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  • January: Clan Goliath Scorpion invades Granada, Valencia and Córdoba, swiftly defeating Castilian and Umayyad forces.
  • February 12th: The planet Paradise is subjected to extensive nuclear bombardment by Principality of Regulus forces.
  • March 22nd: Hannibal's Hermits are destroyed on Mica VII by Nakayama's Blood.
  • June 19th: A Taurian Concordat raid on the shipyards at Firgrove fails.
  • July 20th: A Word of Blake attack on Tukayyid is repulsed by Clan Diamond Shark naval forces.
  • November 30th: Andiron is attacked by the 49th Shadow Division.
  • Camacho's Caballeros spend nine months battling against raiders from the former Circinus Federation on various worlds.
  • Lyran Alliance attacks on Newtown Square and Kikuyu repulsed by Clan Jade Falcon.
  • Clan Jade Falcon counterstrike smashes Lyran defenses on three border worlds.
  • Graus conquered by Clan Jade Falcon, later reclaimed by the Lyran Alliance.


  • March 15th: Emissaries from the Calderon Protectorate begin to broker a peace treaty between the Federated Suns and Taurian Concordat.
  • April 1st: Tamar is reestablished as the Clan Wolf capital world.
  • July 2nd: The war between the Taurian Concordat and the Federated Suns ends.
  • September 1st: The Tao 'Mechworks plant on Styk is nationalized by the Capellan government.
  • October 12th: The world of Lopez is subjected to sustained asteroid bombardment, rendering the world uninhabitable in days.
  • Alphard Trading Corporation, Alphard branch and Marian Arms Incorporated finish building their first joint production line. This line produces primitive Centurion BattleMechs.
  • Clan Goliath Scorpion Abjuration from Clan Homeworlds completed; Scorpions migrate to Nueva Castile and form Escorpión Imperio.