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Capella War College
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The Capella War College is the oldest academy for military studies in the Capellan Confederation. Founded in the same year as the Capellan Hegemony, the War College demands the most from its applicants, showing preference for those with prior military schooling or the patronage of a CCAF officer. The facility itself is extensive, allowing for hands-on training and live-fire exercises. Coursework includes classical and contemporary military philosophies, combined-arms tactics and independent operations; technical students are often given extracurricular work at one of Capella's local production facilities. Most students struggle under the sheer work load, but the few who exceed it are given preferential treatment and allowed entrance into one of the War College's demonstration units. Each of these companies - one each of 'Mechs, infantry, Aerospace Fighters and armor - frequently give precision drill exhibitions.[1][2]

The Capella War College trains MechWarriors, aerospace fighter pilots, DropShip and JumpShip crews, vehicle crews, and armored and unarmored infantry units. They frequently cross-train with the local Duchy RTC on Capella, allowing those students to understand the combined arms philosophy that the CCAF prefers.[3]

Graduation Days occur every six months and are a local holiday on Capella. Major cities will throw parades led by the new graduates and showcase various martial skills, such as historical re-enactments and air shows. Alumni of the War College are allowed to wear a jian pin on the lapel of their uniform and many will go on to serve in the CCAF's elite units; the Holdfast Guard of the Capellan Hussars are allowed first pick of any War College graduates.[1][2]

The College was unharmed by the Jihad but had to quadruple its' class size to accommodate for the needs of the Capellan Confederation, with it's impact on the quality of the graduates.[4]


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