Götterdämmerung (system)

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Götterdämmerung nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates−179.596 : 465.608[e]
Spectral classM2V[1]
Recharge station(s)None[1]

The Götterdämmerung system (see Notes section regarding alternate spelling) was home to at least one habitable world, Götterdämmerung II, and as of June 3152 was located in the Periphery region known as The Barrens.[2]

System Description[edit]

The Götterdämmerung system is located approximately 499 light-years from Terra in the coreward direction, near the Botany Bay and Erewhon systems.[3][4]

System History[edit]

The Götterdämmerung system was colonized in the mid-twenty-fourth century by the Rim Worlds Republic.[5]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Götterdämmerung II[edit]

Götterdämmerung II
System positionSecond[1]
Jump Point distance2.83 days[1]
Equatorial temperatureCold[1]
Highest native lifeMammal[1]
History and Culture
Populationca. 1,000 (3025)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderDominatrix Maria Morgraine[1]
HPG ClassNone[1]

Planetary Description[edit]

Götterdämmerung II, more commonly known simply as Götterdämmerung, is the second world in the Götterdämmerung system. Götterdämmerung is a cold world, covered in ice and snow. There was only a thin band of habitable area around the world's equator, but even here only the tough reindeer-like animals can survive and thrive.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Götterdämmerung was one of seven worlds settled by colonists from the Rim Worlds Republic between 2334 and 2338 as an attempt by Maxwell Rowe to create a buffer zone between the Republic, the Draconis Combine, and the Tamar Pact.[5]

Reunification War[edit]

By the end of the Age of War, Götterdämmerung was a member of the Apollo Province of the Rim Worlds Republic.[6] Civil war erupted in the Rim Worlds Republic in 2575, with the factions polarized around those loyal to First Consul Gregory Amaris and those loyal to the Rift Republican Army and the Rim Provisional Government.[42]

The Star League eventually decided to intervene in the civil war in support of Gregory Amaris, and in 2579 assembled Task Force MAILED FIST to help secure Amaris' control over the Rim Worlds Republic. A multinational force headed by the Star League Defense Force, Task Force MAILED FIST was responsible for executing Operation MAILED FIST, the name given to the military intervention. The first wave of attacks focused on securing significant worlds near Apollo,[43] until a destructive raid on Alarion by the Fourth Amaris Fusiliers in retaliation prompted the SLDF to alter its initial strategy for the campaign, the focus shifted to reducing Rim Worlds Army concentrations throughout the Republic and the capture of key worlds.[44]

In late 2584, the SLDF changed tactics again; a number of major RWA units had been destroyed or captured, and the focus for the campaign shifted to capturing worlds of strategic importance, but the campaign was slowed by the greatly increased resistance offered by the RWA and local civilian populations, prompted by atrocities performed by the Draconis Auxiliary Corps when they captured Nightwish in mid-2584.[45]

General Nathan Isaacson assigned the Second Marik Auxiliary Corps to the conquest of Götterdämmerung; three regiments from the Auxiliary Corps—the Second and Sixth Marik Militias and the First Brigade of the Fusiliers of Oriente—successfully conquered Götterdämmerung in late 2591 or 2592,[46] and remained in place as the local garrison until they were redeployed for the conquest of Bensinger in 2594.[47]

Amaris Civil War[edit]

Unbeknownst to the inhabitants, Götterdämmerung was an unwitting accomplice to both the Periphery Uprising and Operation APOTHEOSIS, Stefan Amaris' coup to assume control of the Terran Hegemony. Amaris deliberately aided and fueled the Periphery Uprising to draw the forces of the SLDF into the Periphery and away from the Hegemony, but he also needed to show that his own realm, the Rim Worlds Republic, was being beset with terrorist attacks and uprisings just like the Magistracy of Canopus, Outworlds Alliance, and Taurian Concordat, but in a fashion that indicated that Rim Worlds forces loyal to Terra and the First Lord were capable of handling. Doing so would highlight that the Rim Worlds Republic was at threat, that the Rim Worlds forces were loyal to the Star League and prevent the SLDF from either being too inquisitive or sending forces back into the Republic. To meet these various aims a Republican propaganda team headed up by Samir Njari created an elaborate deception: the Battle for Götterdämmerung.[48]

Njari and his team created the Battle for Götterdämmerung from the ground up, faking video footage, documentation and images presenting the illusion that a force of twenty assorted infantry, armor and BattleMech regiments from the Rim Worlds Army had defeated a hostile BattleMech division in a massive battle on Götterdämmerung. The Republicans then leaked this information to the rest of the Inner Sphere in the spring of 2765, creating the desired impression and giving First Lord Richard Cameron II and his supporters proof of the prowess and loyalty of the Rim Worlds.[48]

The extent of the deception perpetrated by Njari only began to come to light in 2769, when the SLDF arrived to conquer Götterdämmerung; reporters from the Lyran Commonwealth embedded within the SLDF forces to report on the war between the SLDF and the Republic took the opportunity to ask the local population of Götterdämmerung how the more recent battles compared to the Battle of Götterdämmerung, only to learn that the natives had no knowledge of any such battle having been fought on their world. The full truth of the deception would finally be revealed when elements of the RRA uncovered archives on Apollo after the SLDF occupation that highlighted the work of Njari and his team.[48]

Third Succession War[edit]

By the end of the Third Succession War, Götterdämmerung was home to as few as a thousand people, most of whom were either herding reindeer or supporting pirate operations.[1]

Clan Invasion/Jihad[edit]

Clan Jade Falcon conquered Götterdämmerung during the opening stages of Operation Revival, the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. Götterdämmerung was then invaded for a second time in October 3071, when forces from Clan Ice Hellion captured the world from the Falcons.[31][32] The Ice Hellions were only able to hold Götterdämmerung for a few weeks, however; forces from Clan Hell's Horses assaulted Götterdämmerung in December, part of a series of strikes that shattered the Ice Hellion invasion force.[32]

Dark Age[edit]

In 3084, Clan Hell's Horses withdrew from the system, leaving the inhabitants on their own. The world joined with Botany Bay and Last Chance to form the Ragnarök Union. The new nation formed close trade ties with Merchants from Clan Jade Falcon. Some of those trade agreements included the refurbishing of a series of fortresses and tunnels on Götterdämmerung.[49]

Military Deployment[edit]


Planetary Locations[edit]

Mishup Crater: a rock strewn crater and site of an important battle during Operation REVIVAL[50]


Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 24 systems (23 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Botany Bay 17.6 Erewhon 20.7 Last Chance 22.9 Lackhove 25.2
Anywhere 32.1 Battaraigi 33.4 Koskenkorva 35.9 Here 36.0
Illium 38.3 Cryfder 38.6 Bone-Norman 41.1 Zertarum 44.4
Somerset 44.7 Erin 53.9 Bensinger 55.0 Blackstone 56.3
Ylemelke 56.4 Vargtass 57.1 Givrodat 57.3 Renren 58.6
Gorfynt 58.8 Barcelona 59.7 Apollo 60.0 Ambrose 60.2


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