Squadron (Formation)

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A Squadron is a standard aerospace formation common to most militaries of the Inner Sphere. The Clans, ComStar, and the Word of Blake do not use the term in their military organization.

Standard Squadrons[edit]

Most forces within the Inner Sphere field squadrons of identical size and organization. Each of these squadrons typically consist of three flights (sometimes instead referred to as air lances or simply lances), each of which contains two fighters, for a total of six fighters.[1] Squadrons are usually attached to ground forces at the battalion-level, with each flight supporting a company.


Capellan Confederation[edit]

In the Capellan Confederation, a squadron is instead composed of two elements (or triples), each consisting of three fighters, for a total of six fighters to a squadron.[2]

Marian Hegemony[edit]

Marian Hegemony squadrons consist of five flights of two, for a total of ten fighters to a squadron.[1]

Free Rasalhague Republic, Taurian Concordat, Calderon Protectorate[edit]

Rasalhague, Taurian, and Calderon squadrons all operate in two flights of two, for a total of four fighters to a squadron.[1]


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