Epsilon Galaxy (Clan Jade Falcon)

Epsilon Galaxy
Nickname Lanner Galaxy[1]
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Clan Jade Falcon Touman


After the Refusal War, the commanders of the understrength Epsilon and Phi Galaxies were ordered to fight a Trial of Possession for command of the merged unit which retained the Epsilon designation due to that officer's victory.

Dark Age[edit]

Led by Galaxy Commander Diane Anu, Epsilon Galaxy took part in an aggressive response to the Lyran Alliance invasion of Kikuyu and Newtown Square in 3080. Epsilon was swiftly transported from its position on the border with the Clan Wolf salient into the Lyran Alliance - Epsilon being an intact and available frontline galaxy at the time - and redeployed in a swift campaign that saw Epsilon secure the worlds of Mogyorod, Clermont and Machida quickly and without the Lyrans being able to muster any serious resistence.[2]

After saKhan Uvin Buhallin was killed on Graus, the Clan Jade Falcon elected Diane Anu as the new saKhan. The other candidate was Quinn Kerensky.[3][4] Diane's election was a moment of triumph for Epsilon, one made all the sweeter when Diane led the First Falcon Jaegers to Graus and defeated Rubinsky's Light Horse, a unit Delta Galaxy had been unable to beat.[2] Diane was still serving as saKhan and leading Epsilon in 3085.[1]

During the Rending Epsilon Galaxy supported Jana Pryde; as a consequence, the Galaxy had to be completely rebuilt after Malvina Hazen took control of the Jade Falcons, with the sole exception being the First Falcon Jaegers. Epsilon managed to rebuild in time to invade the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone as the Wolves abandoned their holdings to move to the Free Worlds League border; the conquests made by Epsilon brought them into contact with the Rasalhague Dominion, with mixed results. The First Falcon Jaegers scored a convincing victory on La Grave against the Eighteenth Battle Cluster, the Jaeger's greater mobility allowing them to harass the Eighteenth until they had no option but to ask for hegira. In contrast to the Jaeger's victory on La Grave, the Eighth Falcon Velites were forced to retreat from Thun by the Gunzburg Eagles, who conducted multiple air attacks against the Velite's supply lines while hiding from direct combat.[5]

After the defeat on Thun Epsilon Galaxy was made responsible for guarding the supply lines between the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone and the Falcon's Reach in the face of repeated raids from Clan Wolf-in-Exile. With the exile Wolves weakened, Epsilon were keen to strike at and attempt to destroy them, but were stymied by the need to keep the supply lines open; a strike directly at the Wolves would have left the supply lines open to attack by the Rasalhague Dominion, an unacceptable result.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Epsilon Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Rard Hoyt 3059 - 3067[6]
Galaxy Commander Diane Anu 3076[7]
saKhan Diane Anu 3085[1]
Galaxy Commander Fred Buhallin 3145[8]




Composition History[edit]




  • First Falcon Jaegers
  • Fifth Battle Cluster
  • Eighth Falcon Regulars
  • Eighteenth Falcon Regulars
  • Tenth Talon
  • Sixth provisional Garrison Cluster
- At this point in time the commanding officer of Epsilon Galaxy was saKhan Diane Anu; her military aide was Star Colonel Halim Pryde.[1]/



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