Tamar 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-15.391 : 314.863[e]
Spectral classG6V[1][2][3]
Recharge time187 hours[2][3]
Recharge station(s)None (3025)[1]
Zenith (3076-3079)[2][3]

The Tamar system was home to at least one habitable world, Tamar III, and as of 3151 was located in the Clan Hell's Horses Occupation Zone.[4]

System Description[edit]

Tamar is located near the Kandis and Weingarten systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Tamar III[edit]

Tamar III
System positionThird[1][2][3]
Jump Point distance7.01 days[3]
Moons2 (Karachi, Islamabad)[2][3]
Surface gravity1.2[2][3]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[2][3]
Equatorial temperature36°C (Temperate)[2][3]
Surface water32%[2][3]
Highest native lifePlants[1][2][3]
Landmasses4 (Dilis, Amirani, Kopala, Zadeni)[3]
History and Culture
Population879,000,000 (3025, apocryphal),[40]
2,194,686,000 (3076–3079)[2][3]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerDuke of Tamar
CapitalTamar City[3]
HPG ClassA[1][2][3]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Virginia Hoppe (3025)[1]

Planetary History[edit]


Following the coup launched by Robert Marsden in 2375 that saw him installed as sole ruler of the Lyran Commonwealth, 22 worlds including Tamar were still opposed to his rule in 2378 and had withdrawn their support of both him and his new government. Many of these worlds were cowed into line through naval blockades that starved them into submission, but eight self-sufficient worlds - again, including Tamar - continued to hold out, and as a result were subject to full and bloody military invasions by Marsden's forces.[41]

Star League Era[edit]

Tamar served as the headquarters world of the XLII Corps of the Star League Defense Force in the final years of the Star League.[42]

Although two regiments of the Lyran Guards were garrisoning Tamar in 2765 - the Forty-first and Forty-fourth Lyran Guards - only the Forty-first was considered a full-time garrison for the planet; the Forty-fourth was expected to do service as a strategic reserve for the local region, deploying as needed.[43]

First Succession War[edit]

In late 2790 the Draconis Combine Admiralty raided Tamar, striking with a WarShip group that broke through Tamar's orbital defenses and destroyed the Bolson-Tamar Shipyards.[44]

Attack of 3022[edit]

Tamar was under attack by forces from the Draconis Combine in 3022, and the LCAF deployed additional units to reinforce the weak defense forces on the planet. Among these additional units was the mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars. The Irregulars' initial deployment went poorly, with the irregulars being dropped into the heart of Vrance, several kilometers away from their planned drop zone. At the time, Vrance was under the control of Combine forces headed by General Askam, but Cranston Snord used various unorthodox tactics to capture and then hold the city. Askam was impressed enough with the Irregulars performance to attempt to sway them to the Combine's service, offering a contract paying twice what the Commonwealth was paying the Irregulars, but balked when Snord's contract demands included being allowed to select his own targets "for collecting purposes". Askam attempted to counter the demand by offering more money, but negotiations ended when Archon Katrina Steiner announced that she would be increasing the Irregulars base pay.[45]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

At the start of the Fourth Succession War, the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces launched Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, the largest Lyran invasion of the Draconis Combine in centuries. Overall, this attack was an overwhelming success, as several dozen Combine worlds fell to House Steiner, most of them planets that had formerly been part of the Tamar Pact, decades or even centuries before. The Thirteenth Rasalhague Regulars, however, intended to counterattack rather than wait to be overwhelmed by the Commonwealth's war machine. They struck at Tamar, apparently without orders, knowing that a successful strike could demoralize the entire Commonwealth. They were opposed by the very capable Grave Walkers mercenary unit, with two heavy regiments.[46]

Unfortunately for the Grave Walkers, Duke Kelswa insisted on commanding the defense. When the Duke ordered the Grave Walkers into a death trap, Colonel Dennis Merwin, the Walkers' commanding officer, knocked the Duke unconscious and placed Kelswa and his entourage under arrest. The Walkers proceeded to rout the Regulars completely, with only a handful of the Kuritans surviving to surrender. Duke Kelswa, however, placed Colonel Merwin under arrest for treason, scheduling his execution for the following morning. The Lyran high command, however, pressed the Duke on the issue, pointing out his lack of military background and informing him he would be publicly court-martialed if he continued with his charges against Merwin. The Duke reluctantly released the Grave Walkers commander.[46]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Despite the protests of Duke Selvin Kelswa III, the government of the Federated Commonwealth refused to provide reinforcements to Tamar's defense to meet the coming invaders, citing the need to defend other worlds. Furious, Kelswa returned to Tamar City to prepare his own defenses, refusing to cooperate with any AFFC officials, even those of the Twenty-sixth Guards, despite their years of service as Tamar's principal defenders. On 7 November 3051, saKhan Natasha Kerensky of Clan Wolf arrived in orbit over Tamar, leading the Wolves' Alpha Galaxy. The former command of Nicholas Kerensky, the Dire Wolves were arguably the premier formation in all the Clans, the elite of the elite. Marshal Joy Corelli accepted Kerensky's batchall, and arranged her defenses between the Clan landing zones and Tamar City. The first major clash between the two forces came at Shonick Dale, where the Wolves attempted to break through the Lyran lines of defense. Although they held for six hours against Kerensky, the Wolves' second attempt came at night and drove the Guards back amidst vicious fighting. Corelli reorganized at Smitton, a village north of the capital, organizing her troops in the thick forests to offset Clan air cover and their superior weapon ranges. Unfortunately, this allowed two Elemental head hunter Stars to easily penetrate their lines, sowing confusion and chaos. When Alpha Galaxy attacked, they were forced to pull back once again. When they attempted to organize again at Tamar City, they were denied entry by Duke Kelswa, who by this point had gone mad. The Twenty-sixth Guards reluctantly set up their defenses outside the city walls, awaiting the coming Wolves. The following day, the assault began with a series of air strikes, followed up with harrying attacks by the Thirteenth Wolf Guards. With nowhere left to run, Corelli decided to preserve the remainder of her forces and retreat offworld. Offering transport to Kelswa, the Duke declined and would ultimately die with his men, but did send his daughter, Morasha Kelswa, along with the Guards. Steiner's Boots retreated to Kobe.[47][48] Not long thereafter, the Wolves attacked the capital, leading to the destruction of the Kelswa Guard and the Tamar War College Training Battalion, with both units fighting almost to the death. Duke Kelswa himself fell at the controls of his Atlas.[49] Despite the betrayal of Duke Kelswa, one of the Guards' armor units, the 343rd Tamar Heavy Armor Regiment, would serve as Duchess Morasha's honor guard in the years to come, and were permanently detached from the Twenty-sixth.[50]


Tamar was the subject of a damaging attack from Word of Blake forces on 28 December 3070, the Scouring of Tamar. The Blakists didn't land ground forces; instead, the attack consisted of seventeen nuclear strikes aimed at a number of heavily populated areas, including the Clan Wolf headquarters. Much of Tamar's infrastructure, including its spaceports, was wrecked and thousands of laborer and technician caste civilians were slain along with the Wolf saKhan Marialle Radick and many Alpha Galaxy warriors. The attack on Tamar, capital world of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, coincided with an attack on Arc-Royal, the capital world of Clan Wolf-in-Exile.[51][52][53]

The Wolves determinedly repaired and rebuilt the damaged portions of the planet, turning Tamar into an armed camp. The War College of Tamar, closed after the Wolf conquest two decades earlier, was reopened to bolster the Clan's depleted MechWarrior ranks and the planet served as a final assembly destination for BattleMechs. On the 1st of April 3080 Tamar was reestablished as the capital world for Clan Wolf in the wake of the Jihad.[54][53][55]

Dark Age[edit]

After Clan Wolf's warrior caste migrated out of its Occupation Zone in 3137, Clan Hell's Horses' Epsilon Galaxy moved swiftly to annex Tamar. The defenseless world fell without a fight.[56]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Forty-first Lyran Guards[43]
  • Forty-fourth Lyran Guards[43]








The planet has four major landmasses, Dilis, Amirani, Kopala, and Zadeni.[3]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Amirani (continent)
  • Dali: location of the OZ-1 and W-8 manufacturing facilities[68]
  • Dilis (continent)
  • Barbale: location of the War College of Tamar[3]
  • Smitton: a small village in a dense forest 20 kilometers north of Tamar City; site of an important battle during the Clan Invasion[69]
  • Tamar City: the planetary capital city[3]
  • Unspecified continent:
  • Chevy Chase: a city destroyed in 2825[70]
  • Red Hook: birth place of Duke Selvin Kelswa III[71]
  • Vrance: a city and site of a notable battle during the Third Succession War[45]
  • University of Tamar[72]
  • River Luvon: the "Right Bank" of this river is the historical center for this planet's art community[73]
  • Shonick Dale: site of an important battle during the Clan Invasion[69]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 44 systems (44 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Kandis 11.4 Weingarten 15.1 Moritz 17.5 Memmingen 22.7
Bushmill 23.4 Thannhausen 23.8 Volders 24.6 Kufstein 26.9
Skokie 27.3 Sevren 29.1 Stanzach 29.9 Laurent 31.2
Maestu 32.7 Kobe 33.4 Hohenems 33.7 Basiliano 34.2
Gunzburg 37.1 Hyperion 38.0 Karston 38.1 Bessarabia 39.4
Vorarlberg 41.2 Engadin 41.4 Heiligendreuz 41.5 Cusset 46.1
Hainfeld 46.4 Feltre 47.5 Perrot 47.6 Ridderkerk 47.7
Dell 48.6 Vulcan 51.6 Wheel 52.2 Biota 52.2
Svarstaad 52.3 Unzmarkt 52.4 Mozirje 52.7 Colmar 53.1
Rastaban 55.1 Thun 55.2 Ferleiten 56.4 Muswell 56.6
Radstadt 56.8 Lamar 56.8 Satalice 58.1 Kreller 58.5


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