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I started playing Battletech as a student in 1989 and am an ex-member of MechForce UK. My first 'Mechs were all from the PlasTech box set I bought with a friend. I was also a Wizkids Envoy for MechWarrior: Dark Age running approved play tournaments and demonstrations in the early to mid-2000s. The Lostech Era of the Third Succession War is probably still my favourite period in BT history. Enjoyed the Clan Invasion, though less so the storyline which became terribly contrived as time went on.

Preferred Factions[edit]

Clan Smoke Jaguar logo
By far my favourite faction and Clan was Clan Smoke Jaguar. It was just a shame that they were always so badly written about both in Source Books and Novels. Nothing consistent was ever put together and in the end they were used simply as (a rather poor) plot device. The limiting nature of Clan warfare through Trials that kept casualties to a minimum and often meant collateral damage was unheard of appealed to me, and I could never see how this was often portrayed as a bad thing in the literature.

Out of all the Great Houses I have a soft spot for the Free Worlds League, in Succession Wars Era especially.

Fidelis Logo.png
When MechWarrior: Dark Age first came out I played Bannson's Raiders but with the story progression I am very keen to see how the Fidelis evolve.

Why I'm Here[edit]

I have been a casual user of this site for many years. However, often the information I was looking for was not available, so I decided to put it here for others to use. My pet project is updating the Clan Smoke Jaguar Touman and their individual Clusters. I think its useful to get this information readily available in one place, after all this was one of the most high profile factions for a while and never had its own Field Manual.


  • Random editing when I spot errors - such as spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as broken links.
  • Started to add Galaxy and Cluster information for the Clans:
Historic Clans
SmokeJaguar.jpg Smoke Jaguar Commands (3060) - Done
ClanWolverine.jpg Clan Wolverine (2824) - Done
Clan Widowmaker 1.jpg Clan Widowmaker (2834) - Done
Clan Burrock.png Clan Burrock (3074) - Progress
Crusader Clans
Clan Blood Spirit.jpg Clan Blood Spirit (3085) - Done
Clan Fire Mandrill.jpg Clan Fire Mandrill (3074) - Done
Clan Ice Hellion.jpg Clan Ice Hellion (3074) - Done
Clan Hell's Horses.jpg Clan Hell's Horses - progress
Clan Stone Lion Logo Clan Stone Lion (3088) - Done
Clan Star Adder.jpg Clan Star Adder - progress
Warden Clans
Clan Coyote.jpg Clan Coyote (3085) - Done
Clan Goliath Scorpion.jpg Escorpión Imperio (3086) - Done
Clan Diamond Shark.jpg Clan Diamond Shark - progress
Clan Snow Raven Insignia.png Clan Snow Raven - Progress
Clan Steel Viper.jpg Clan Steel Viper (3075) - Done
Clan Nova Cat - progress

Random Facts[edit]

I am very proud to see my User Name included in the Additional Thanks sections of Tactical Operations and Strategic Operations.

Useful Links[edit]

With full time work and a part time PhD getting time to come here is getting difficult!