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The Capellan–St. Ives War (known as the Xin Sheng Campaign to the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces), as its name implies, was a war that primarily involved the Capellan Confederation and the St. Ives Compact. Referred to as a civil war by both sides and acknowledged as such by decision of the Star League, it was regarded diplomatically as an "internal Capellan matter". Regardless, the war would involve units from virtually every faction and would serve as a preview to the brutality witnessed during the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. Though the conflict officially started in 3061, hostilities began in 3060. The war lasted from 3061 until 3063.[1]


The St. Ives Compact was originally a part of the Capellan Confederation that seceded during the Fourth Succession War. To prevent the CCAF from retaking them, the Compact formed an alliance with the Federated Commonwealth and allowed several Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth regiments to garrison their planets.[2][3]

Following the discovery of Operation DOPPELGANGER, the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation launched the wildly successful Operation Guerrero. The consequences of the Liao-Marik Offensive of 3057 eventually led to the rise of Katherine Steiner-Davion as Archon of the Lyran Alliance, plus the creation of the Chaos March and Disputed Territories.[4]

Short of the troops needed to finish retaking the Chaos March and holding the Disputed Territories, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao personally traveled to Canopus IV to negotiate with Magestrix Emma Centrella for Canopian aid. Under the proposed agreement, the Magistracy Armed Forces would augment CCAF operations in exchange for advanced technology access and educational aid. Sun-Tzu Liao's decisive actions in ending the Pirates War cinched the deal for the Magestrix and the alliance between the Magistracy of Canopus and Capellan Confederation was finalized in 3058.[5][6]

While this détente was occurring, the Jade Falcon Incursion took place, the result of which led to the 1st Whitting Conference and the formation of the Second Star League in November of 3058. Political rivalries of the various Inner Sphere leaders present resulted in the selection of Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao as First Lord of the Star League. Under the mantle of the Second Star League, operational control of most Chaos March military production facilities, including Sarna and Styk,[7] was obtained by Periphery allies of the Confederation. It was also during this period that the Xin Sheng movement was started.[8][9]

Operation BULLDOG began in 3059. On November 1, a task force including Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and Kai Allard-Liao left the Inner Sphere to reinforce Task Force Serpent on Huntress. Yvonne Steiner-Davion was left as Regent of the Federated Commonwealth.

Units Involved[edit]


  • Units listed include CCAF garrison units targeted by known SIMC raids.
  • Unlike other conflicts, units were transferred elsewhere while battle was still raging on-planet, and they were replaced by other units. Multiple entries on unit location will be common.
  • The St. Ives Compact Home Guard tended to have BattleMechs of up to a battalion in strength.
  • At times there is considerable conflict between what was written in various sourcebooks and in the novels.

Forces of the Capellan Confederation and Allies[edit]

Total Strength: Approximately 36 Regiments

Unit Name Faction Years Location Notes
2nd Oriente Hussars[10][11] Free Worlds League 3060–3061 Indicass (3060–3061)[10][11] Under SLDF colors
2nd Dieron Regulars[12][11] Draconis Combine 3060–3061 Vestallas (3060–3061)[12][11] Under SLDF colors; two battalions with Air Wing and Infantry[11]
5th Lyran Regulars[13] Lyran Alliance 3060–3061 Nashuar (3060–3061),[13] Brighton (3061) Under SLDF colors
Raman DMM[11] Federated Commonwealth 3060–3061 Brighton (3060–3061)[11] Under SLDF colors
6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry[14] Capellan Confederation 3060–3063 Denbar (3060–3061),[14] Indicass (3062), Ambergrist (3062–3063)[15] Under SLDF colors until 3061;[14] increased to two battalions in 3061 and then three battalions in 3062.
3rd Canopian Fusiliers[16] Magistracy of Canopus 3060–3063 Milos (3060–3061),[16] Nashuar (3061–3062),[16] St. Ives (3062),[16] Denbar (3063)[16] Under SLDF colors until 3061
1st Canopian Light Horse[17] Magistracy of Canopus 3062–3063 Brighton (3062–3063)[17] No significant combat action[17]
Taurian Velites[18][19] Taurian Concordat 3062–3063 Ambergrist (3062–3063)[20][19] Over 66% casualties by end[20][19]
Concordat Jaegers[18][19] Taurian Concordat 3062–3063 St. Ives (3062),[19] Warlock (3063)[19] About 33% casualties by end[19]
Concordat Cuirassiers[18] Taurian Concordat 3062 Destroyed in the fighting[18]
Vandelay's Valkyries[21][22] Taurian Concordat 3061[22] Texlos[21] Mercenaries
Pleiades Hussars[23] Taurian Concordat 3061–3062 St. Ives (3062)
Longwood's Bluecoats[18] Taurian Concordat 3063 Unknown Mercenaries
Holdfast Guard[24] Capellan Confederation 3062 Capella (3062) Defending unit in a St. Ives Compact raid
Warrior House Kamata[25] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Ambergrist (3062–3063)[25]
Warrior House Hiritsu[26] Capellan Confederation 3060–3063 Hustaing (3060), Denbar (3061), Nashuar (3061–3062), St. Loris (3062), St. Ives (3062)[26]
Warrior House Dai Da Chi[27] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Indicass (3061), St. Ives (3062), Tantara (3062–3063)[28] Two battalions
3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry[29] Capellan Confederation 3062–3063 Denbar (3062),[29] St. Loris (3062), Ambergrist (3062–3063) Command Company destroyed on Denbar[29]
Marshigama's Legionnaires[30] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Denbar (3061–3062)[30] Increased to two battalions in 3061[30]
1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry[31] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Vestallas (3061),[12] Nashuar (3062), St. Ives (3062)[31] Two battalions[31]
Little Richard's Panzer Brigade Capellan Confederation 3062–3063 St. Loris (3062–3063) Mercenaries
1st Capellan Defense Force[32] Capellan Confederation 3062 New Sagan (3062)[32] Defending unit in a St. Ives Compact Raid
Vong's Grenadiers[33] Capellan Confederation 3062 St. Ives (One battalion)(3062)
Prefectorate Guard[34] Capellan Confederation 3062 St. Ives (One battalion)(3062)
Warrior House Ijori[35] Capellan Confederation 3062 Jasmine[36] Infiltrated by the Thuggee Cult.; the resulting infighting caused over 60% casualties.[35]
2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry[15] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Indicass (3061), Ambergrist (3062–3063),[15] Denbar (3063)[15]
5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry[37] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Indicass (3061),[37] Denbar (3062), Tantara (3062),[38] Warlock (3063)[37][39] Tantara entry in conflict with other sources.[38][37]
2nd Capellan Defense Force[40] Capellan Confederation 3062 Necromo[40] Defending unit in a St. Ives Compact raid which caused 50% losses.[40]
Renshield's Dragoons[28] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Tantara (3062–3063)[28]
2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry[41] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Milos (3061), Brighton (3061–3062),[41][42][17] St. Loris (3062), Milos (3062),[41] Warlock (3063) Commanding Officer killed on Milos.
3rd McCarron's Armored Cavalry[43] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Held in reserve, but pursued 1st St. Ives Lancers during counterattack.
4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry[44] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Gei-Fu (3062)[44] Held in reserve, but pursued 1st St. Ives Lancers during counterattack.
5th McCarron's Armored Cavalry[43] Capellan Confederation 3061–3063 Held in reserve, but pursued 1st St. Ives Lancers during counterattack.
Sarna Martial Academy Cadre[45] Sarna Supremacy 3062 Sarna (3062), Capella (3062)[45] Defending Unit in a St. Ives Compact Raid. Severely damaged 1st St. Ives Lancers on Capella.[45]
Death Commandos[46] Capellan Confederation 3062 Milos (Lance)(3062), Taga (battalion)[46]
116th Home Guard Regiment Capellan Confederation 3061–3062 Milos (3061–3062) One battalion
Elias Jung[47] Capellan Confederation 3062 Milos (3062) WarShip

Forces of the St. Ives Compact and Allies[edit]

Total Strength: Approximately 34 Regiments

Unit Name Faction Years Location Notes
Blackwind Lancers[20] St. Ives Compact, Free Capella (3062)[20] 3060–3063 [(2nd Battalion) Hustaing (3060),[20] Denbar (3061–3062), Indicass (3062), Ambergrist (3062)[20]], [(1st Battalion) Milos (3060–3061), Nashuar (3062)], [(3rd Battalion) Texlos (3060–3061), Ambergrist (3062)[20]] Usually deployed in battalions; 2nd Battalion was disbanded in 3060 but slowly rebuilt afterwards, and their Commanding Officer was killed in the Black May attacks. The 1st Battalion was destroyed 3062, and the Lancers joined Free Capella in 3062.[20]
Tau Galaxy - Vision Keshik[48] Clan Nova Cat 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), St. Ives (3062) One Trinary under Star League colors
Tau Galaxy - 9th Nova Cat Regulars[48] Clan Nova Cat 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), St. Ives (3062) Under Star League colors
Tau Galaxy - 12th Nova Cat Regulars[48] Clan Nova Cat 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), St. Ives (3062) Under Star League colors. Raided several CCAF held Compact Worlds. 1 Trinary lost.
Tau Galaxy - 100th Striker Cluster[48] Clan Nova Cat 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), St. Ives (3062) Under Star League colors
Tau Galaxy - 274th Battle Cluster[48] Clan Nova Cat 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), St. Ives (3062) Under Star League colors
Eridani Light Horse - Command and Transport Division[49] Star League 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), Milos (3062)[41] Part of the SLDF
Eridani Light Horse - 151st Light Horse[50] Star League 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), Milos (3062)[41] Part of the SLDF
Eridani Light Horse - 21st Striker Regiment Star League 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), St. Ives (3062) Part of the SLDF; held as Reserve.
Eridani Light Horse - 19th Cavalry Regiment[51] Star League 3062–3063 Kittery (3061), Milos (3062)[41] Part of the SLDF
2nd St. Ives Lancers, 2nd Battalion[52] St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 Indicass (3060)(3061), Milos (3061),[52][16] Denbar (3061), St. Loris (3062),[52] Ambergrist (3062), Tantara (3062), Warlock (3063)[19] Deployed at battalion strength.[52] Tasked with supply delivery on all St. Ives planets using salvage.[52]
Rubinsky's Light Horse[53][54] St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 Indicass (3060–3061),[54] St. Loris (3062) Mercenaries
St. Ives Cheveau-Légers[55] St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 Indicass (3rd Battalion) (3060–3062) Lost two battalions in Operation BULLDOG.[55] Destroyed 3062.[55]
7th FedCom RCT[13][25] Federated Commonwealth 3060–3063 Nashuar (3060–3062),[13] Ambergrist (3062)[25] Commanding Officer was killed in Black May attacks
Nashuar Home Guard St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 Nashuar Originally a Company of BattleMechs, but became a battalion by 3062.
Aliesha's Mounted Fusiliers[12] St. Ives Compact 3060 Vestallas (3060–3061),[12] Armaxa (3061),[12] Nashuar (3062), Ambergrist (3062),[15] St. Ives (3062), St. Loris (3063)[12] Mercenaries,[12] but became part of CCAF at end[12] Surrendered on St. Loris.[12]
Raymond's Armored Infantry[42] St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 Brighton (3060–3062),[42][56][17] St. Ives (3062), Tantara (3063)[42] Mercenaries,[42] but became part of CCAF at end.[42] Commanding Officer was killed in Black May attacks[42]
Group W[39] Federated Commonwealth 3061–3063 Taga (3061),[39] Nashuar (3rd Battalion)(3061–3062),[39] Tantara (3062),[39] Warlock (3063)[39] Mercenaries; sublet to St. Ives Compact[39]
Arcadians[57] St. Ives Compact 3061–3063 Nashuar (battalion) (3061–3062) Reinforced Regiment of mercenaries[57]
1st St. Ives Lancers[58] St. Ives Compact 3061–3063 Necromo (3062),[40] New Sagan (3062),[32] Sarna (3062), Capella (3062),[45] Gei-Fu (3062),[44] St. Ives (3062)[58]
Federated Freemen[59][60] Capellan March[59] Unknown Unknown
Illician Lancers - 59th Strike Regiment[61] Federated Commonwealth 3062 Ambergrist (1st Battalion)(3060–3062), Texlos (2nd and 3rd Battalions)(3060–3061) Mercenaries
403rd ComStar Division[62] ComStar 3062 Nashuar (3062)[62] Provided supplies and saw limited combat[62]
321st ComStar Division[62] ComStar 3062 Warlock (3062)[62] Provided supplies and saw limited combat[62]
87th ComStar Division[63] ComStar 3062 St. Ives (3062)[63] Provided supplies and saw limited combat[63]
14th Donegal Guards Federated Commonwealth 3060–3062 Taga (3060), St. Ives (3062) Replaced in 3062 by 5th Davion Guards
5th Davion Guards Federated Commonwealth 3063 Spica (3061–3062), Teng Front (3062–3063) Replaced the 14th Donegal Guards in 3062
St. Ives Academy Training Group[56] St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 St. Ives (3060),[56] Brighton (3060–3062),[56] Tantara (3063)[56]
1st Janissary Brigade[38] St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 Tantara (3062),[38] Warlock (3063)[38][39] Tantara entry in conflict with other sources[38][37]
2nd Janissary Brigade[64] St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 Warlock (3060),[64] Denbar (3061),[64] Indicass (3062),[64] St. Loris (3062–3063)[64] Commanding Officer killed in Black May attack[64]
Borodin's Vindicators[65] Free Capella[65] 3062–3063 Denbar (3062), Indicass (3062), Ambergrist (3062), Texlos (3063)
Khorsakov's Cossacks[66] St. Ives Compact 3060–3063 Indicass (3060), St. Loris (3060), St. Loris (3062) Mercenaries
Gabhardt's Carabineers[67] St. Ives Compact 3061–3063 Unknown Mercenaries
The Medusans[46] Capellan March[46] 3061–3063 Taga[46] Mercenaries that acted as supply escorts[46]
Wild Geese[68] St. Ives Compact 3063 Ambergrist (3063)[68] Consisted of a reinforced Regiment[68]
1st Cunningham's Commandos[69] Capellan March[69] 3061–3063 Unknown Mercenaries that acted as supply escorts[69]
2nd Cunningham's Commandos[69] Capellan March[69] 3061–3063 Unknown Mercenaries
Thor's Hammers[70] St. Ives Compact 3061–3062 Brighton (3061–3062)[70] Mercenaries part of an Artillery Battalion[70]
Hollings York ComStar 3062 Milos (3062) Flew Star League colors and acted as a WarShip escort
Avenging Sword ComStar 3062 Milos (3062) Flew Star League colors and acted as a WarShip escort

Political and Military Actions[edit]

Phase I: Appearances and Politics[edit]

The departure of Prince Victor Steiner-Davion for the Clan Homeworlds was discovered by the Maskirovka in March of 3060.[71] Without the aid the ruler of the mighty AFFC could bring, the St. Ives Compact could never withstand a direct invasion from the Capellan Confederation. However, two factors prevented a frontal assault from being attempted: the Star League Council and the Xin Sheng movement.

The St. Ives Compact could rely on the Star League Council votes of itself, the Federated Commonwealth, the Draconis Combine, and the Rasalhague Republic as opposed to the Capellan Confederation's, the Free Worlds League's and the Lyran Alliance's votes.[72] This guaranteed that any invasion would be condemned by the Star League along with its threat of foreign interference. With Sun-Tzu Liao already using the prestige of being First Lord to launch the Xin Sheng movement,[8][9] any perceived abuse of his office would have very well crippled that effort as well. For these reasons, all actions they took must be seen as legal, reasonable, and right.

In July of 3060, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao and Isis Marik began a tour of various Capellan worlds bordering the St. Ives Compact. To promote the Xin Sheng movement, the Chancellor took this opportunity to elevate the McCarron's Armored Cavalry into the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces as a regular line unit. Calls for pan-Capellan unity and praise for those who did not abandon the realm rang from planet to planet. In the St. Ives Compact, such words were seen as the insult they were intended as, and agitation began to increase. Duchess Candace Liao recognized the danger and reassigned the fanatical Khorsakov's Cossacks away from the border. Despite these precautions, a battalion of Blackwind Lancers jumped the border and attacked the Chancellor's retinue anyway.[73]

In September of 3060, the 2nd Battalion of the Blackwind Lancers under the command of Major Trisha Smithson plus two mercenary companies left their garrison on Denbar and assaulted the Confederation world of Hustaing with the intent of capturing or killing Chancellor Liao and his fiancée, Duchess Isis Marik. The principal defenders on-planet were only the Chancellor's escort, Warrior House Hiritsu, and the local Home Guard.[73] The fighting devastated the capital city of Qingliu and spurred massive anti-Confederation protests throughout the Compact. It ended in October with the unconditional surrender of the St. Ives troops. The entire operation was doomed to failure as not only was Sun-Tzu Liao not present but that Major Smithson was revealed privately to be a Maskirovka agent.

Phase II: SLDF Peacekeepers[edit]

Citing the attack on Hustaing, Duchess Candace Liao's lack of condemnation, and the rallies of Compact citizens[74] as proof that further attacks may be forthcoming, First Lord Sun-Tzu Liao deployed SLDF peacekeepers to six St. Ives Compact border planets with orders to disarm their garrisons.[75] These peacekeepers were units selected from other realms and deployed where they would likely aggravate the local Compact troops. Skirmishes between the 2nd Oriente Hussars and the 2nd St. Ives Lancers on Indicass, the 5th Lyran Regulars and the 7th FedCom RCT on Nashuar and the 6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry and the Home Guard on Denbar erupted almost immediately and reinforced Sun-Tzu Liao's claim of an out-of-control St. Ives military. Despite Duchess Candace Liao's peaceful noncompliance orders, incidents continued to escalate. Regular CCAF units began arriving as reinforcements by January of 3061 to assist the SLDF in maintaining the peace.[73]

Affairs inside the Star League Council and the Inner Sphere at large continued to worsen for the St. Ives Compact in January of 3061. The unprovoked attack on SLDF peacekeepers led the Star League Council to vote four to two against the Compact's call to repeal First Lord Sun-Tzu Liao's policies.[73] Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion, ally of the St. Ives Compact, stepped down as interim Ruler of the Federated Commonwealth in favor of her sister and secret Confederation ally, Katherine Steiner-Davion. Meanwhile, Magestrix Emma Centrella and Protector Jeffrey Calderon were still held captive by President Sherman Maltin after being captured during the Detroit Conference in December of 3060.

On 7 February 3061, all-out fighting broke out on Denbar as its Home Guard attempted to destroy the SLDF's 6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry. Timely arrival by Warrior House Hiritsu saved the fledgling unit and utterly defeated the Home Guard. With the violence as proof that Denbar could not be pacified and still represented a threat to the Capellan Confederation, Warrior House Hiritsu annexed Denbar in the name of the Confederation. The Capellan Confederation reclamation of the St. Ives Compact had begun.[73]

Phase III: Escalation[edit]

The fall of Denbar loosened the restrictions imposed by Duchess Candace Liao, though fighting the SLDF was still to be avoided. Raids against the supply lines of both the SLDF and CCAF were authorized as well as supplying the growing resistance movements on the occupied worlds. Mercenaries such as the Arcadians and Group W were hired. Reinforcements were sent to the beleaguered planets under SLDF and CCAF occupation.

Regardless of the will of St. Ives, the violence continued to climb as the SLDF and CCAF attempted to force a disarmament on the unwilling. Ceres Metals on Indicass fell to the 2nd Oriente Hussars in late January 3061 with the entire planet of Milos defecting soon after Denbar. By April, both Vestallas and Brighton were on the verge of falling while on Nashuar the brutality of the fighting had reached unprecedented levels.

There wasn't only bad news for St. Ives, however. March of 3061 saw the return of Task Force Serpent to the Inner Sphere with Duke Kai Allard-Liao and Victor Steiner-Davion among them. Furthermore, the upcoming Star League Conference in November prompted First Lord Liao to begin the gradual withdrawal of SLDF troops from the St. Ives Compact.

June of 3061 also saw the rescue of Emma Centrella and death of Jeffrey Calderon as Capellan and Magistracy troops stormed Sherman Maltin's defenses on Detroit. Lord Grover Shraplen would be the new Protector by September. Believing that the Federated Commonwealth instigated both Maltin's rebellion and the death of the former Protector, Protector Shraplen sent a token Taurian force to punish AFFC troops in the St. Ives Compact.[18]

The replacement of SLDF units with CCAF regulars shed what little veneer the peacekeeping mission had left. Freed from the limitations of foreign troops, the Confederation mounted a full offensive against the weakened border planets. Indicass, Denbar, Milos, Vestallas, and Brighton were flying the flag of the Capellan Confederation by November of 3061.

Interlude: 2nd Whitting Conference[edit]

The Second Star League Conference held significant importance to all concerned factions. Unable to directly defeat the Capellan Confederation, the Star League Council was the best chance Duchess Candace Liao had for forcing a negotiated solution or obtaining military aid. Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao's objective was to classify the conflict as an internal Capellan matter to assure noninterference. The key to obtaining either outcome depended on the votes to become the next First Lord.

The final result was a tie between his Capellan ally, Katherine Steiner-Davion and his Compact ally, Theodore Kurita. As ComStar was given the tie breaker, Precentor Martial Focht announced his retirement and named Victor Steiner-Davion as his replacement. Victor Steiner-Davion's vote would then make Theodore Kurita the new First Lord of the Star League. First Lord Kurita then promptly appointed Victor Davion as the new Commanding General of the SLDF.[76][77]

This result was not a complete victory for the St. Ives Compact. The Capellan Civil War was still officially considered as an internal Capellan matter and a deadlocked Council meant that the SLDF could not legally deploy forces against the CCAF. However, the First Lord was now a de facto ally and as Sun-Tzu Liao has shown, the position can make a difference.

Phase IV: St. Ives Compact Strikes Back[edit]

The first four months of 3062 were very good days for the St. Ives Compact. While still facing inevitable defeat against a better supplied foe, the rate of loss was slowed and morale was higher. With Precentor Martial and SLDF General Victor Steiner-Davion, both ComStar and the SLDF began to ferry supplies and troops to St. Ives forces. Both actions were illegal so the SLDF's movements were technically classified as "exercises" while ComStar was simply "misplacing" supplies.[76][62][75][48] In addition, Tormano Liao of Free Capella[20] and Duke George Hasek of the Capellan March added their own resources and troops to the Compact's side. All these provided the Compact with greater tactical flexibility and even mount a few major counteroffensives for the first time.

The main thrust of the offensive was borne by Duke Kai Allard-Liao and his 1st St. Ives Lancers. Attacking the logistics network inside the Capellan Confederation itself, the Lancers were slowly crippling the support structure in which the campaign depended upon.[58] His strike on Necromo[40] in early February severely damaged the DropShip repair facilities there while another raid on Sarna in March did equally well. In both instances, the defending garrisons were decimated.

A secondary thrust was composed of individual battalions of the 2nd St. Ives Lancers, of which Cassandra Allard-Liao was a part. Focused on raiding enemy forces and resupplying the beleaguered defenders along the front, they acted as a mobile reserve that stalled and occasionally reversed the Capellan advance.[52]

On Denbar, the recently disbanded 2nd Battalion of the Blackwind Lancers emerged from extinction to destroy the Regimental Command Company of the 3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry. Resupplied back to battalion strength by the 2nd St. Ives Lancers' supply runs, they then transferred to Indicass under the authority of Mandrinn Tormano Liao and his newly arrived Free Capella.[78] There they and Free Capella attempted to retake the planet or at least prevent the CCAF from securing it.

On St. Loris and Taga, the Capellan Confederation advanced their campaign to reclaim their former commonality. Like Milos and even Denbar, significant portions of the planet's population welcomed the return of the Confederation and promptly defected when given the chance. This allowed the CCAF a natural staging ground from which to expand their control.

On Nashuar, the battle for control of the planet has continued as a stalemate. Easily the most brutal theater so far, Nashuar suffered the greatest collateral casualties of any area seen.

It was also during this period that Sun-Tzu Liao broke his engagement to Isis Marik. The former fiancée of the Chancellor would be ejected from the Confederation forthwith. Instead of fleeing to the Free Worlds League, Isis Marik headed to the Federated Commonwealth. Her travel was escorted by a Confederation WarShip until she exited Capellan space. Her departure required the redeployment of Capellan troops along the Marik border, further depleting the troops available for the St. Ives war.

Phase V: Black May[edit]

Around mid-December of 3060, a battalion of the 1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry dropped on the planet Wei in the Disputed Territories. Wei used to be the site of an old Star League–era nerve gas repository. Unprepared and unaware that the local defenders had found a cache of the UrbStryc-A Nerve Gas, the entire battalion was wiped out.[31] It wasn't until June of 3061 before Wei was pacified but no trace of the nerve gas stockpiles were found.

That mystery was solved on the 2nd of May, 3062; on that day Kali Liao informed the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation that her Thuggee Cult had obtained canisters of the Wei nerve gas[31] and would begin attacking military and political targets in the St. Ives Compact immediately. Horrified by the upcoming humanitarian disaster and the even more dangerous political consequences that came with it, Sun-Tzu put his sister into custody and began coordinating with Duchess Candice Liao to stop the Thuggees. Fortunately, the mentally unbalanced Kali Liao was more than willing to give up her followers at the request of her brother. The Black May attacks would last till early June and kill only 10,000 out of the 5 million originally estimated to die. Kali Liao was handed over to the Star League Council for a war crimes trial in Atreus. She would be found innocent by reason of insanity but be exiled to Highspire by her brother, Sun-Tzu Liao. Maskirovka Director Sasha Wanli fled the Capellan Confederation and defected to the St. Ives Compact over the belief that she would be executed for her failure to stop the Black May attacks. She was assassinated a few months later on St. Ives.

Regardless, the first few days of Black May achieved complete surprise and targeted as many high-ranking soldiers and politicians that it could. It succeeded in killing Mandrinn Tormano Liao and General Simone Devon on the first day. Duchess Candice Liao and Major Cassandra Allard-Liao were saved at a great cost. Isis Marik's JumpShip was saved by her escorting WarShip. The commanding officers of the Blackwind Lancers, the 2nd Janissaries,[64] Raymond's Armored Infantry,[42] the 7th FedCom RCT, and Nashuar's Military Coordinator were killed.

The loss of so much senior leadership and the desperate need for chemical warfare precautions allowed the CCAF to make incredible gains. Resistance on Indicass collapsed as Free Capella and the 2nd Janissaries fled the world. However, battle after battle showed the Capellans taking more casualties as both Compact soldiers and civilians alike blamed the Capellan Confederation itself for Black May. The brutality of the fighting, especially on Nashuar, reached a whole new level.

Meanwhile, Kai Allard-Liao and his 1st St. Ives Lancers were ambushed as they attempted to attack the factories on Capella. Lured into believing in the neutrality of the Sarna Martial Academy, the Lancers lost half their strength as they fought their way free.[45] Too badly damaged to continue raiding, Kai Allard-Liao's offensive had come to an end.

Phase VI: St. Ives[edit]

The Black May attacks were a shock to all sides and threatened to devolve the entire conflict to the level now seen on Nashuar. In a move to regain the initiative and prove once and for all that the Capellan Confederation was there to stay, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao ordered his military to leapfrog over the contested worlds and assault St. Ives itself. By simply holding position on other St. Ives Compact planets and stripping as much troops as they dared from the Marik border, the periphery border and the Chaos March, the CCAF was able to field an invasion force with a 3:1 advantage over the defenders. The formidable St. Ives garrison included the newly returned 1st St. Ives Lancers, the 14th Donegal Guards, the entire Nova Cat Tau Galaxy, the Home Guard and possibly one regiment of the Eridani Light Horse. However, the CCAF had the advantage in having several regions on St. Ives defect to their side and thus giving them a secure base of operations. Like many other planets during the war, there was a significant portion of St. Ives' population that welcomed the Confederation's return. After three months of desperate fighting, the battle had reached the capital city of Tian-tan and time had run out. On 27 September 3062, Duchess Candice Liao abandoned the planet and St. Ives became part of the Capellan Confederation.

The fighting on St. Ives had the benefit of making the brutal battles for Nashuar and Taga superfluous. On 21 August 3062, a coup of neutrality was declared on Nashuar then later on Taga. The planets were to be held in safekeeping for whichever side won on St. Ives. Since the remaining planets would be surrounded and overwhelmed should the capital fall, the truce avoided the unnecessary deaths that more fighting would bring. All troops were rotated out to other fronts while a token garrison remained to keep the peace. Thus ended one of the bloodiest campaigns in the Capellan Civil War.

Just before fighting started on St. Ives, the Confederation pursued the retreating Free Capella to Ambergrist. Under the new leadership of Tormano's son, Treyhang Liao, Free Capella would contest the planet alongside other Compact defenders.[20] Ambergrist, St. Loris and Spica would be the new front line on what would be called the Teng Front after the fall of St. Ives. It was on this planet that the remaining 3rd Battalion of the Blackwind Lancers would reunite with the 2nd Battalion and finally give Colonel Warner Doles the strength to defeat, albeit temporarily, the 6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry.[20]

On Milos, two regiments of the SLDF's Eridani Light Horse landed to ostensibly "protect" the population as a peacekeeping force. Unfortunately for them, Milos willingly rejoined the Capellan Confederation. Snipers, bombings, and protests became a daily occurrence and the elite units became virtual prisoners in their own base. The arrival of the 2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry resulted in a pitched battle that severely damaged all three units. Unable to receive reinforcements due to the surprise invasion of St. Ives, the Eridani Light Horse withdrew from the planet.[79]

During this period, evidence of ComStar's military aid to the Compact would be discovered. The scandal would force ComStar to withdraw from the conflict altogether.[63] This leaves only the SLDF as Victor Steiner-Davion's contribution to the Compact's defense.

Meanwhile, on 15 August 3062, Protector Grover Shraplen of the Taurian Concordat formed the Trinity Alliance with the Capellan Confederation, and Magistracy of Canopus. This led to a full commitment to the St. Ives war and more Taurian Defense Force regiments arriving to tip the scales even more heavily to the Confederation's favor.[18]

Phase VII: Peace Talks and Surrender[edit]

The fall of St. Ives lessened the level of violence caused by the Black May attacks as the Compact realized the inevitability of a Confederation victory. Within three months, the primary supply base of Tantara fell to the Confederation.[28] The temporary loss of this critical world began the long predicted collapse of the Compact's logistics network. Replacement machines would take longer to arrive, spare parts and ammunition would soon became scarce. Despite having concentrated all defenders in such a small area, the once mighty St. Ives Compact Military would begin to slowly fall apart. As the Federated Commonwealth Civil War began in November of 3062, no further assistance could be expected from that quarter.[80]

Three months after the fall of St. Ives, Kuan Yin Allard-Liao arrived on Sian to begin negotiations for the full integration of the St. Ives Compact into the Capellan Confederation. The first ceasefire in early January of 3063 lasted for six days. The second ceasefire came two months later and lasted for twelve days. The third ceasefire came a month later and lasted nearly three weeks. The final truce went into effect on 10 June 3063 and was negotiated by Anastasius Focht himself. Its main stipulation was to leave Duchess Candace Allard-Liao and her family as the hereditary rulers of the St. Ives Commonality as well as an additional seat in the Strategios. A joint Star League–ComStar observer force would be present in the St. Ives Commonality until 3066 to ensure the following of the agreement terms.[81]


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  • Start Date - 3061
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