their comrades by attacking the Archon. The warriors of the Fourth Royal Guards were equally horrified but attempted to protect the Archon as 'Mechs from the Skye and Tamar units began defending themselves. With many of the Skye and Tamar 'Mechs out of ammo because of the resupply effort going on when the Archon arrived, a large part of the battle was a chaotic and confused melee. Forces from the Thirty-First Armor Division[47] and the Fusiliers of Oriente[48] arrived to separate the various combatants, but by that point the Archon was unconscious as a result of her cockpit being crushed, and was discovered to have lost her left arm and suffered serious injuries to her head and chest.[47] Of the 117 soldiers that fell to their own leader, many were Marsden I crewmen.[49]

Following the battle the Rangers and the Tigers both requested and received permission to withdraw from Operation MAILED FIST, as both units were unwilling to continue serving under the Archon. The Archon herself took weeks to heal to the point where she could travel again, having refused to be fitted with a prosthetic limb to replace her missing arm, by which time she had been briefed by both the Lyran Intelligence Corps and the Hegemony Central Intelligence Directorate that evidence pointed to a member of the Estates General, not the Dukes of Tamar or Skye. Faced with a political crisis at home, the Archon also withdrew from Barcelona; the Star League forces had successfully completed the conquest of Barcelona in mid-September, a few weeks prior to the Archon leaving,[47] and the Thirty-First Armor Division would subsequently redeploy to Zertarum in 2592 while the forces from the Second Marik Auxiliary Corps were redeployed to Götterdämmerung.[46]

Star League Era[edit]

Barcelona was conquered by the Lyran Commonwealth during the 2773-2775 Republic-Commonwealth War.[11]

First Succession War[edit]

In August 2785 disguised forces from the DCMS conducted a number of false-flag raids on Lyran Commonwealth worlds near the Periphery to gauge the readiness - and worthiness - of the LCAF. One of these raids struck Barcelona and Somerset, where raiders used aerospace forces - some allegedly sporting insignia from the Rim Worlds Army to harass civilian traffic and recharge facilities. This fueled local media reports that remnant Republic forces were preparing to exact vengeance for the Republic-Commonwealth War.[50]

Clan Jade Falcon Invasion[edit]

Barcelona was one of the first worlds targeted in Clan Jade Falcon's first wave of Operation Revival. The world was defended by the 17th Skye Rangers and the Barcelona Militia when it was invaded in March 3050.

The Rangers were surprised by the Jade Falcon invasion, initially fighting against the 9th Talon Cluster of the Gamma Galaxy. After overcoming their initial shock, the Rangers retaliated against the Falcons from their defensive positions at Mariah's Pinnacle, Su Filla, and Vacuum Ridge. The Rangers' retaliation was enough to stop the Falcons' advance on the planet's industrial complexes and Star Colonel Devon Hazen was forced to call down his reserve force. The Falcon Guards helped by breaking through the defensive positions of the Rangers around the planetary capital. In the resulting onslaught the Falcons overcame the Ranger and militia positions and most of the defending units were destroyed with only a few managing to evacuate.[51]

In April 3052, the Federated Commonwealth sent Kommandant Adam Steiner to the world to liberate it from the Jade Falcons. Although Barcelona was only defended by Provisional Garrison Clusters the Falcons put up a serious fight; the Federated Commonwealth did eventually retake the world, but the fighting lasted for two weeks.[52]

Military Deployment[edit]










According to the deployment tables on pp. 153–154 of Historical: Reunification War and the map on page 128, the Fifth Amaris Legionnaires were deployed on Götterdämmerung from 2581 onward until their destruction. This contradicts the text on page 136, which has the Fifth Amaris Legionnaires on Barcelona. The writer of Historical: Reunification War has indicated that Barcelona was the correct deployment for the Fifth Amaris Legionnaires.

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 24 systems (23 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Bone-Norman 23.6 Ambrose 26.7 Renren 27.8 Illium 27.9
Newtown Square 29.8 Black Earth 30.2 Biegga 32.8 Mogyorod 35.6
Vulture's Nest 37.3 Erewhon 39.3 Anywhere 44.9 Kikuyu 45.0
Golandrinas 46.6 Roadside 47.0 Somerset 47.5 Ylemelke 49.9
Lackhove 50.6 Kolovraty 53.5 Hot Springs 55.5 Montsegur 56.0
Beta 56.9 Clermont 59.2 Götterdämmerung 59.7 Awyron 60.4


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