Jana Pryde

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Jana Pryde
Died 3 April 3136
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Khan
Profession MechWarrior

Jana Pryde (died 3 April 3136) was the Khan of Clan Jade Falcon from 3129 to 3 April 3136, removing Ruel Chistu. She was assisted in her rise to power by Beckett Malthus, also known as the "Shadow Khan". Ironically, Beckett Malthus turned on her, backing Malvina Hazen's rise to power.



Khan Pryde launch a military operation in 3135, sending a force with the most radicals and expendable of his warriors, specially those following the called Mongol Doctrine, with their leaders Malvina Hazen and her brother Aleksandr Hazen among them, and sent them in what was called the desant: an invasion of the Republic of the Sphere. Officially, they had to take an advanced stronghold, opening in this way Clan Jade Falcon's path to go after them and conquer Terra, but in reality Khan Pryde simply expect to get rid of them by sending them to complete a suicide mission. For this reason, the only reinforcements she send them were the worst of the Falcon Touman: dezgra and solahma warriors.[1]

But Khan Pryde's plan backfired because despite their heavy losses, a defeat in planet Skye and the death of Aleksandr, the desant was a success. When the promised Falcon reinforcements did not arrive, the remaining leaders of the desant, Malvina Hazen and Galaxy Commander Beckett Malthus returned to Sudeten with the bulk of their remaining forces and then, Malvina challenged Pryde to a Trial of Position for the Khanship. Two attempts of murder against Hazen were tried, and two attacks failed, although it cannot be confirmed Khan Pryde was after them.[citation needed] Also Malvina received assistance from Clan Hell's Horses' Mongol followers, and a civil war inside Clan Jade Falcons started.[2]

When her forces were defeated, Jana Pryde was forced to move all the Falcon Touman to Sudeten, but even with that, her forces were defeated again. Finally, she agreed to have a duel against Malvina for the Khanship, trying to prevent more losses.[3]

Death and legacy[edit]

Jana Pryde and Malvina fought in their 'Mechs: a Turkina and a Shrike respectively. The fight took place aboard the Falcon warship Emerald Talon, almost destroying the ship in the process. After crippling each other's mechs, they proceeded to fight in the vacuum of space. Malvina managed to open the Khan's suit, exposing her to the vacuum. After receiving the death's kiss from Hazen, Jana died of asphyxiation.[4].

After taking Jana's place, Malvina ordered the Emerald Talon to fall on Sudeten, destroying the capital, Hammarr, and killing all its inhabitants.[5]


Jana Pryde piloted a Turkina she named Greenfeather.[6] Her personal DropShip was the Falcon's Egg, of unknown class.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Ruel Chistu
Khan of Clan Jade Falcon

Succeeded by
Malvina Hazen


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