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Hello. I looked at FM: Capellan Confederation and there is a clear conflict between p. 75 and p. 76. Page 75 says the CDF were the Capellan Reserves renamed after the 4th SW while Page 76 says it was made in 3060. I am going to go with Page 76 as there is no CDF in the 20 Year Update book or Historical:Brush War. Err... I will try to move the Capellan Reserve stuff out.

Hi, My reading of those pages is that the Capellan Reserves as a whole were renamed the Capellan Defense Force after the 4th SW, but FM:CC does not give a date. However, it appears to have taken place several decades after the 4th SW as they are still listed as the Capellan Reserves and Stapleton's Grenadiers in Brush Wars page 88 (3030), 20 Year Update page 63 (3050), Objective Raids page 41 (3054). Certainly the CDF as the parent formation existed in 3057, with the individual regiments still retaining their names until 3060 when further reorganisation seems to have taken place under Xin Sheng. Chaos March source book page 13 still lists Stapleton's Grenadiers in 3057 as well. I'll add this to the Composition History. As for move/removal of CR material see my reply to your talk message. Smiley.gif - Dark Jaguar (talk) 06:38, 17 June 2017 (EDT)