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Field Manual: Capellan Confederation

Field Manual: Capellan Confederation
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Loren L. Coleman
Christopher Trossen
Pages 160
Cover artwork Doug Chaffee
Illustrations Steve Bryant
Storn Cook
Jeff Laubenstein
Kevin McCann
Brad McDevitt
Jim Nelson
Paul Phillips
Matthew Plog
Marc Sasso
Franz Vohwinkel
Loston Wallace
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1717
First published 1 January, 2000
ISBN-10 1555603882
Era Clan Invasion era
Civil War era


Field Manual: Capellan Confederation was the seventh in the Field Manual series. The book detailed the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, including a brief history of the Capellan Confederation the focused on the smallest Successor State's post-3025 existence, unit descriptions, synopses of major military training centers, and a description of the ways in which the CCAF's military bureaucracy works. After the fictional descriptions, the book detailed new rules for BattleTech and, for the first time, MechWarrior, Third Edition. It wrapped up with new equipment and new units that made use of that equipment.

FM:CC updated the Confederation to 3063. It also brought the Capellan-St. Ives War to its final conclusion.

From the back cover[edit]

Ravaged during the Succession Wars and poorly governed by paranoid Chancellors, the Capellan Confederation has languished at the mercy of its more powerful neighbors for centuries. However, the time of Xin Sheng has arrived. A new birth. The devious and brilliant Sun-Tzu Liao leads his people into a glorious era of national pride and prosperity. Through subterfuge and warfare, he is driven to reclaim everything the Confederation has lost.

BattleTech Field Manual: Capellan Confederation provides an in-depth look at the rising power of House Liao, including profiles on every Confederation regiment and the regiments of the newly conquered St. Ives Compact. Special rules reflecting the unique abilities of each regiment are included, along with new equipment and 'Mechs exclusive to the Capellan Confederation.


  • The Will of the State
  • Introduction
  • Capella Rising
  • Wayward Cousins
    • An Early Start
    • A Time Apart
    • Formative Years
    • Brief Renaissance
    • Second Coming
  • Sword of State
    • The Capellan Strategios
    • The Inclusion of St. Ives
    • Calling the Regiments
    • The New CCAF
    • Uniforms and Insignia

Red Lancers
Prefectorate Guard
Holdfast Guard
Dynasty Guard
Warrior House Imarra
Warrior House Kamata
Warrior House Hiritsu
Warrior House Lu Sann
Warrior House Dai Da Chi
Warrior House Fujita
Warrior House Ma-Tsu Kai
Warrior House Ijori
Death Commandos
2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry
3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry
5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry
6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry
7th Confederation Reserve Cavalry
1st Capellan Defense Force
2nd Capellan Defense Force
Kamakura's Hussars
Renshield's Dragoons
Vong's Grenadiers
Syn's Hussars
Kingston's Rangers
Sung's Rangers
McCarron's Command Battalion
1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry
2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry
3rd McCarron's Armored Cavalry
4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry
5th McCarron's Armored Cavalry
4th Tau Ceti Rangers
15th Dracon
Lockhardt's Ironsides
Laurel's Legion
Ambermarle's Highlanders
Harloc Raiders
Marshigama's Legionnaires
Shin Legion
1st St. Ives Lancers
2nd St. Ives Lancers
St. Ives Academy Training Group
Devon's Armored Infantry
Roman's Mounted Fusiliers
1st Janissaries
2nd Janissaries
Blackwind Lancers
Borodin's Vindicators
Jie Fang Legion
Free Republic Revolutionaries
Sarna Martial Academy Cadre
  • Index


This was the first Field Manual to incorporate new rules for MechWarrior, Third Edition (now known as Classic BattleTech RPG).


According to a post on the forums at (lost when the forums were hacked in 2011) by BattleTech author Camille Klein (posting as AcidQueen), the FM:CC author, Loren Coleman asked if she could supply him with names for unit commanders. She provided him with the names of numerous BattleTech fans who had been active on the Usenet group. A keyword search of archives resulted in matches for the following FM:CC personnel:

  • Red Lancers 2nd Battalion Commander Drew Patterson[1]
  • Red Lancers 3rd Battalion Commander Peter Smith[2]
  • Dynasty Guard CO Eric Salzman[3]
  • Dynasty Guard XO Jordan Weiss (for Jordan Weisman)
  • 6th Capellan Reserve Cavalry 2nd Battalion Commander Jeremy Kubasik (for Christopher Kubasik)
  • 7th Capellan Reserve Cavalry XO Shawna White (Camille's sister)[4]
  • 1st Capellan Defense Force Aerospace Wing Commander Alec Bain (Camille's husband)[5]
  • 3rd McCarron's Armored Cavalry, 3rd Battalion Commander Lance Hawkins (aka Øystein Tvedten)[6]
  • 4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry "Carson's Cavaliers" CO Richard Carson[7]
  • 4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry 2nd Battalion Commander Dave Stansel (David Stansel-Gardner)
  • 15th Dracon XO Clint Swereda[8]
  • Harloc Raiders 2nd Battalion Commander Michael Zabkar (Mike Zabkar on rgm)[9]
  • Harloc Raiders 3rd Battalion Commander Adam Olsen[10]
  • St. Cyr's Armored Hussars XO Ian Hayes[11]
  • 2nd St. Ives Lancers Air Lancers Wing Commander Brett Lonewolf (David "LoneWolf" Williams)[12]
  • Blackwind Lancers CO Warner Doles[13]

Author Loren Coleman also created a number of CCAF commanders with Asian-sounding names that were actually phonetic puns:

  • Protectorate Guard, Air Guard Wing Commander Nu Phang Gull (Newfangled)
  • House Imarra, 1st Company Commander Su Mur Kald (Summer Cold)
  • House Hiritsu Master Ty Wu Non (Tie One On)
  • House Ijori, 3rd Company Commander Meh So Hung (Me So Hung)
  • 2nd Capellan Reserve Cavalry CO Mai Tee Phyn (Mighty Fine)
  • 6th Capellan Reserve Cavalry "Arcade Rangers" CO Ni Tehn Dho (Nintendo)
  • Kamakura's Hussars XO Kan Ai Phyr (Can I Fire?)
  • Syn's Hussars CO Syn Sum Orr (Sin Some More)
  • 3rd Victoria Home Guard CO Pan Ti Lun (Panty Line)