Capellan Defense Force

Brigade Insignia of the Capellan Defense Force
Capellan Defense Force
Formed 3060
Previous Designation(s) Capellan Reserve
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Capellan Confederation Armed Forces
Sub-Command(s) 1st Capellan Defense Force
2nd Capellan Defense Force
3rd Capellan Defense Force
4th Capellan Defense Force
5th Capellan Defense Force
6th Capellan Defense Force
7th Capellan Defense Force

The Capellan Defense Force was formed after the Clan Invasion when the formerly secure Capellan Commonality became vulnerable to attack from the Federated Suns. This marked the end of the older Capellan Reserve brigade as Stapleton's Grenadiers were renamed as the first regiment of the new Capellan Defense Force and various Home Guard units were reorganized to form two additional regiments.[1]




The Capellan Defense Force was able to expand its roster to include a third regiment shortly before the outbreak of the Jihad. Unfortunately, the Third CDF was stationed on Gei-Fu, which was attacked by six AFFS units during Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE; this destroyed the 3rd completely.[2]


Those Defense Force regiments who survived the Jihad did so almost completely intact, due to their location in the industrial heartland of the Capellan Confederation. Having weathered the Jihad so well, the Defense Force then underwent a dramatic expansion in the 3080s, with Sang-jiang-jun Talon Zahn announcing the formation of a 4th and 5th Capellan Defense Force regiments soon after the Jihad. Formed around a mixture of experienced personnel from the 1st and 2nd CDF and graduates from the Capella War College, the new regiments brought the established strength of the Capellan Defense Force up to match the regional brigades of the other commonalities.[3]

During Operation GOLDEN FORTRESS, the CDF regiments were broken up into battalion sized units and used to garrison worlds taken by the front line CCAF forces. Though this worked though 3081 and 3082, when the Republic of the Sphere counterattacked, these CDF units were often destroyed. For example the Sixth CDF was completely wiped out on Liao. The surviving CDF units have since rotated back to garrison systems in the Sian Commonality while they rebuild.[4]

Dark Age[edit]

The Capellan Defense Force units were transferred to the Confederation's border with the Free Worlds League in 3141 in response to the League trying to incorporate the Duchy of Andurien into the new League.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Capellan Reserve
Colonel Whitley Pung 3050[6]
Commanding Officers of the Capellan Defense Force
Jiang-jun Dan Gun [citation needed]

Available Forces[edit]

Though briefly expanded to include a third regiment, the CDF brigade was once again reduced to two regiments during the Jihad. Due to their timing and assignments, the CDF is one of the few CCAF units to come through the Jihad at full strength.[2]


With the region of the Capellan Commonality once again safe from aggression the unit now specializes in rapid deployment in both offensive and defensive roles. It exit an agreement with the Capella War College with the goal to improve the battle readiness of the local militias.

Composition History[edit]

Capellan Reserve
3050 - 1 command - 1 regiment
Capellan Defense Force
3063 - 2 commands [7]
3067 - 3 commands [8]
3079 - 2 commands [9]
3085 - 4 commands [10]
3145 - 6 commands [11]

Colors and Unit Insignia[edit]

They share the common Confederation Crest and display a standard color scheme as well.


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