7th Crucis Lancers

Crucis Lancers 7th logo.png
Seventh Crucis Lancers
Formed 2784[1]
Nickname Broken Wheel Charioteers
Affiliation Federated Suns
Parent Command Crucis Lancers
Sub-Command(s) McKinnon's Company



The Seventh Crucis Lancers began in 2784, when the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns recruited a battalion of troops from the 142nd Battle Regiment,[1] one of the regiments within the 251st BattleMech Division,[2] itself a part of XIV Corps[3] in the Fourteenth Army.[1][3]

First Succession War[edit]

In mid 2796, the surviving elements of the Seventh Crucis Lancers on Kentares IV were waging a war of resistance against the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery occupation of the planet.[4] The resistance efforts on New Rhodes III waged by an insurgency headed up by the surviving elements of the Tenth Robinson Chevaliers had led to the DCMS choosing Kentares IV as a replacement supply and logistics hub for supporting their front line in the invasion of the Federated Suns.[5] The efforts of the Seventh Crucis Lancers had a deleterious effect on the DCMS supply lines, and while this wasn't a major threat to DCMS operations at the time, it raised the risk of contemplating the planned invasion of New Avalon. This led to Coordinator Minoru Kurita deploying the Sixth Sword of Light to Kentares to hunt down the resistance, with himself in command.[4]

The Sixth's landing in June was contested by insurgents, who were soon driven off by a combination of DCA aerospace fighter support, DCMS units already on Kentares and the superior martial skills of the Sixth. The greater part of the insurgents managed to escape the battle at the landing zone, leading to a month and a half of offensive operations by the Sixth in an effort to pin down and destroy the resistance. By mid-August, the surviving elements of the Seventh and the local resistance had been isolated on Bucholia, and then driven back into the Carmelite Mountain Chain, with only a small number of towns and agrocenters left free for them to draw supplies from.[4]

On the 9th of August, Minoru and his command company were passing New Snowfield, a town close to the southern foot of the Carmelite Mountains when Minoru paused, entranced by the natural beauty of his immediate environment. While some elements of his command company moved to secure New Snowfeld, Minoru disembarked from his BattleMaster accompanied by a handful of bodyguards and a buddhist monk; Minoru then dismissed his bodyguards and proceeded into a lightly wooded grove in a nearby meadow, accompanied solely by the monk. What Minoru and his company didn't realize is that he was under observation by an infantry platoon from the Lancers, commanded by Sergeant Latha Pischel. Pischel and his troops had no idea who exactly Minoru was, but correctly assessed that he was a figure of some importance, and Pischel took the opportunity to order his troops to fall back while he continued to observe and report back to his superiors. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Pischel shot Minoru in the back, killing him instantly, and fell back.[4]

When word of what had happened reached the AFFS High Command, First Prince John Davion reacted swiftly; as skilled an opponent as Minoru Kurita had been, his son, Jinjiro Kurita, was known to be a volatile, violent character, and the news of Minoru's death was met with great concern. John ordered the remaining AFFS forces on Kentares to fall back, in the hopes of denying Jinjiro a focus for his inevitable wrath. JumpShips diverted from Sonnia managed to evacuate the last AFFS forces just as Jinjiro arrived - a decision everyone came to regret, as Jinjiro responded to Minoru's death by ordering the Kentares Massacre. Sergeant Pischel was one of those who managed to escape from Kentares ahead of the massacre, only to later commit suicide when he learned of the consequences of his fateful shot.[4]

By 2797 the Goderich system, which had been conquered in the second wave of the massive invasion of the Federated Suns by the Draconis Combine, was back under Federated Suns control and was home to the remains of three regiments who had withdrawn from Kentares or systems nearby, and who had ties to Kentares: the Third Deneb Light Cavalry, the Seventh Crucis Lancers and the Twentieth Syrtis Fusiliers. When word reached Goderich of the massacre being conducted on Kentares IV by Coordinator Jinjiro Kurita, the three regiments became the first Armed Forces of the Federated Suns units to break ranks and launch furious, vengeance-driven attacks against nearby Combine forces, beginning in October 2797. Other units were soon doing the same, and by November the vengeful AFFS units had broken through the DCMS defenses on both Logandale and Marlette, returning both systems to Federated Suns control. This was the beginning of a resurgence across the AFFS that would eventually lead to the Combine invasion being turned back, and the majority of the conquered Federation worlds being liberated.[6]

In 2801, AFFS forces liberated Kentares IV, and discovered that a company-sized group of survivors from the Seventh had not only managed to survive on the planet, but under the command of Captain Kieran McKinnon, had managed to launch a spate of attacks and harassing actions against the remaining DCMS troops after Jinjiro had withdrawn from Kentares in 2797. The survivors—dubbed McKinnon's Raiders—made the liberation of Kentares considerably easier, and First Prince Paul Davion used their ability to conduct long-term, long-range raiding campaigns effectively during the various AFFS counteroffensives against the DCMS for the remainder of the war.[7]

Third Succession War[edit]

In 2900, Martin Kane-Logan, a descendant of one of the survivors from Kentares IV, was given command of the Seventh. By 2922 the unit was increased to the size of a brigade. Ineffective leadership by Randolph Kane-Logan forced the unit to be reduced to regiment size.[8]

In 3001, the Seventh Crucis Lancers were stationed on Lincoln and had to withdraw from an attack by Warrior House Imarra and Warrior House Lu Sann (Battle of Lincoln (3001)). This embarrassing defeat was later blamed on Duke Michael Hasek-Davion's treacherous machinations that hampered the Lancers.[9] In both this battle and a 3010 battle on Moore the Lancers were noted to have made extensive use of Shadow Hawks.[10]

McKinnon's Raiders gained the honorary name of Fox's Teeth for rescuing Hanse Davion from an assassination attempt in 3013

In 3013, McKinnon's Company was invited to New Avalon because of their exemplary service when corrupted elements of the Davion Guards tried to assassinate the new First Prince Hanse Davion. As one of the few units not part of the Guards, the Raiders were asked for help and thwarted the attempt. Davion rewarded McKinnon's Company by granting them the title of Fox's Teeth. This was a name that would gain much fame for the Lancers in the following decades.

In 3027, the Lancers saw action on the Combine world of Misery, fighting elements of Wolf's Dragoons.[11] Later in that year, the Seventh Lancers were stationed on Udibi, defending a major Davion supply depot. A mixed reinforced battalion of Dragoons launched an unsanctioned raid on the depot, catching the Lancers by surprise with the speed of their attack. Led by the Fox's Teeth, the Lancers quickly recovered, giving the mercenaries a stiff fight. The Dragoons escaped with a large haul of supplies, although the Lancers inflicted significant losses on the mercenaries, capturing Dragoon Captain Frank Woomack.[12]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In the Fourth Succession War, the Seventh Crucis Lancers attacked Tikonov with the other Crucis Lancer RCTs. There they fought elements of Hamilton's Highlanders.[13] After that attack, they moved on to take Menkib and Foochow.[14] The fifth wave of AFFS invasion into the Capellan Confederation saw the Seventh Crucis Lancers attacking New Macao,[15] and in the sixth wave of attacks they secured the Matsu system for the Federated Suns.[16] The critical shortage of JumpShips in the Sarna Commonality in 3029 saw the Seventh Crucis Lancers facing just a handful of regiments of poorly-trained reservists and volunteers when they landed on New Macao, which the Lancers swiftly defeated.[17]

War of 3039[edit]

The Seventh Crucis Lancers and the Second New Ivaarsen Chasseurs were assigned to take the world of Klathandu IV. The population of Klathandu had waited a long time for an invasion by Federated Suns forces, and welcomed the Seventh and Second with open arms. The units departed their DropShips to gain some shore leave and facilitate the move of Klathandu into the Suns.[18]

Preparing for the Combine counterattack turned the people of Klathandu from loyal subjects to neutral parties. They weren't happy that their world could become a battleground.[19] The Combine sent a strike force consisting of the Third Benjamin Regulars and the Second Galedon Regulars to bring Klathandu back into the Dragon's talons. The DCMS forces quickly drove two battalions of the Lancers out of a city and began to slowly but surely destroy Federated forces.[20] Only the recon work of Captain John David John made it possible for the two battalions to reach safety.[21][22] After watching the DCMS troops for two weeks, the Seventh attacked the flanks of the Combine force with two brigades of troops. Shocked by their appearance, the Combine troops had to withdraw. With no Federated reinforcements coming, and a lack of orders from the High Command, the Seventh's commander maintained a defensive approach to the fighting. This allowed the Seventh to use the terrain and the Combine warriors' impatience against their enemies. This worked well, as the Combine warriors began making suicidal charges against the Lancer positions. Though this inflicted losses on the Crucis Lancers, it nearly destroyed the Combine units. Of the original two 'Mech and six conventional regiments the Combine sent, by October there were only nine mixed battalions (barely three regiments). After reducing the Combine forces to approximately two regiments, the Seventh received a Black box transmission ordering them off Klathandu. Though stunned, the Lancers left Klathandu IV in the Combine's hands.[23]

After their withdrawal from Combine space the Seventh went to Xhosa VII to attack Ryuken-go and the Kanrei, who was personally leading the raid on the world. The Seventh slammed into two battalions of the Ryuken regiment, and less than an hour later the Combine troops were withdrawing under heavy fire. They left a company of 'Mechs behind.[24] This was small comfort to the AFFS however as the Ryuken had captured thousands of tons of supplies originally slated for the Davion Light Guards and other Federated Suns units.[25]

Clan Invasion[edit]

At the start of the Clan Invasion the Seventh lacked transport assets, and so didn't see any action against the Clans.[26]

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

The Seventh Crucis Lancers did not participate in Operation BULLDOG.[27]

Operation GUERRERO[edit]

In 3058 the LAAF reassigned transports to the Seventh and they began running a series of exercises on the Periphery worlds near their baseworld of Winter. During this time the Seventh would break into smaller units and practice defending multiple worlds. In 3060, the infantry and armor brigades went to the uninhabited Periphery system of Savarin 223-74 for exercises. After missing their check-in deadline, the Seventh's commander sent his 'Mech regiment to investigate. No trace of the detachment was found in the system, and after a year of searching the LAAF called off the search. This event cost the unit four JumpShips, sixteen DropShips, and approximately 11,000 soldiers.[26]

Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War the Seventh Crucis Lancers operated as three smaller units rather than a complete RCT. On Inarcs elements of the Seventh Lancers faced off against the Ninth Lyran Regulars. After Lancer aerospace units destroyed a Union DropShip, the Regulars landed. The Regulars' First Battalion was hit by Lancer armor and infantry as soon as they landed. The Lancers killed the Regulars battalion commander, throwing the unit into chaos. The Regulars couldn't recover and the Lancers forced them to move to their emergency rendezvous point. The Second Battalion of the Ninth Lyran Regulars withdrew to the rendezvous point after losing a company of 'Mechs to artillery and vehicle strikes. The Regulars' Third Battalion lost another company of 'Mechs to the Lancers' BattleMech battalion. The Lancer units harassed the Regulars as they were withdrawing to the rendezvous point, forcing the Regulars to lose more units. When the Ninth Lyran Regulars left Inarcs they only had a reinforced battalion of troops.[28][29] Several weeks later the Lancers were attacked by the complete Neerabup MTM. After six weeks of resistance and severely damaging the Blackstone BattleMechs Limited plants, the Seventh Crucis Lancers surrendered to the Lyran unit.[30]

Another third of the Seventh Crucis Lancers faced the Royal New Capetown Training Battalion and the Eleventh Arcturan Guards on Coventry. This detachment of the Seventh Crucis Lancers was flying the colors of the Thirty-ninth Avalon Hussars to confuse LIC. The Lancers quickly destroyed the Royal New Capetown Training Battalion and forced the Eleventh Arcturan Guards onto the defensive. The Seventh mauled the Eleventh, overrunning the Lyran unit when they tried to withdraw from Coventry. The Lyrans reduced the Lancer unit to a battalion of armor, two companies of 'Mechs, and a battalion of infantry.[citation needed]

The remaining third of the Seventh Crucis Lancers attacked the Turkina Eyrie Cluster on Chapultepec, forcing three trinaries of Clan warriors off the world.[31]

As they were missing several brigades of troops, the Seventh took up rear guard duties rather than engaging in direct combat. They rebuilt themselves up to Regimental Combat team strength by adding several free regiments of infantry and armor. After the FedCom Civil War these regiments were permanently assigned to the Seventh Crucis Lancers.[32] After relocating back to the Federated Suns from the Lyran Alliance the Seventh was assigned a new homeworld: Defiance.[33]


The AFFS High Command detached the Fox's Teeth company from the Seventh in 3069. They raided the Blakist held world of Demeter, maneuvering the Call of the Faithful III-Delta unit into an ambush featuring Hauberk battlesuits.[34] In 3076 the Seventh Crucis Lancers were part of a Coalition raid on New Earth. Though they were attacked by two Blakist Divisions, those units were mostly armor and infantry supported by a few light 'Mechs. The Seventh was able to withdraw under cover of fighter and artillery attacks on the Blakists.[35]

After the destruction of the Third Crucis Lancers' Mech unit, the conventional forces were reassigned to the Seventh and Second Crucis Lancers to replace combat losses. They also absorbed the survivors of the Sixth Crucis Lancers.[36] Though this increased their numbers significantly, many of the survivors of the Sixth Crucis Lancers suffered from "survivor's guilt". This led to a drop in overall morale in the Seventh. Several members of the former Sixth Lancers committed suicide due to their guilt, which led to further morale problems.[37]

In 3085, medical tests showed that many of the survivors of the Galax assault were not only dealing with psychological issues, but medical ones as well. The "Galax Syndrome" apparently consists of secondary effects of the Galax plague. Though most of the former Sixth Lancers have retired or left the service for medical reasons, there are still some that continue to serve. Seeing these Lancers suffer affects morale, as has the loss of McKinnon's Raiders to The Republic of the Sphere.[38]

Dark Age[edit]

The Seventh Crucis Lancers were one of the units destroyed on Palmyra during the Draconis Combine's invasion of the Federated Suns. Despite this, survivors of the Seventh acted as a resistance force against the DCMS forces on world.[39]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 7th Crucis Lancers
Brevet Colonel Alexander Dresari 2796[40]
Martin Kane-Logan 2900[8]
Randolph Kane-Logan 3000[8]
Ron Kane-Logan 3005 - 3013[8]
Masha Badanoff 3013 - 3020[8]
Colonel Rahdst MacDonnell 3021[41]
Marshal Robert Steadman 3025[42]
Marshal Winston Vaskursian 3039[43]
Leutnant-General Jasper Zibler 3050 - 3062[26][44][45]
General Jacob Hasek 3067[33]
Admiral Sammy Dahike 3085[46]

Other Unit Officers[edit]


The Seventh specializes in living up to their motto "Anything, Anywhere, Any Time" by focusing on conducting hard-hitting attacks.[26]

Composition History[edit]

2786 - 2821[edit]

Seventh Crucis Lancers (Regiment/Green/Questionable)[50]

Note: At this point in time the Seventh was a heavy-weight regiment operating at full strength and was stationed on Broken Wheel.[50]In 2821 the unit was operating at just over one-third of full strength, and was stationed on Doneval II.[50]


Seventh Crucis Lancers (Regiment/Green/Questionable)[51]

Note: At this point in time the Lancers were a heavy-weight regiment and had rebuilt to roughly three-quarters of full strength. The Lancers were stationed on Raman.[51]


Seventh Crucis Lancers (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[51]

Note: At this point in time the Lancers were a medium-weight regiment stationed on Raman, and had been reduced to a quarter of full strength.[51]


Seventh Crucis Lancers RCT[41]

  • CO Rahdst MacDonnell
Regimental Command Headquarters / Two 'Mech Lances
Vanur's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters / 'Mech
  • McKinnon's Company / 'Mech
  • Loughten's Company / 'Mech
  • Mifune's Company / 'Mech
Clifton's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters / 'Mech
  • Lexington's Company / 'Mech
  • Izquierda's Company / 'Mech
  • Christoph's Company / 'Mech
Smif's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters / 'Mech
  • Witson's Company / 'Mech
  • York's Air Company / aerospace fighters
  • Howard's Company / 'Mech


Seventh Crucis Lancers RCT (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[42]

  • CO: Marshal Robert Steadman[42]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Weekapaug.[42]


Seventh Crucis Lancers RCT (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[52]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Weekapaug.[52]


Seventh Crucis Lancers RCT (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[53]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Winter.[53]


Seventh Cruris Lancers RCT (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[45]

  • CO: Hauptmann General Jasper Zibler[45]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Winter.[45]


Seventh Crucis Lancers (1 Reinforced Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[26]

  • CO: Leutnant-General Jasper Zibler
Note: Best equipped, but only have a handful of OmniMechs
Seventh Crucis Lancers Armor Brigade (1 Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[26]
  • Twentieth Crucis Lancers Armored Regiment - Leutnant-Colonel: Sutton Scott Briggs
  • Seventh Crucis Lancers Artillery Battalion - Kommandant: Lila Dahar
405th Federation Interceptor Wing (1 Wing/Veteran/Fanatical)[26]
Note: Reinforced to 4 Squadrons


Seventh Crucis Lancers (Elite/Fanatical)[33]

  • CO: General Jacob Hasek
Seventh Crucis Lancers Aerospace Brigade (Elite/Fanatical)[33]
Seventh Crucis Lancers Armor Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[33]
  • CO: Leftenant General Dimitrios Furchini
Seventh Crucis Lancers Infantry Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[33]
  • CO: Major General Tal Le Frere


Seventh Crucis Lancers (Regiment/Elite/Questionable)[54]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Delos IV and Minette.[54] After the Jihad the Seventh Crucis Lancers was at 70% of their pre-Jihad strength, making them the most well-equipped Crucis Lancer unit.[37]


Seventh Crucis Lancers RCT (Elite/Questionable)[46]

  • CO: Admiral Sammy Dahike
Seventh Crucis Lancers Aerospace Brigade (Green/Reliable)[46]
  • CO: Colonel Mihovil Sinasohn
Seventh Crucis Lancers Armor Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[46]
  • CO: Major General Marius Dimov
Seventh Crucis Lancers Infantry Brigade (Green/Reliable)[46]
  • CO: Major General Anil Switzer


  • The motto of the Seventh Crucis Lancers is "Anything, Anywhere, Any Time".
  • The parade colors of the unit are Davion green with red and blue highlights.[26]
  • The famous "Fox's Teeth" company was a part of this unit.
  • The first edition of BattleForce stated that the Seventh Crucis Lancers was formed in 2795 on Winter, from Star League loyalists and semi-independent units affiliated with the Federated Suns; that their first mission was the defense of Kentares IV from the Draconis Combine, triggering what would become known as the Kentares Massacre. Survivors of the onslaught continued to perform guerrilla actions against the 2nd Sword of Light. Only two companies remained by the time the planet was liberated, McKinnon's Company and Kane's Company. The Seventh Crucis Lancers was kept on AFFS rosters as a memorial. The unit was reactivated during the Second Succession War, but was again effectively destroyed after one mission in Kurita space.[8] This has been superseded by First Succession War (sourcebook), which has differing origins for the Seventh, removing the question of why an AFFS unit would have formed up on a planet in the periphery regions of the Lyran Commonwealth during the First Succession War.
  • A company stated to be part of the Seventh Crucis Lancers, Captain Anthony Yarborough's Beaver's Reavers, was reported to have participated in an engagement against Terran Hegemony forces on Mirach in 2766 (i.e. well before the official formation of the unit).[55] It therefore is unclear if the name of the unit recorded as participating in this earlier engagement as the Seventh Crucis Lancers is incorrect, or if it is a predecessor unit of the same name.


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