Home Guard (Capellan Confederation)

The Home Guard is the national militia system of the Capellan Confederation. Their primary role is to serve as the first line of defense in the event of invasion, delaying the enemy's advance until reinforcements can arrive. In times of peace they serve to supplement local security forces. At the end of the Third Succession War, there were 124 individual Home Guard regiments within the Confederation.[1][2]

Home Guard regiments may operate only within a given Commonality of the Confederation. Typically a regiment will garrison one of the major worlds (from which they receive their designation) but their area of responsibility will be the entire surrounding warren. Home Guard regiments are not permanently tied to this location though, and may be moved around to respond to threats as needed.[1][2]

Each Home Guard regiment normally consists of three battalions and is commanded by a Major. As standard the first battalion consists of armored vehicles with artillery support, favoring Manticores and Vedettes, with the other two being either motorized, air-mobile, or Jump Infantry. Regiments on important worlds will have additional companies attached such as engineers or commandos.[1] At minimum, nearly every Home Guard regiment will have a company, if not an entire battalion, of Minelayer Infantry assigned to them.[3] By the time of Sun-Tzu Liao's reign, many Home Guard regiments replaced their armor battalion with a BattleMech one.[2]


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