St. Ives Janissaries

St. Ives Janissaries Brigade Insignia, ca. 3067
St. Ives Janissaries
Formed 3055
Disbanded 3068 (disbanded)
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
St. Ives Compact (previous)
Parent Command Capellan Confederation Armed Forces
St. Ives Military Command (previous)

An experimental combined arms brigade created by Duchess Candace Liao, the St. Ives Janissaries were modeled after the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns' Ceti Hussars. The regiment's 'Mechs, combat vehicles, and infantry were integrated at the company level instead of into traditional Regimental Combat Teams or regular regiments that separate types by battalion or regiment.

The brigade was dissolved in 3068 after the betrayal of the Second Janissaries.[1]


A series of Capellan attacks on the Compact during the 3040's showed Duchess Candace Liao that the existing SIMC could not hope to repel further Confederation assaults indefinitely. To this end, in 3047 the Duchess authorized the formation of the St. Ives Janissaries Corps, a new military unit to consist of three BattleMech brigades and named for the elite national guards of ancient Terra. The St. Ives Janissaries were patterned after the AFFS Ceti Hussars and intended to be more flexible and mobile than other SIMC units such as the St. Ives Armored Cavalry. [2]

While the Janissaries' organization and logistics framework were quickly established, the Clan Invasion would delay the creation and outfitting of its units. Though the necessary funds were available, the heavy losses on the Clan front meant that the AFFC and DCMS tied up the full production runs of nearly every Inner Sphere armaments manufacturer. Rather than merely wait until large enough orders could be made, Duchess Liao poured the funds set aside to outfit the Janissaries into the expansion and upgrading of the Compact's military industrial complex. By 3055 these efforts bore fruit, surplus from the additional production lines opened in addition to a few extra machines from the Federated Commonwealth enabled activation of the First Janissaries 'Mech regiment and its supporting units. By 3060 both the First and Second Janissaries were operational, posted along the Compact-Confederation border, as the formation of the Third Janissaries was finally initiated. [2]

The Janissaries would first see combat during the Capellan-St. Ives War, proving their mettle but suffering heavy losses during the first weeks of the war, the First and Second absorbing the incomplete Third just to remain at full combat-strength. [2]

Unfortunately the integration of the Janissaries into the mainstream CCAF would leave them marginalized, their combat doctrine at best misunderstood, at worst reviled by many Capellan officers. Though considered a black sheep by many, the skill and ability shown by the Janissaries during the war and the personal interest of Duchess Candace Liao protected them from disbandment. Defending the St. Ives Commonality against a Davion attack that nobody at the time expected would ever come, immediately prior to the Jihad Duchess Liao would send the First on a series of pride inspiring "patrols" through St. Ives space, while Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao sent the Second to aid the Magistracy of Canopus.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the St. Ives Janissaries


Different per unit.

Units of the St. Ives Janissaries[edit]

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