Neerabup Melissia Theater Militia

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Neerabup MTM.jpg
Neerabup Melissia Theater Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Parent Formation Melissia Theater Militia formerly Periphery March Militia


The Neerabup Melissia Theater Militia (previously known as the Neerabup Periphery March Militia) is the defensive unit assigned to the outer edges of Lyran Commonwealth space. The Falcon Incursion of 3058 was a surprise to the unit as the Falcon line of advance didn't follow the expected course. Instead the Falcons swung wide and entered Lyran space through the Melissia Theater.

Prior to this the Neerabup MTM acted mostly as a mobile reserve for the 22nd Skye Rangers, who were also in the Melissia Theater. The only time the Neerabup MTM moved off Neerabup was when the Rangers engaged in a pirate hunting sortie.[1]

Unfortunately they were pinned down at Fort Dresden by the 5th Battle Cluster. Though the Clanners thought the militia would simply roll over and die, the Neerabup MTM held them off for several hours. Not one MTM unit broke and ran, something that the Jade Falcons couldn't claim.[2] As a result of their actions, the Falcons took many of the survivors as bondsmen. Speculation suggests that these bondsmen will be used to fill out the ranks of the 5th Battle Cluster.[3][4]

During the FedCom Civil War elements of the Neerabup MTM landed on Melissia along with elements of the Gacrux FTM and 15th Arcturan Guards. There they (along with the 3rd Alliance Guards and 6th Donegal Guards) faced seven clusters of Clan Jade Falcon. After three days of heavy fighting, the LAAF forces left the world, but the Third Alliance and Sixth Donegal Guards were destroyed.[5] The LIC sent the Neerabup MTM to Inarcs to destroy the 7th Crucis Lancers. The Lancers fought hard for six weeks, but the MTM eventually accepted their surrender.[6] They later assaulted the Jade Falcon-held system of Black Earth, where they faced the 3rd Talon Cluster.[7]

The Jihad was hard on the Neerabup MTM. In 3079 they were reduced to 15% of their normal strength, leaving them with slightly more than a company of 'Mechs.[8] By 3085 they had rebuilt to battalion strength by receiving replacement soldiers from the Qanatir MTM.[9] They were stationed on Main Street in 3085.[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Neerabup Melissia Theater Militia
Leutnant-General Edward McKenzie 3050 - 3059[11][12]
Colonel Mary Polk 3059 - 3085[13][14][10]


During the Falcon Incursion the Neerabup MTM was skilled in defensive tactics and able to find cover in nearly any terrain.[1]

After the loss of so many experienced soldiers, by 3062 the unit still wasn't able to operate as a large formation.

Composition History[edit]


Neerabup Periphery March Militia (Regiment/Green/Reliable) [15]

  • CO: Leftenant General Edward McKenzie [15]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Neerabup. [15]


Neerabup Periphery March Militia (/Green/Reliable) [16]

  • CO: Leftenant General Edward McKenzie [16]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Neerabup. [16]


Neerabup Melissia Theater Militia (Regiment/Regular Reliable/)[13][14][10]

  • CO: Colonel Mary Polk

Neerabup MTM Aerospace (Wing)[13]

Neerabup MTM Armor Brigade (Reinforced Regiment/Green/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Colonel Walford Alberts

Neerabup MTM Infantry Brigade (2 Regiments/Green/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Colonel Abigail Coombes




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