Field Manual: Lyran Alliance

Field Manual: Lyran Alliance
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Christoffer Trossen
Pages 165
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee
Illustrations Steve Bryant
Doug Chaffee
Des Hanley
Brad McDevitt
Matthew Plog
Christina Wald
Loston Wallace
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1720
First published 1 July 2000
ISBN-10 1555603963
Universe Date 6 December 3062
Series Field Manuals
Preceded by Field Manual: Federated Suns
Followed by Field Manual: Periphery


The ninth in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Lyran Alliance describes the Lyran Alliance and its military circa 3062. Like Field Manual: Federated Suns before it, FM:LA describes the units, hierarchy, and training practices of the LAAF immediately prior to the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. Also included is a brief history that provides information on the Alliance up to 3062.

Like the other Field Manuals before it, FM:LA includes rules that provides each Lyran unit with special abilities, provides new life paths and sub-affiliations for RPG characters, and new equipment for use in now-Classic BattleTech. FM:LA saw the debut of the Heavy Gauss Rifle and Light Engine, as well as the Stiletto and Fafnir BattleMechs that make use of them. Finally, the massive Mjolnir-class WarShip got its start here, as well.

From the back cover[edit]

House Steiner has always been the unchallenged economic power of the Inner Sphere. Transformed from merchant-princes to a military juggernaut by years of war, the alliance with House Davion gave them the most powerful 'Mechs money can buy and a streamlined chain of command. Now, the Steiner-Davion alliance has fractured from within, threatening to engulf both nations in civil war.

BattleTech Field Manual: Lyran Alliance reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the new Alliance forces. This manual describes each Lyran regiment and its loyalties, profiles and special rules, plus cutting-edge equipment and the latest 'Mechs from the famed Steiner factories.


  • Awards and Decorations
3rd Alliance Guards
4th Alliance Guards
5th Alliance Guards
1st Alarion Jaegers
1st Bolan Jaegers
1st Coventry Jaegers
1st Donegal Jaegers
1st Skye Jaegers
11th Arcturan Guards
15th Arcturan Guards
17th Arcturan Guards
19th Arcturan Guards
20th Arcturan Guards
23rd Arcturan Guards
25th Arcturan Guards
2nd Donegal Guards
3rd Donegal Guards
4th Donegal Guards
5th Donegal Guards
6th Donegal Guards
7th Donegal Guards
8th Donegal Guards
11th Donegal Guards
13th Donegal Guards
14th Donegal Guards
17th Donegal Guards
3rd Lyran Guards
5th Lyran Guards
6th Lyran Guards
10th Lyran Guards
14th Lyran Guards
15th Lyran Guards
24th Lyran Guards
26th Lyran Guards
32nd Lyran Guards
36th Lyran Guards
3rd Lyran Regulars
4th Lyran Regulars
5th Lyran Regulars
7th Lyran Regulars
8th Lyran Regulars
9th Lyran Regulars
10th Lyran Regulars
11th Lyran Regulars
15th Lyran Regulars
1st Royal Guards
2nd Royal Guards
3rd Royal Guards
4th Skye Rangers
17th Skye Rangers
22nd Skye Rangers
1st Tikonov Republican Guards
2nd Tikonov Republican Guards
3rd Tikonov Republican Guards
  • Regional Militias
Alarion APM
Carlisle APM
Furillo BPM
Coventry CPM
Nekkar SPM
Dar-Es-Salaam CTM
Dixie CTM
Penobscot CTM
Accrington FTM
Alexandria FTM
Denebola FTM
Lyons FTM
Gacrux FTM
Thorin FTM
Chahar MTM
Neerabup MTM
Qanatir MTM
Kelenfold PTM
Koniz PTM
Alekseyvka TTM
Florida TTM
Teyvareb TTM
  • Training Units
  • Lyran Alliance Forces
  • Rules
    • Unit Assignment Tables
    • LAAF Units