The Medusans

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The Medusans
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
CO Rear Admiral Henry H. Harwood
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor no
Infantry yes


Formed after Operation Bulldog from naval support squadrons employed in that conflict. They were hired by Duke Hasek to protect the Capellan March's JumpShip routes.

In 3068 the Hydra squadron discover by an inspection of Taurian convoys nuclear warheads and lots of ammunition. The blockade of the Pleiades continued until 3069. The command were ordered back to New Syrtis to counter any Capellan attack. In a naval battle above the planet they were able to destroy two Union-class Dropships, a Leopard and a Triumph. During that action the mercenaries lost the Intruder-class Ambuscade.

The Capellans paid a high price with the loss of the Impavido-class CSS Zhejiang in the early 3070's.

In 3075, the Medusans had two Excalibur-class Pocket WarShips.[1][2] Though they had taken extensive damage over New Syrtis during Operation THUNDERSTRIKE, by 3079 the Medusans had nearly rebuilt their entire force. The Medusans split their forces, with one squadron covering New Syrtis while the other guarded Firgrove and its repair yard. In addition, the AFFS High Command requested that their senior command staff serve as instructors at the Albion Military Academy.[3]

In 3075 the Clyde Shipyards at Firgrove began production of a Colossus-class DropShip, the Revenge, for the Medusans.[4]

After the end of the Jihad several officers of The Medusans went on to form the command structure of The Republic of the Sphere's Navy.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Hydra Assault Squadron
Rear Admiral Henry H. Harwood 3067
Commanding Officers of Basilisk Assault Squadron
Rear Admiral David Beatty 3067


In space all elements concentrate fire against a single target, often the most armored ship. On ground Infantry and 'Mechs operate in range of the assault ships' weapons.

Composition History[edit]


Hydra Assault Squadron[edit]

1st Div: Two Fortress-class DropShips, Ajax and Cumberland
2nd Div: Two Intruder-class DropShips, Exeter and Ambuscade
3rd Div: Two DropShips, the Achilles II (Achilles-class) and Petard (Kuan Ti-class)
1 wing of medium aerospace fighters serving as interceptors and space combat
marine forces for the Hydra Assault Squadron, for boarding parties or LZ security, is a light raiding force with APC support (1 company) and one Fortress-class DropShip
A mix of jump-capable medium and light BattleMechs, two Fortress-class DropShips for support and LZ security, trained for Zero-G and vacuum operations.

Basilisk Assault Squadron[edit]

  • Basilisk Assault Squadron (1 Reinforced Squadron/Veteran/Reliable)
    • CO: Rear Admiral David Beatty
1st Div: One Excalibur-class (assault vessel) DropShip, Bellerophon, and one Fortress-class DropShip, Marksman
2nd Div: Three Avenger-class DropShips, Acasta, Active, and Agincourt
3rd Div: Two DropShips: Fearless (Intruder-class) and Tiger (Leopard CV-class)
The Gryphon Fighter Wing uses heavy fighters for brute force and light fighters for reconnaissance.
  • Manticore Marine Battalion (1 Battalion/Veteran/Reliable
The marines use assault shuttles and will deploy battle armor in the near future when possible.
The light/medium jump-capable 'Mechs travel aboard the Marksman.


By 3079 the Medusans were at 90% of their pre-Jihad strength.[3]



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