Uvin Buhallin

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Uvin Buhallin
Uvin Buhallin
Born 3026
Died 3080[1]
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession saKhan of Clan Jade Falcon

Uvin Buhallin (born 3026)[2][3] was a Clan Jade Falcon MechWarrior, officer, and saKhan.

Character Description[edit]

Uvin was known as a skilled MechWarrior, but his leadership was always suffered from criticism. He was known to ignore criticism, and preferring to have his actions to answer his critics.[4]


Early Life and Career[edit]

During Operation Revival, Uvin served as a Star Commander in the 1st Falcon Striker Cluster. In command of Alpha Eye, a Star of Alpha Trinary, he fought key battles during the Invasion.[5] His elite skills gained an reputation during this time for being relentless MechWarrior in combat, exhausting his ammunition before his 'Mech armor protection depleted.[6]

As the Commander of 1st Falcon Striker Cluster[edit]

In Wake of the Refusal War[edit]

After fighting in the Refusal War had ended, he was able to obtain rank of Star Colonel and became the commander of the Strikers. His Clusters was among first to be nearly fully regain its pre-war strength in short time. However, his promotion was not seen as positive one. Many among the Falcons questioned his tactical abilities as a commander what amount to an inexperienced Cluster.

The Coventry Campaign[edit]

In 3058, his unit was selected as part of Khan Martha Pryde's expedition to Lyran world of Coventry. His force first taste of combat against dishonorable Militia forces of Australia, whom would had laid mines and hid its combined-arms force in Outback Woodlands. Uvin's Strikers having accepted batchall, were angered by the militia's tactics, they shortly after destroyed them wherever they found them.[7]

On Coventry, he and his Cluster proved that were capable command in their battles around Port St. Williams against Lyran forces and later fighting the Eridani Light Horse.[8]

Since the elevation of his commanding officer Samantha Clees, elevation to saKhan, Uvin would given more of the burdens of running day-to-day duties Gyrfalcons as time would pass.[9]

Second Incursion into the Lyran Alliance[edit]

In 3064, he and his command would be dispatched with entire Delta Galaxy into the Lyran Alliance as part of Martha Pryde's second blood of inexperience warriors. They would engage forces that had not been involved in the FedCom Civil War, starting with forces on Kikuyu. He would lead his Cluster with the 8th Talon Cluster take Clermont and assist entire expedition in sacking of Lyran strong hold on Melissia. Khan Pryde would send Uvic's Strikers and the Talons secure nearby worlds surrounding Melissa. They would take Medellin after fighting an exhausted regional Militia force, and clash with the Clan Wolf-in-Exile on Blair Atholl. His command would recalled with the Talons aid in fighting Clan Wolf's incursion into the Falcon's Occupation Zone by 3065.[10][11]

Jihad and Early actions during the War[edit]

After the Jihad began, Khan Pryde would again dispatch Delta Galaxy as part of incursion in to the Lyran Alliance in 3068. Uvin still in command of the Strikers would various worlds include Graus. Uvin would lead his forces against Lyran and Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces alike to secure the planet.[12] In course of years, Uvin would bring his unit back to rest of Delta Galaxy to continue taking worlds for the Clan. Fighting would come ahead for him in 3071, when Lyran & WiE troops would end up giving tougher fight on Morges[13] and Great X. The battle would go sour for the entire Delta Galaxy as months long of fighting with Lyran forces would end in rout for the Falcons. The action would gut Delta Galaxy, leaving Uvic's 1st Falcon Strikers its only reported survivors.[14][15]

After returning back to Occupation Zone, Uvin would need to rally his damaged unit to help fight the Clan Ice Hellion invasion of their occupation zone. Intelligence reports of the fight, would record Uvic's parent galaxy was still combat ready enough help play key roll in fighting Hellions until their defeat by April 3072.[16]

In 3076, Khan Martha Pryde would be killed by malfunction in her 'Mechs controls, Uvic's Galaxy Commander and saKhan would win the senior leadership of the Clan. A meeting would be called on Sudeten would call of the Bloodname warriors to choose who would become the saKhan of the Clan.[17] Unexpectedly among his peers, Uvin is elected as saKhan dismay many of his fellow officers. Again in his career, individuals in his Clan word doubt his leadership abilities.[18]

As saKhan of Clan Jade Falcon[edit]

Among his new duties, Khan Clees would charge him with rebuilding of Delta Galaxy in wake of fighting of the Jihad. A challenge for him since before he had only operated the unit's day-to-day operations, but never having to restaff/rebuild it.[19]

By 3077, he would have difficulties, due to his insistence in not responding to his critics, but responding to them in actions. On Blackjack gave a state of the clan speech at the Jade Falcon School of Conflict, he would give speech to students. He was unable to answer skeptic Cadets who questioned his speech of a bright future for their Clan and plans for its defense. This encounter would continue ramp up doubts among Falcon leadership of his future.[20]


Delta Galaxy were still in Republic of the Sphere space when the Jade Falcons began launching retaliatory strikes against the Lyran Alliance; the Galaxy rushed back to border, with Uvin keen to reinforce his authority through a successful military assault. Uvin led the First Falcon Striker Cluster and the Fifty-third Battle Cluster in an assault on Graus in 3080, making groundfall in defiance of the heavy fighter defenses in place. Once grounded, he ceded the initiative to the defending Lyran forces, waiting for them to challenge him; instead, the Militia subjected the Falcon forces to relentless artillery and air strikes, breaking open holes in his lines in several places. Uvin's forces were then attacked by Rubinsky's Light Horse, a mercenary unit in Lyran employ, who killed Uvin and others of the command staff during the attack. The two Clusters retreated off world, and Delta Galaxy would subsequently erode its combat strength further through a series of internal trials seeking to apportion blame for the defeat - a defeat made all the worse by the successful capture of Graus by the First Falcon Jaegers under the command of the new saKhan and commander of Epsilon Galaxy, Diane Anu.[21][22]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Samantha Clees
saKhan of Clan Jade Falcon

Succeeded by
Diane Anu


Uvin was a noted Hellbringer pilot, where he was noted for giving his own catch phase, "Never blink when a Hellbringer pilot is around". [citation needed] However, he was piloting a Summoner when he was killed.[23]


Game Rules[edit]

Master and Minions grants character specific abilities to Uvin. If in combat and in direct command, he can allows any force up to the size of a Cluster to use the force specific ability Banking Initiative. If using the A Time of War RPG system, he is given a +2 to his subordinates rolls when they deal with lower-castemen and Clan's bureaucracy.[24]


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